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Fifty Shades Darker

Every fairy tale has a dark side.

Runtime 118 mins

Drama Romance

When a wounded Christian Grey tries to entice a cautious Ana Steele back into his life, she demands a new arrangement before she will give him another chance. As the two begin to build trust and find stability, shadowy figures from Christian’s past start to circle the couple, determined to destroy their hopes for a future together.


Lou - Finally a great copy of fifty shades darker. Found it on exodus and clicked the Watch free stream. No subtitles. Great picture and sound. Enjoy if youve not seen it yet (30th Apr 2017) reply
Bonnie - Couldnt watch on Exodus without getting a message that I had to watch some kind of adult. Think I found it on Phoenix. Watching it now. No subtitles and will let you know if uncut (10th May 2017) reply
Bonnie - I meant advertisements (10th May 2017)
Nikki - Uncut version on the Movie4k Addon the link is was added on 05/01/2017 the length time of the movie is 2h 11m (19th May 2017)
Linda - Has anyone found a uncut/ no subtitles version on exodus or velocity** Anyone**!*!*! (13th Apr 2017) reply
Charli - The full version was there until Two weeks ago - and it only had subtitles On parts of communication that were written in the movie. Since then its vanished and I cant find it on any kodi channel! Why? (25th Apr 2017) reply
Nikki - Its on the Movie4k Addon the link is was added on 05/01/2017 (8th May 2017)
Nikki - Its on the Movie4k Addon the link is was added on 05/01/2017 the length time of the movie is 2h 11m (8th May 2017) reply
cassie - anyone find a link with no asian subtitles and good quality with the full version of the movie* (30th Mar 2017) reply
Steve - Probably not till closer to DVD release date since the Asian versions do not allow the bedroom scenes. (31st Mar 2017) reply
Cyn - Has anyone found the uncut version of Fifty Shades Darker yet? (6th Apr 2017) reply
Jenn - There is one on the kodi viewing source called "view all sources" youll just have to scroll down until you find one that say m4u and it is 720p and youll have to look through those. It does have some subtitles in Islamic I believe but only on certain parts and right before the "adult" scenes her voice changes a little then it goes back but at least it is the full movie (8th Apr 2017) reply
Linda - What is that?? A new add on? (13th Apr 2017)
Badandigoodpizza - Velocity-primewire-estream, watching it now, still has the Asian subtitles but it hasnt been edited (19th Mar 2017) reply
Mari - In which app do you find the estream (20th Mar 2017) reply
Zeal - Yes primewire- estream unedited (21st Mar 2017) reply
Brittany - Can you tell me where!?! I cant find it (23rd Mar 2017) reply
Brittany - Can you tell me where!?! I cant find it (23rd Mar 2017) reply
Kris - It still isnt the full version. It is the horrible splicing of the PG version with a cam version. The full version will be 1:58 mins long. This homemade splice job is 1:56 (23rd Mar 2017)
Kobie - How do you get that app? (28th Mar 2017) reply
Alex - Checked Velocity and Primewire. Both are edited, both are 1:42:24 (6th Apr 2017) reply
Kris - UK Turk has an "uncut" version but it appears that someone took the PG version and just spliced in the naughty scenes from one of the cam versions so quality is horrible. Still in Asian subtitles too. One way to know if you are watching a full version before you get too far and realize it was edited is to look up how long the movie length is of the theater version and compare to the stream version you just started. They should match. (18th Mar 2017) reply
Courtney - I found it on Exodus in English but still no sex scenes!!!! That is the best part of the movie! (17th Mar 2017) reply
Crystal - Velocity....primewire....estream Full version...watching it as i type (10th Mar 2017) reply
Kris - Where to watch with no Asian subtitles? (10th Mar 2017) reply
Jenn - Not working (12th Mar 2017) reply
Mak - Did you find one (12th Mar 2017)
Tleon - Velocity- estream is the only place I have found it but it still has Asian subtitles and buffers really bad (14th Mar 2017)
Brittany - How do I find this version? (15th Mar 2017) reply
Karen - What number has the English version and not "G" rated?? (16th Mar 2017) reply
Nicole - Ive got same app, its still edited (18th Mar 2017) reply
