CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

CellarDoor TV only do visually stunning builds - This one is no exception. Will Martins produces another beauty and this time it's the CDTV Infusion build for Krypton. 7 colourful theme choices add an extra dimension to the build that gives it style and class from top to bottom. This is a WOW! build and is more than worthy of your consideration. The size has been trimmed and is now suitable for all devices. You will need to do a fresh install of Kodi. This means you will lose all saved items including library, favorites, installed addons etc. Find CellarDoor on Facebook and Twitter.

You can leave feedback below (good or bad) for the benefit of all our readers. Thanks.

CellarDoor TV Builds

  • CDTV Infusion (286mb zipped)

How to install CellarDoor TV Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

  • Kodi 17 Krypton download.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Enter http://cellardoortv.com/wizard/ in the top box > Enter CDTV in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser
  • Install from zip file > CDTV > plugin.program.CellarDoorTVwizard.zip.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • CDTV Wizard is now installed and ready to use.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > CDTV Wizard > Select Your build > Install
  • The build will now download
  • Wait for download > Force close > Power off if required.
  • On reboot - WAIT! It can take 5 mins to fully update. Go grab a beer.
  • Congratulations, your CellarDoor TV Build is now installed and ready to use.

This build is a third party build and is NOT supported by the Kodi/XBMC foundation. Please do not post questions on the forum.kodi.tv website relating to this build.

