Latest Kodi Movies

Speak Now (2017)

High school friends TJ, Sarah, and Jenny reunite years after high school graduation to host the extravagant Nellas bachelorette party. When the seemingly timid evening ends in disaster and with the bride nowhere in sight, the girls, along with the future sister in law, must devise a plan to fi [...]  Read More

Arlington Road (2017)

Threats from sinister foreign nationals arent the only thing to fear. Bedraggled college professor Michael Faraday has been vexed (and increasingly paranoid) since his wifes accidental death in a botched FBI operation. But all that takes a backseat when a seemingly all American couple set up h [...]  Read More

Kiss and Kill (2017)

A reckless night of indiscretion and lust leads a woman into the dark world of blackmail and murder. When some revealing photos of her sexual trysts unexpectedly surface, Katy (Kira Noir) is forced to submit to whatever her tormentors desire. Realizing there is no way out, she plots to destroy [...]  Read More

Arctic Heart (2016)

A timid young grad student madly in love with her scientist boss offers her body to his research.  Read More

Until The Birds Return (2017)

Algeria today. Past and present collide in the lives of a newly wealthy property developer, a young woman torn between the path of reason and sentiment and an ambitious neurologist impeded by wartime wrongdoings. Three stories that plunge us into the human soul of a contemporary Arab society.  Read More

Cruel Summer (2016)

Young Autism sufferer Danny enjoys the serenity and solitude of camping. Thats all about to change when enraged teens Nicholas, Calvin and Julia find him, each with their own agenda for wanting to see Danny suffer.  Read More

The Good Neighbor (2016)

Two high school filmmakers decide to create the illusion of a haunting on an unsuspecting neighbor.  Read More

Legend of the Naked Ghost (2017)

A group of unsuspecting college students explore a haunted house and get more than they bargained for when the frenzy of the paranormal world reveals itself in Legend of the Naked Ghost. Come, take the ultimate sensually scary journey into the unknown as three young couples embark on a ghost h [...]  Read More

Sensitive Parts (2017)

Sensitive Parts is a tender and sharply observed dramatic comedy about a young woman who is forced to confront her social anxiety and interpersonal fears before they consume her and the people she loves, with a little help along the way from the imaginary manifestation of an iconic popstar.  Read More

The Villainess (2017)

A young girl is raised as a killer in the Yanbian province of China. She hides her identity and travels to South Korea where she hopes to lead a quiet life but becomes involved with two mysterious men.  Read More

American Assassin (2017)

Following the murder of his fiancĂ©e, Mitch Rapp trains under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley. The pair then is enlisted to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on military and civilian targets.  Read More