RavensGirl - Having same problem. Trying to watch right now and the quality is excellent! But no naughty scenes. Will the FULL version be available any time soon* (7th Mar 2017) reply
Bevic - Same. Watched it last night and no naughty scenes..annoying (6th Mar 2017) reply
J83 - Great quality copy but no naughty scenes!!! Skips through them all!! Anyone found a good full copy yet!!!! (6th Mar 2017) reply
Gizzy - I watched it on exodus tonight but it had no sex scenes in it*** It kept skipping them. What goin on* (5th Mar 2017) reply
Rhio - Same here. Japanese subtitles and no (skipped) sex scenes. :( (6th Mar 2017) reply
Steph - Im having the same issues :-( (6th Mar 2017) reply
J83 - We are getting the same problem! (6th Mar 2017)
Bri - HAS ANYONE FOUND GET OUT****** (5th Mar 2017) reply
Le - Im wanting to watch it too (6th Mar 2017) reply
Rach81 - I cant find an English version. All foreign! (5th Mar 2017) reply
Jen - Late to the game. Only one I can find has Japanese subtitles. Any advice!!! (5th Mar 2017) reply
Rachel - Is there a better quality version yet* I can only find it with people coughing and talking!!! (15th Feb 2017) reply
Michelle Dangerfield - Anyone have any luck finding a good copy every copy o try and watch has people coughing I. Any watch it like that it is driving me mad lol (17th Feb 2017) reply
Mom - First link. Put locker is english! (15th Feb 2017) reply
Anon - Any hd English found yet* (13th Feb 2017) reply
Tracey - Link 24 (13th Feb 2017) reply
Card - On exodus? (14th Feb 2017)
Ashley - I havent found an HD version yet. On exodus, links 24 & 37 are both in English. Only on cam though. No HD. (14th Feb 2017) reply
Michelle - Did yours have Japanese subtitles on exodus? (5th Mar 2017)
Michelle Dangerfield - Anyone find one with good quality yet (15th Feb 2017) reply
kodiapps - UK Turk has posted a TS (13th Feb 2017) reply
Ashley - Great movie. Loved it. Now waiting on the HD version. :) (13th Feb 2017) reply
Tina - Its on velocity!!! (13th Feb 2017) reply
Kelly - Link 24 on exodus in english (13th Feb 2017) reply
Ms. A - watched this link...horrible picture, can hear audience in theater coughing, laughing, chewing, everything...disappointed (13th Feb 2017) reply
Jo - Cam stream on exodus, gvideo, sounds a bit hollow but other than that its fine (13th Feb 2017) reply
Mrs. Toth - Watched it on velocity them switched to exodus. It buffered a lot on both sites. I must say, I wish they wouldnt switch parts that were in the book to the movie. Sigh...another disappointment. (13th Feb 2017) reply
Gen - Its in English on Kodi, still a CAM but not bad! #08 MOVIE25/VIDTO, Enjoy!! (13th Feb 2017) reply
Gen - EXODUS - the link is on! (13th Feb 2017) reply
Michelle - How was the quality every time I try to watch it it has bad background noise and picture quality (15th Feb 2017)
card - has anyone found it yet in a better quality* (13th Feb 2017) reply
Hmm820 - I just watched it on exodus. It paused here and there but was good quality other then that! It was amazing I almost want to watch it again! (13th Feb 2017) reply
Han - What link did you watch it on because Im on exodus and the quality is so bad (13th Feb 2017)
card - What link?! (13th Feb 2017)
Ms. A - quality is horrid on exodus. what link did you watch? (13th Feb 2017)
stephanie - i have kodi installed and every movie is on it but 50 shades does anyone know why (13th Feb 2017) reply
Nikki - It wont show on mine in exodus but velocity works....... Estream (13th Feb 2017) reply
Vic - is also in english...E stream wouldnt work for me for some reason (13th Feb 2017) reply
Adams - Estream is working (13th Feb 2017)
I found it in English - Its on exodus link number 37 (13th Feb 2017) reply
Ash - FINALLY!!! English version on Exodus. It is link 24. :) (13th Feb 2017) reply
Jordan - Please tell me how to choose between links, I dont have that option to get to number 24 (13th Feb 2017) reply
Ashley - I have tried all links on Exodus & they are all in Spanish. :( Phoenix doesnt have it either. I cant find velocity or salts apps. Ugh! I really want to see this!!! (13th Feb 2017) reply
DM - the english version is on exodus under estream I believe its number 21 (13th Feb 2017) reply
Sarah - Omg thanks so much (13th Feb 2017) reply
Jordan - The only one on exodus is still the Italian one!! Someone help!!! (13th Feb 2017) reply
Sarah - I cant find it (12th Feb 2017) reply
Maria - I cant either (12th Feb 2017) reply
Hmm820 - I think I found 1 on exodus! (13th Feb 2017) reply
