SeaChange - Season : 1

Season 1 Episode 1 - Something Rich and Strange

Laura Gibson, corporate lawyert, appears to have it all - until one fine day her life starts a downward spiral. Her son, Rupert, gets expelled; she almost kills the family cat; her husband goes to gaol for fraud; she loses out on the partnership; and her sister Trudi has been having an affair with Laura's husband. Deciding it is time for a change, Laura accepts a friends offer for a job as a magistrate. With her children Rupert and Miranda, Laura moves to the small seaside town of Pearl Bay to start a new life. Meeting the charming but strange ""Diver"" Dan; the Pearl Bay encyclopaedia Meredith and the scheeming real estate agent Bob, the Gibsons discover their house isn't all it was cracked up to be… Air Date : 5th-May-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 2 - Full Fathom Five

The Gibsons first full day in town sees them meeting the locals. Laura heads to work with surfing court clerk Angus and his on-again off-again fiancee Karen, the first case is ex-magistrate Harold Fitzwalter. Laura learns some secrets about the town and Meredith's baby. Kevin the handyman and his son Trevor meet Laura before the kids tell her how boring the town is. Bob and wife Heather invite the Gibsons over, however Miranda's immediate reaction to Jules, the ""perfect daughter"" isn't welcoming. Laura sees Dan again and begins to realize how different the town really is. Air Date : 17th-May-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 3 - A Matter of Taste

Meredith's pregnant niece Carmen is up to her old tricks - conning free meals out of chefs. While Meredith schemes with Laura to keep Carmen in town, Miranda and Rupert realise Mitsy the cat is missing. Thanks to Meredith, Carmen's full list of crimes is revealed and Harold must fight in court to keep her out of the lock-up. Laura takes cooking classes from Dan in order to make something for her family. Three chefs arrive in town to go up against Carmen and find themselves stuck at the Pub where Meredith tries to get Dan to cook up a feast for them. Laura tells Miranda about Jack and Trudi, Mitsy returns and Harold wins Carmen's case. Air Date : 24th-May-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 4 - The Official Story

When good-doer Matt Reilly gets put up in court, the town tries to keep him out of gaol. Laura and Sergeant Gray suspect something is going on and race to uncover it. Bob sets out to impress some Federal Parliamentarians while Jack arrives in town for Rupert's birthday. Laura, sick and tired of Angus' feelings, asks him for a sign when she does something wrong in court. After the truth about Matt is revealed, the town come together to stop the law from interfering with Jack and Rupert's time together. The local pool tournament winners end up being them, beating Bob and Craig - the entire town (sans Meredith and Laura) run down the street in their underwear as a defeat dance. Bob's chance at Federal Parliament goes down the drain. Air Date : 31st-May-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 5 - The Fellowship of the Suit

The trial of Sergeant Grey's daughter finds some home truths which cause the town to question their morals. Trudi comes to town setting the men's hearts on fire. Angus, Simmo and Griff fight over a suit they've had for years in order to show off to Trudi. Laura and Trudi are stuck together at a welcoming party and rumours start flying about Laura and Dan's relationship. After Laura and Trudi come out with their feelings, the men decide to get rid of the suit but it washes up for Kevin - another sign of his ""good luck"" Air Date : 7th-Nov-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 6 - One of the Gang

When someone drives Griff's car over (and evantually under) the bridge, the town is at a loss for the culprit. As alibis and motives come flying out of nowhere, Laura is stunned at how many people were involved. Bob and Heather begin planning for their annual anniversary party, only the Gibsons aren't invited. Laura and Dan are the victim of more rumours, after she asks him how to fit in. Her plans go awry however after the town try to change her mind in the case against the real driver. The proposal for the bridge gets underway however Meredith is opposed to it. Unfortunately the rest of the council are not. Angus and Karen's relationship is put under stress thanks to Carmen, as is the relationship between Miranda and her mother. Heather and Bob's party is a success, but Laura gets a shock while swimming nude - both Dan and a boat of fishermen get a first class seat! Air Date : 14th-Nov-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 7 - Stormy Weather