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  • Android TV Compatible
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    RT - Cdtv is the best! (27th Jun 2017) reply
    Mike - Infusion is awesome. Since infusion 1.6 came out yesterday its 100 times better. (27th Jun 2017) reply
    Marcos - Everything is awesome best build and support. All around great look, feel and versatility. Creator is a true professional and master of his art. (27th Jun 2017) reply
    Calgarian2011 - Only build Ive used. Would not swap for another. (26th Jun 2017) reply
    Jut Hunt - A Plus, Ive had, schism, boom shak, beast, and pulse this one blows the doors off them all. All great builds this ones that much better. (26th Jun 2017) reply
    Yehia - Best build i use and also after 1.6 update (26th Jun 2017) reply
    Martin samuda-cowan - The latest up version 1.6, is only available via the ares wizard atm. http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/ (26th Jun 2017) reply
    Romesonfire - The best build I have tried. The install and the download took me less than 5 minutes total. DO was around 870KBs. No complaints here. Great job Cellar door people!! (26th Jun 2017) reply
    Its worse than that, its dead, Jim - For those of you still struggling to install this amazing build - Heres the info & help you need! - I would recommend a fresh install of Kodi 17.3 Krypton but thats up to you. Install the Ares Wizard - https://kodi-tutorials.uk/how-to-install-ares-wizard-on-kodi-17-3-krypton-best-kodi-builds/ Select CellarDoor TV from the Browse Builds menu & install it (takes a little while to finish) Thats it! - Simple & working as of today (17th June) The Ares Wizard gives you some other goodies too, like Tweaks to automatically create or modify advancedsettings.xml (a must if you have buffering issues). Go get it installed & see how awesome this is! (17th Jun 2017) reply
    Its worse than that - Its dead,Jim - Sorry - should have mentioned its on an Android TV box, mine is the T95Z. Some of the repos arent working (understandable with whats going on at the moment - read the news if you dont know) Spotify, UK Turk, and a few other little things but youll still get 90% of what youre used to! (17th Jun 2017) reply
    Joe - Have had build for a week and works pretty good. Problem is, do turn box off every time done using and when turned back on it takes a LONG time to load everything up like 3-5 minutes every time. Is anyone else having this problem** Do most just leave it up all the time and not shut off* Any and all responses are appreciated! Thanks (13th Jun 2017) reply
    TheMan - Why nobody gives a sh*t about the broken ZIP file*** Nobody can install it! Whats wrong with your servers* #WannaCry *** (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Please know that there is so much going on at the moment with addons changing sources etc that it will take time for the builders to change their builds accordingly. All so you can enjoy free content, done in their free time without pay... happy streaming! (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Anomymous - You can download the zip from www.cellardoortv.com/wizard - and install the zip from your local disk, download folder into Kodi. (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Kilon - Add https:// and it will work. (13th Jun 2017) reply
    jp - is down not working (11th Jun 2017) reply
    Beezy - I keep getting "failed to install Zip file" for cellardoor. Am I doing it wrong* (11th Jun 2017) reply
    Kate - Im getting the same message (16th Jun 2017) reply
    Ted - I keep getting a message that says zip file failed. Any way around this* (10th Jun 2017) reply
    Jack - Cellardoortv.com server cannot be found**** (9th Jun 2017) reply
    Kimberly - Jack when you get your answer can you please let me know because its telling me the same thing Ive tried three different times (9th Jun 2017) reply
    Brandon - Im in the same boat, its killing me because its such a awesome build. (10th Jun 2017) reply
    Steve 0 - I got the server link to work and see the plugin, but its failing to run the script now. (10th Jun 2017) reply
    zed - How to listen to podcast on cellartv (2nd Jun 2017) reply
    Mary - Still not loading (29th May 2017) reply
    AlH - I can not get the server to respond for last three days- many others just fine- is there an alternative? Looks great! (30th May 2017) reply
    David - I use multiple screens on my desktop and would like to move the program to another screen. How can I do this* Also, since it only shows on the main screen, I can not use my computer for anything else. (9th May 2017) reply
    frks - And still nobody give a s**t about broken zip problem. Why not someone who luckily downloade file can not upload it somewhere and share link with us* Thanks (5th May 2017) reply
    Scav2020 - Very quick download on server 1 , all the videos make it look great but on firestick on the main menu waiting ages for the pics to come up just getting the green spinning circle go to click on the main menus or sub menus and just getting the working symbol and again the spinning circle , any ideas anyone has looks a great build when it works but this is not playing ball (5th May 2017) reply
    steves - I installed it twice. The second time I read (and understood) the instructions more fully. Looks amazing, works well. Reviews were so positive - and they were right! (2nd May 2017) reply
    Jeffrey - Well, I just now installed the new build for my kodi and its still loading everything! At the top right-hand corner of the screen, it is showing a box saying inside (Skins shortcuts and building menu...). It has been there for a few minutes now and I was wondering why it isnt moving. How long does it take to load everything when installing for the first time* Please help me! Btw, its been about 25 minutes stuck in the same spot* (1st May 2017) reply
    The Man - What are you running on? I ran this on my Shield TV and it was great! No buffering issues or anything. (9th May 2017) reply
    Paul - Does this build work on AT4 * (29th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - If it is Android 5, kodi 17.1 is should.. but it is not a lite build. May I suggest you just give it a try? (29th Apr 2017) reply
    Elongatus - Wonderful build. Thank you!!! (24th Apr 2017) reply
    Hendriks - New update seems to be good now . Thankx and keep up the good work (22nd Apr 2017) reply
    quidcilshar - build looks great and is smooth running no issues on install (22nd Apr 2017) reply
    Hendriks - Slow and unstable (21st Apr 2017) reply
    Cary - UPDATE: CDTV added alternate links to the wizard zip. I was able to install it in 10 minutes. News from the CDTV Facebook: "Great news! We now have 3 alternative links for downloading INFUSION Konfluence Skin Build. Hopefully everyone will get your build on a decent download speed this time. They are all the same build but from different sources. They will all get auto updated whenever theres an update no matter which build you download. Lets say whenever theres an update for INFUSION SERVER 3 for instance the wizard will notify you that theres an update for SERVER 3 and so on. " (21st Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Thanks for Posting! (21st Apr 2017) reply
    JiM - is it 100% the same build but from different download locations? ive seen the build in several youtube videos and when i had it installed from server 1 all movie and tv series tiles loaded in extremely slow, a lot slower than on the videos and i have great internet. so im just wondering if the sources its pulling the tiles etc from are different too (23rd Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Please install as instructions above mentioned. (23rd Apr 2017)