Sarah - Where (13th Feb 2017)
Vic - You angel...I ended up using a different stream but at least I got it :D (12th Feb 2017) reply
Hmm820 - I am so excited. I am going to check mine here in a few minutes but you guys are giving me hope! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Claire - Velocity not showing any links on mine please help (12th Feb 2017) reply
Ashley - How do you get Velocity? Do you have to add a in file or something? Because it doesnt show up in add ons on mine. (13th Feb 2017) reply
vic - just google velocity kodi and youll find a walkthrough on how to install it (13th Feb 2017)
bnh - cam is decent on SALTS but audio is poor but im dealing with it lol..... (12th Feb 2017) reply
GE - which link did you click on SALTS? (12th Feb 2017) reply
bnh - I tried 3 and they worked.. The first one I know I tried and it was English. (12th Feb 2017)
Verona - Has anyone found it in English yet (12th Feb 2017) reply
Bec - Exodus has an English CAM (12th Feb 2017) reply
Bec - Looking like its got decent quality so far (12th Feb 2017) reply
GE - which cam do i select.. the one i picked is still spanish (12th Feb 2017)
Kylie - Which one is it!? (12th Feb 2017) reply
EYH - Which one on exodus? Ive clicked several and all still Spanish. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Bec - I dont know now the feed just stopped and when I went back on I couldnt find it :( (12th Feb 2017)
Chria - Which 1 I cant find it (12th Feb 2017) reply
Jessica - Which one is it? There are 28 links (12th Feb 2017) reply
Kristy - What is name of link exactly and the number in exodus in English please help me. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Paige - Do you know which one it is? Ive tried a ton and Im only finding Spanish or another language...everything BUT ENGLISH! (12th Feb 2017) reply
SM - SALTS ENGLISH!!!! (12th Feb 2017) reply
cedes - What so salts mean (12th Feb 2017) reply
50shadesfix - Sm- youre the real MVP! (12th Feb 2017) reply
GE - which one do i select to watch for english (12th Feb 2017)
Ev - HELP- how are you doing it?! (12th Feb 2017)
Cat - All the source links there say failed. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Csedgel - How!!! Been on salts cant find it can u tell me source name (12th Feb 2017) reply
mercedes - Is it in english yet its 4:20 pm where im at (12th Feb 2017) reply
Ev - Nope! (12th Feb 2017) reply
50shadesfix - So many streams non in (12th Feb 2017) reply
Becca - OK so now I have it in Spanish but still no bloody English. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Tina - Nothing yet...dying!! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Chels - Youd think as popular as it is itd be in English. I tried it and it will only play the trailer. No movie. So where is it already**** (12th Feb 2017) reply
Becca - Could cry been waiting so long to see it. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Kylie - Does anyone know how long it takes for movies just put in theaters to come out and not be in another language? (12th Feb 2017) reply
Becca - Mine was playing but in French but now doesnt work at all (12th Feb 2017)
Bnh - I literally keep checking this app every 30 mins to see if the English version is on here yet. Its driving me nuts lol. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Bex - Haha Im exactly same! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Kristen - Ugh, SAME! Driving me nuts! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Ashley - Anything?? (12th Feb 2017) reply
Pam - Me too!! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Maisy - What the hell is this* Im streaming it through exodus and its in Spanish!!!! How do I get the English version please*!*!* -12th Feb 2016 (12th Feb 2017) reply
Nikki- Maisy - I dont even see it on Exodus anymore (12th Feb 2017) reply
Mar - Its in Russia or German. Definitely not Spanish. I wish I can find it in English or Spanish (12th Feb 2017) reply
Bex - Its still in Spanish!!! Need English stream now please!!! The three HD were the trailer but theyve gone now, any English stream will do lol (12th Feb 2017) reply
Kat - The cam is fine doesnt look bad at all but like everyone is saying its Spanish !! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Kay - Omg! I need this in English. Has anyone else experienced movies disappearing after youve searched or watched them more than once* (12th Feb 2017) reply
