What the Health (2017)

What the Health is a ground breaking feature length documentary from the award winning filmmakers of Cowspiracy, that follows the exciting journey of intrepid filmmaker, Kip Andersen, as he uncovers the impacts of highly processed industrial animal foods on our personal health and greater com [...]  Read More

Jolly LLB 2 (2017)

A blunt, abrasive and yet oddly compassionate Jagdishwar Mishra aka Jolly, a small time struggling lawyer who moves from Kanpur to the city of Nawabs to pursue his dream of becoming a big time lawyer.  Read More

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quills true parentage.  Read More

Song to Song (2017)

In this modern love story set against the Austin, Texas music scene, two entangled couples — struggling songwriters Faye and BV, and music mogul Cook and the waitress whom he ensnares — chase success through a rock ‘n’ roll landscape of seduction and betrayal.  Read More

Red Dog True Blue (2016)

Explores the early events leading up to Red Dogs discovery on the road to Dampier, and his ultimate rise from ordinary dog to Australian legend.  Read More

Mad Families (2017)

Three families compete for a camping spot during a busy Fourth of July holiday weekend.  Read More

The Recall (2017)

When Five Friends Vacation at a Remote Lake House, they expect nothing less then a Good Time, unaware that Planet Earth is under attack by an Alien Invasion and a Mass Abduction  Read More

Once Upon a Time in Venice (2017)

An L.A. detective seeks out the ruthless gang that stole his dog.  Read More

Pray for Rain (2017)

When Emma Gardner, a whip smart NYC reporter learns of her fathers untimely death, she returns to her home town to find that the idyllic farming community of her childhood has been ravaged by drought and has become a place tormented by gangs and the ill effects of extreme poverty. She quickly [...]  Read More

Power Rangers (2017)

Sabans Power Rangers follows five ordinary teens who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove — and the world — is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can [...]  Read More

As You Are (2016)

Set in the early 1990s, "As You Are" is the telling and retelling of a relationship between three teenagers as it traces the course of their friendship through a construction of disparate memories prompted by a police investigation.  Read More