    That1guyfromthat1thing - Could someone who has already successfully downloaded the .zip file upload that file somewhere else so ppl could dl and install from a local .zip file* This build looks amazing really wanna try it out (20th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - word from CDTV - theyve burned thru 2 servers with downloads - its popular - box sellers are not helping either- my advice would be to let it settle for a few days at least (19th Apr 2017 (20th Apr 2017) reply
    Rollnsmoke - It was slow last night it took over 500 min to down load after a few jack and cokes I went to bed and it up this morning. Great build guys. (20th Apr 2017) reply
    Syl - tried to install every thing went fine until I was in the CDTV Fresh install and keep getting this: cellardoortv wizard build install invalid zip url can someone help please* (20th Apr 2017) reply
    Dwayne - Im getting the same error (20th Apr 2017) reply
    King781 - I am getting the same message. Trying to install on an Apple TV 4 running kodi 17.1. (20th Apr 2017)
    King781 - Tried again in the morning (6am). Successfully downloaded and installed. (20th Apr 2017)
    GR - You have to go in system and delete the kodi data in order for it to work and also clear the cach as well. Otherwise it will keep giving you the same error message until you delete or clear the kodi data. Do not uninstall it just delete /clear the data. Then it should work....good luck!! (22nd Apr 2017) reply
    Tom - Cant wait to have this build. Been booted off the download so many times through the wizard. Just hoping theres a solution or zip file uploaded elsewhere as it now says invalid zip file (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Paul dome - If you find solution please let me know (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - word from CDTV - theyve burned thru 2 servers with downloads - its popular - box sellers are not helping either- my advice would be to let it settle for a few days at least (19th Apr 2017) reply
    spoddy - Nice build except the submenus didnt work. Whenever I passed the cursor over the white triangle underneath the option (movies, tv shows, etc) it simply disappeared. Am now reloading Infusion which takes anywhere from 9-12 hours. Hopefully Ill get a full build this time. (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Dave - Had the same thing happen but found using the up & down buttons on keyboard opened the sub menus (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Peter - Which us really annoying. Most of us are uaing Kodi on Media PCs... I control mine with a wireless mouse. Very annoying I cant access the sub menues, without going up to the keyboard. Will be going back to NoLimits as a result of this. (28th May 2017)
    Sassy - I would love for this build to download!! Eta 400+ min.... (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Duke - Wondering why the download has to start from scratch each time we get bumped out * Mine is running slow about 23KB/s and its understandable due to the server overload, but having to start each time from 0 is painful. (19th Apr 2017) reply
    BAR - Glad to see im not the only with having a really hard time downloading, I guess just let it load slow and wait** (19th Apr 2017) reply
    sg - Been trying to download since 2:00 pm, its 8:00 pm still havent downloaded (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Gavin - Also installing this on an android s912 amlogic box with a new install of kodi 17.1 - but so slow - even on a fibre connection ....4hrs ETA. Hope it works after that...it will be worth the wait if it does :-) (19th Apr 2017) reply
    I cant load this build - Help is your server down I cant load this build (18th Apr 2017) reply
    TheGuyver - Im getting the same thing 300+ minutes to download at a rate of about 30KB/s something is up on their end (18th Apr 2017) reply
    Vepps - How long is the download time* ETA is 354 so like 6 hours or longer.. not going to work for me. (18th Apr 2017) reply
    Shep - This seems to download and install but all I get is a gey blank screen. MXQ pro, android 6.1, and kodi 17.1. No problem with other builds though. Shame (18th Apr 2017) reply
    jerome - while this build take forever to load (18th Apr 2017) reply
    kodiapps - word from CDTV - theyve burned thru 2 servers with downloads - its popular - box sellers are not helping either- my advice would be to let it settle for a few days at least (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Sharon - After 3 days, I got Infusion loaded onto my Kodi 17.1 today. Glad I was patient because I LOVE this build. (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Kroe - Finally got it going after 20 or so tries at 9:30pm Philadelphia time... going slow but going! (18th Apr 2017) reply
    Robert J. - How long is total download and installation time? (18th Apr 2017)
    Kroe - Still going eta at 111:17 and appears to be climbing but still going! (18th Apr 2017)
    Kroe - Well we have reached 197.66 mb of 347.49 and have an eta of 97:30 ish at 11:01 pm my time... still going, though I have had enough beers at this point to perhaps make the time moot... (18th Apr 2017)
    jay b - keep getting invalid zip is there another way to install the build* (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Marlene Fernandez - I keep getting invalid Zip URL... what do I do now? (20th Apr 2017) reply
    Paul Millward - Great build great community. (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Paul S. - Hi Paul! Its a small world, Amazing to find you here. Hows the surf in California (18th Apr 2017) reply
    Paul S. - wrong Paul. Sorry bout that. (18th Apr 2017)
    Robert - Same issue, invalid URL zip. Worked great yesterday. Any news* (17th Apr 2017) reply
    kodiapps - this server is obviously getting some hammer - ease off the gas folks (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Glenn Alexander - Spent nearly 20 attempts now and still getting invalid zip, is it down or what is the problem (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Joe - Same as everyone else. Ive followed all steps correctly but at the end comes up with "invalid zip URL" (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Unknown - Same as other ppl. "Invalid zip URL" (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Tony - Keep gettin invalid zip URL message. Used this yesterday and download was slow but worked fine, today tried multiple attempts to install and same message again and again. Also, installation causes source to be deleted in file manager and also turned add-on from unknown sources settings off after failed installation. HELPPPPPP!! (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Justin - I keep getting Invalid Zip URL. Source URL is correct.......Servers down or something* (17th Apr 2017) reply
    00mike - Are there any problems today with the Cellardoor TV Infusion Build download for Kodi 17.1. Mine is going extremely slow today but yesterday it went very fast on a firestick. This is on an android s912 amlogic box with a new install of kodi 17.1. Any thoughts on what the problem might be** Thanks. Mike C (16th Apr 2017) reply
    no name - how do i adjust the zoom on this build* so everything fits the screen* i know other builds you can zoom out. (16th Apr 2017) reply
    redtangodancer - tried manytimes to download but never faster than 29kb (15th Apr 2017) reply
    Brad k - I tried to install it 9n a fresh version of kodi. But the download failed everytime** (14th Apr 2017) reply
    NoName - You can tell that a lot of work has gone into this. It looks amazing and has everything I need. This is highly recommended , an awesome build (12th Apr 2017) reply

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