kodiapps - Its not out yet - and it will only be a cam first. (12th Feb 2017) reply
ging - still no English (12th Feb 2017) reply
Csedgel - Only found russian and spanish version in salts. Please english version !!!!! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Pam - Ive checked exodus, phoenix and salts and none have the movie in english. At this point id settle for a bad cam copy as long as it was in English. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Jackie - Me too! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Kat - How do you get salts and phoenix (12th Feb 2017) reply
Pam - Its a video add-on. Google how to install phoenix and/or SALTS. They give you step by step instructions. (12th Feb 2017)
Janel - Not on Velocity, either... (12th Feb 2017) reply
Me - Yes!! Agreed! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Ashley - Still hoping to see this on kodi soon. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Matt - There were three sources that werent labeled cam. Theyre gone now so I hope they werent in English. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Tracy - Matt- those were just the trailers (12th Feb 2017) reply
50 Shades ENGLISH!!! - Please. Someone put it in English!! Its been out since Thursday. Why only Spanish**!! (12th Feb 2017) reply
Nikki - Is it back in Kodi? (12th Feb 2017) reply
Nikki - Exodus has taken it down with fifty shades of grey and I cant find anywhere on kodi anymore (12th Feb 2017) reply
Paula - I still have have the Spanish version on exodus, any one find an English version yet? (12th Feb 2017) reply
Peaches - Anyone find an English speaking version yet**** (12th Feb 2017) reply
Brittany - Oooh Im so ready to see this movie!!!! How can you tell if it is in Spanish or English* (12th Feb 2017) reply
Sarah - When you start watching it, the language will either be Spanish or English....thats how you tell (12th Feb 2017) reply
Kat - Lol hola or hello... (12th Feb 2017)
Ashley - I havent even been able to find ANY version of it on Kodi. Much less in English. lol. Someone finds it in English, let the rest of us know. (11th Feb 2017) reply
Cat - Its on Exodus but not in English. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Ashley - I looked on Exodus, but I didnt see it at all on there. :( (12th Feb 2017)
Donna - Its in exodus estream link (13th Feb 2017)
Kristy - I think I found a Spanish version too....ugghhhh someone please load in English. (12th Feb 2017) reply
Shelley - Its on Salts but not english (11th Feb 2017) reply
T1982 - Oh for Pete sakes...... i have been through everyone of the options... and no English.... you know how long that takes just to watch a movie** A long frickin time lol Im dying over here as everyone is... im gonna have to go to the movies... i cant take it any longer lol patients is not in my vocabulary at the moment lol ahhh someone hurry!!! (11th Feb 2017) reply
Kristy - Anyone find in english???? Please help (11th Feb 2017) reply
Kristy - Anyone find in english???? Please help (11th Feb 2017) reply
Amanda - Did anyone find in English (11th Feb 2017) reply
Chris - Please...for the love of God. Someone please put Fifty Shades Darker on here in a language I can understand...say English perhaps. Im dying here. (11th Feb 2017) reply
Amber - Have you found it in English yet? (12th Feb 2017) reply
Mercedes - Why isnt it in english yet and what happened to 123 movies on kodi* (11th Feb 2017) reply
Is there a English version yet - Has anyone put up a English version (11th Feb 2017) reply
Kristy - I can only find in exodus in italian...uggghhhh any luck finding in english. (11th Feb 2017) reply
Ashley - I cant wait to see this! Someone hurry & load it on kodi! lol. :) (11th Feb 2017) reply
Is there a English version yet - Is there a English version on kodi all i am finding is italian (11th Feb 2017) reply
yessplease - anyone find this on Kodi yet* (10th Feb 2017) reply
Kat - I need this on kodi now (10th Feb 2017) reply
Ashley - Is it on Kodi yet* (10th Feb 2017) reply
Crystal - the movie is not in theaters until tomorrow so it will be a while (10th Feb 2017) reply
Ashley - I think it came out today in Europe. So I thought maybe someone out of the states, might put it on Kodi soon. (10th Feb 2017)
Mich8 - When will fifty shades darker be on Kodi to watch* (8th Feb 2017) reply
pup - Pup1 (5th Feb 2017) reply
pup - Pup1 (5th Feb 2017) reply

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