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After her brother is slain by police, Oakland police officer Rebecca “Rebel” Cole becomes disillusioned with the system and is forced to take matters into her own hands and become a private investigator and a champion for her community.  Read More

Doctor Who

The Doctor looks and seems human. Hes handsome, witty, and could be mistaken for just another man in the street. But he is a Time Lord: a 900 year old alien with 2 hearts, part of a gifted civilization who mastered time travel. The Doctor saves planets for a living – more of a hobby actually, [...]  Read More

Return of the Mac

A former boy band heartthrob embarks on an acting career and winds up as a talk show host on a fledging cable network.  Read More

Hollywood Darlings

In this improvised comedy, the three former child stars Jodie Sweetin, Christine Lakin, and Beverley Mitchell play exaggerated versions of themselves in their current Hollywood lives. With the support of one another, this girl squad can take on anything when it comes to parenting, marriage [...]  Read More


Following the antics of two brothers in law as they run the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation, Tanked dunks viewers into the high decibel, family owned business of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). Led by business partners, best friends and constant rivals Wayde King and Bre [...]  Read More

Yukon Men

Yukon Men is an unscripted American cable television series aired on the Discovery Channel. It is produced by Paper Route Productions. The series details the harsh life in the Alaskan village of Tanana where the population make their living by hunting and trapping game. It premiered on August [...]  Read More

Spin City

Spin City is a smart, sophisticated sitcom about the behind the scenes workings of City Hall in the biggest city in America. Workaholic Mike Flaherty is the Deputy Mayor of New York City, serving as Mayor Randall Winstons key strategist and much needed handler. Mike runs the city with the help [...]  Read More

Skin Tight

We follow two people who have lost massive amounts of weight and are about to undergo a full body transformation through skin removal surgery. Each episode culminates in dramatic reveals for both individuals.  Read More

Ghost Brothers

Ghost Brothers, is a trio of friends exploring the paranormal with a dash of comedy.  Read More

The Keepers

A seven part docuseries about the unsolved murder of a nun and the horrific secrets and pain that linger nearly five decades after her death.  Read More

The Toy Box

Aspiring toy designers submit their inventions to a series of tests and a panel of kid judges as they compete to work with Mattel.  Read More