With the town's children on camp, the adults are left alone. Laura enjoys some time to herself and Bob and Heather enjoy some time together. Dan's separated wife Dorothy arrives in town for a lawsuit against Bob but puts Laura in dismay about her relationship with Dan. Dorothy also puts a strain on Bob and Heather's relationship, while Angus' help only makes it worse. Laura tries to get fit and Meredith's phenomenal memory comes in handy in the case. When the kids arrive back and Dorothy officially divorces Dan, the town swings back into normal mode. Air Date : 21st-Nov-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 8 - My Own Sweetheart

Laura is dreaming of love and is bored of the single life. Karen is pressuring Angus into commitment and meeting her strict parents. Meredith wants Harold to sober up so he tries to stay in jail for 3 days to get off the booze. Laura asks Dan to the Magistrate's Dinner Dance. Dan goes to court over parking fines because he likes the free jail food where he usually gets 7 days. To give him a change, Laura gives him 100 hours community service helping her do office duties, she thinks he'll hate it. But in fact, he files her whole system perfectly. Karen's parents arrive changed and are full into life drawings and being natural. Only Karen's father is confessing to a bank robbery from 1991 and Sergeant Grey is reluctant to arrest him. Karen accepts her parents for what they are and Laura gives Dan outside work. Dan and Laura go to the Dinner Dance together and Karen considers travelling when she realises Angus isn't ready to settle down Air Date : 28th-Jun-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 9 - Balls and Friggin Good Luck

The death of a teenage boy on a road is investigated and the whole town is distressed. Rupert is trying to do a project on His Favourite Thing but doesn't know what to do. Jules feels she is responsible for Jerome's death, as do his mother and Rupert. Dan tries to help Rupert but sparks up fights with the whole town when he gets drunk. The inquest discovers Jerome killed himself and Rupert and Dan bond. Air Date : 5th-Jul-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 10 - The Accidental Activist

After Laura and Dan spend the day together, Dan's dreams get the better of him and Laura's seduction doesn't work. Carmen says there is a syzygy - three cosmic things in line - which causes the 'silly season'. As Karen dreams about a stuffed up wedding and Laura and Dan dream about each other, Craig is arrested with some youths for an environmental protest at Brabey Point, making Miranda look at him in a different light. Bob, who is part of the building, gets Craig off of the sentence and Laura and Miranda go for a picnic at Brabey Point only to discover Rupert and Trevor filming a young couple make out. When the car stops working, Laura rides to town to get Dan and Craig takes Miranda back to town where she educates him on global warming and environmental dangers. The Jelly family aren't impressed but the discovery of all the times spent at Brabey point make Dan and Laura curious. Craig is almost convicted of assault, but thanks to Rupert's video gets off. Only, the video also shows Air Date : 12th-Jul-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 11 - Love Me or Leave Me

Instead of the usual musical extravaganza, this year's Pearl Bay Thespians production is a play penned by Harold with Meredith at the helm. After years in the wings, Heather is cast as the leading lady opposite visiting professional and old flame, Barry Boston. Bob immediately presumes an affair is taking place. Unlike Bob, Laura is keen to maintain her dignity and calls upon the help of Dan to save her from the show. Apart from working overtime as Laura's bad acting coach, wounds from Diver's past are re-opened when he discovers a friend's violent domestic situation. While Harold's play pays tribute to the law, Dan and Laura come into conflict over the justice of the legal system Air Date : 19th-Jul-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 12 - Perchance to Dream

Jack's fraud trial is finally being heard and the kids convince Laura support him in person. Back in the city, unexpected sparks fly between Laura and Jack and just as she is offered a spanking new job. As Laura ponders over her future, Phrani tries to fortell other people's as part of her special Tax Return package. Disturbed by Heather's recent bizarre behaviour Bob blames Phrani for encouraging her to continue with it. Kevin is also in need of Phrani's support when his de facto, Lucy, is released from prison. Unable to cope back in the real world, Lucy sends herself back to jail as Laura, too, must decide if she wants to return to the 'real world' or stay by the sea. Air Date : 26th-Jul-1998  Read More

Season 1 Episode 13 - Sex, Death and Bridges

The work on the bridge is completed and Carmen is almost ready to give birth. Meredith and Harold are seeking out their lost daughter and Laura comes up for a trial where an elderly man attempted to murder his terminally ill wife. Laura and Dan's affections for each other are reaching boiling point but as tensions rise, the storms also do Air Date : 2nd-Aug-1998  Read More

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