Born to Kill? - Season : 3

Season 3 Episode 1 - Pee Wee Gaskins

Hearse driving redneck Donald Pee Wee Gaskins may only have stood 5'4" tall, but he would earn himself the nickname of the meanest man in America and become South Carolina's biggest mass murderer when police discovered his boasts of having his own private graveyard were real. Cops would eventually discover the bodies of 13 men women and children, but in prison Gaskins would claim to have killed more than a hundred - raping, torturing and then sinking their bodies in the swamps. And Gaskins would add to his tally in prison, pulling off the extraordinary murder of a death row inmate - blowing him up by remote control. But what created this feared psychopath and sexual sadist? Was it nature or nurture? The men that knew and pursued him, leading experts, and the loving daughter he confessed to examine whether Pee Wee Gaskins was born to kill? Air Date : 31st-Jan-2012  Read More

Season 3 Episode 2 - Gary Ridgway: The Green River Killer

In 1982, when the bodies of 3 women were discovered beneath the surface of Seattle's Green River, no-one realised that it was the beginning of an extraordinary killing spree that would baffle police for 19 years. The 'Green River Killer' would become the most prolific serial killer in US history, claiming the lives of more than four dozen victims, but it would take until 2001 before DNA testing solved the mystery of his identity. To his friends and family, Gary Ridgway was a mild mannered truck painter and a loving husband, but for 19 years he had prowled Seattle's red light areas, picking up young women, strangling them during intercourse, dumping their bodies in the woods, and sometimes returning to have sex with the corpses. Featuring video of his startling confessions - the cops that pursued him, the attorneys who prosecuted and defended him, leading experts, school-friends, and the wife who spent 16 loving years with her dream man, attempt to unravel what had created this monster. Had he been warped by his unusual relationship with mother? Or was the Green River Killer a product of nature - born to kill? Air Date : 16th-Feb-2012  Read More

Season 3 Episode 3 - Edmund Kemper: The Co-Ed Killer

When body parts began washing up on the beaches of a peaceful Californian seaside town, police realised someone was hunting, abducting, murdering and dismembering female co-eds. What they didn't realise was; the killer was in their midst - drinking with them at their favourite local bar. Cops considered the 6'9' inch Edmund Kemper a gentle giant, little did they know that as a teenager he'd murdered his grandparents, he'd fooled psychiatrists into releasing him from secure hospital after just 5 years, and while he was socialising with police officers he was living out his bizarre sexual fantasies with the corpses of young co-eds. Edmund Kemper would kill and dismember 6 young college girls before turning on his mother and her best friend. Was his mind was twisted by his upbringing in a broken home and volatile relationship with a domineering mother? Or was the Co-ed Butcher born to kill? Air Date : 13th-Feb-2012  Read More

Season 3 Episode 4 - Richard Ramirez: The Nightstalker

By the age of ten, heavy metal fan Richard Ramirez was sleeping in cemeteries. He would go on to spread terror throughout Los Angeles, preying on ordinary citizens as they slept in their homes. The Satan loving, drug fuelled burglar would rape, murder, and mutilate, taking pleasure in making his victims pray to Satan before him. Men, women, children and the elderly all fell victim as the police raced to catch the killer who defied all known theories about serial murder. So, was the Richard Ramirez born to kill? Warped by drugs? Or, was the Night Stalker schooled in murder during his poor childhood in the tough Texan border town of El Paso? Air Date : 20th-Feb-2012  Read More

Season 3 Episode 5 - Dennis Nilsen

When the discovery of human flesh blocking the drains of an address in London led to the arrest of 37 year old civil servant Dennis Nilsen, police were staggered when he calmly told them he had killed at least 15 young men. At the time, Nilsen would go down in history as Britain's most prolific serial killer, and as police interviewed the matter-of-fact Scot, they uncovered the extraordinary story of a man obsessed with death since childhood. The lonely job centre executive would strangle his victims and keep their corpses for company, sitting them in chairs, talking to them and watching television together, before butchering burning or boiling the body-parts. Was Dennis Nilsen obsession with death fused during his childhood? Or, was his instinct to kill hard-wired from birth? Air Date : 27th-Feb-2012  Read More

Season 3 Episode 6 - David Berkowitz: The Son of Sam

The Son of Sam would become the most notorious killer in New York's history. Shooting women or couples parked in lover's lanes, the mystery killer spread terror through the streets of the metropolis, leading young women to cut and dye their hair for fear of becoming the killer's next victim. Writing to the police and press, the Son of Sam would claim to relish his 'work' and that he was programmed to kill. A massive manhunt would lead police to David Berkowitz - a lonely young man, adopted at birth, who claimed he was commanded to do the devil's work by a neighbour's barking dog. So was the Son of Sam driven by demons? Wreaking a bitter revenge fuelled by mental illness? Or was he programmed from birth to be a serial murderer? Air Date : 5th-Mar-2012  Read More

Season 3 Episode 7 - The Angel of Death - Brverly Allitt

A psychological profile of former nurse Beverley Allitt, who is currently serving 13 life sentences for murdering four children and injuring nine others at Grantham Hospital in Lincolnshire in 1991. Psychologists and criminology experts explore the possible motives for her crimes, examining her behaviour during childhood, when she was known to be an attention seeker. The apparently caring nurse Beverely Allitt had only just joined the staff of Children's Ward 4 of Grantham Hospital when a substantial rise in young patient deaths began occurring. At first, no one could explain why children, some as young as six months, were arriving on the ward with only minor health problems, but leaving only days later dead. A shocked and seemingly uncomprehending public would eventually be informed the culprit was actually the very person who was meant to be caring for the children. During her 59 day stint as a nurse, 23-year-old Beverly Allitt, nicknamed The Angel of Death, attacked thirteen children, killing four. From a very early age, Allitt was known to be an attention seeker. Was her desire to be the centre of attention really the reason why she attacked such innocent children or was something far more psychologically disturbing the cause for this evil? Air Date : 9th-Aug-2012  Read More

Season 3 Episode 8 - The Manson Family

The psychology of Charles Manson, an American cult leader whose followers murdered seven people in their California homes over two nights in August 1969. Detectives, lawyers and psychiatrists analyse what prompted the crimes, and examine how Manson was able to persuade his acolytes to take the lives of innocent people Air Date : 2nd-Oct-2012  Read More

Season 3 Episode 9 - The Serial Killing Saviour

The psychology of Herbert William Mullin who murdered 13 people in southern California in the early 1970s but claimed his victims were sacrificed to save the lives of others. The programme explores how investigators brought an end to his crimes and experts discuss what might have driven him to kill. There is also an interview with Mullin himself. Last in the series., Serial Killing Saviour: Born to Kill. To Kill? Series profiling infamous serial killers. Was the heinous serial killer Herbert William Mullin driven by nature or nurture? Featuring a unique interview with the murderer himself. Air Date : 16th-Oct-2012  Read More

Season 3 Episode 10 - The Bind and Torture Killer

Wichita, Kansas is in the Midwest, right in the Bible belt of America. This normally peaceful place was rocked to the core in 1974 when the city discovered they had a killer in their midst. A family of four were brutally slain in their home, and this was to prove the start of a vicious killing spree that terrorised the community for 30 years. Dennis Rader was a church deacon, Scout leader and a local family man. He was also a monster who murdered 10 people in cold blood. Through his own extraordinary testimony we uncover in intimate and chilling detail how this pillar of the community led a double life as a heinous sexual sadist and serial killer. Rader's childhood seemed completely normal, so what was it that drove him to such depths of depravity? Was Dennis Rader born to kill? Air Date : 23rd-Oct-2012  Read More

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