Diggz Fire Builds on Kodi 17 krypton

Diggz Fire have a great selection of Kodi 17 builds that have clean/family versions and gaming/non-gaming versions. They have two download servers which can be hit and miss we have found in the past and we recommend you try server two first. Builds by Jason Diggz. The password for xxx sections is 69. Diggz Fire Builds Support is on Facebook. Diggz Fire Builds can also be found on his YouTube channel. You will need to do a fresh install of Kodi. This means you will lose all saved items including library, favorites, installed addons etc. Make a backup of your existing build before you re-install Kodi if you want to.

You can leave feedback below (good or bad) for the benefit of all our readers. Thanks.

Diggz Fire Builds

  • Eminence Clean Gaming Edition (470mb zipped) - Xenon Clean Gaming Edition (450mb zipped) - Urban Essence (358mb zipped) - Kids & Family (158mb zipped)

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How to install Diggz Fire Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

  • Kodi 17 Krypton download.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Enter http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/ in the top box > Enter ARES in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser
  • Install from zip file > ARES > repository.aresproject/ > repository.aresproject.zip.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Install from repository > ARES PROJECT > Program add-ons > Ares Wizard > Install.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Ares Wizard is now installed and ready to use.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Ares Wizard > Browse Builds > Jeds Fire Builds > Select Your build > Install
  • The build will now download
  • Wait for download > Force close > Power off if required.
  • On reboot - WAIT! It can take 5 mins to fully update. Go grab a beer.
  • Congratulations, your build is now installed and ready to use.

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    qr - any clue when jeds fire builds will be back up and running* (24th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Word from admin Diggz: builds are back in Ares Wizard and wil be maintained. (24th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - In Ares you Will find Diggz builds under the name DscroggzMedia.com so name has changed. Builds are still Diggz builds tho (25th May 2017)
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Builds are back up in Ares And running (24th May 2017) reply
    QR - still down for me :( (24th May 2017)
    Admin Kodiapps - In Ares you Will find Diggz builds under the name DscroggzMedia.com so name has changed. Builds are still Diggz builds tho (25th May 2017)
    Admin(Kodiapps) - In Ares you Will find Diggz builds under the name DscroggzMedia.com so name has changed. Builds are still Diggz builds tho! (25th May 2017) reply
    Qr - They arent the same build. (25th May 2017)
    Jeff - I am devistated. The Diggz xenon build is by far the best build out there, 14k plus downloads recently on its way up the ares wizard chart and now cant download it for the rest of my family. Diggz get it fixed, we are all upset it is not online. (24th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - You might be happy to hear this Word from Admin Diggz: builds are back in Ares Wizard And will be maintained. (24th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - In Ares you Will find Diggz builds under the name DscroggzMedia.com so name has changed. Builds are still Diggz builds tho (25th May 2017)
    PROMETHEUS - CANT DOWNLOAD 6.7 VERSION 404 PAGE NOT FOUND. (23rd May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Word from admin Diggz: builds have been taken offline. May be accessable again, but not now. (24th May 2017) reply
    Amenzi - Do you have a time frame as to when you will have it back online? Thanks (24th May 2017)
    SRV - Well should users get another build somewhere else or wait for Diggz to decide to put it back online? Can you tell your users weather that it will be online again or some sort of ETA would be helpful to your users. (24th May 2017)
    Admin(Kodiapps) - In Ares you Will find Diggz builds under the name DscroggzMedia.com so name has changed. Builds are still Diggz builds tho (25th May 2017) reply
    LG146 - ares wizard is saying your page is not available and jed.one doesnt work...WHAT TO DO * (23rd May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Builds are back in Ares wizard And running (24th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - In Ares you Will find Diggz builds under the name DscroggzMedia.com so name has changed. Builds are still Diggz builds tho (25th May 2017) reply
    PatArends - Its it possible to install your build on raspberry PI 3B with OpenELEC* Thank inadvance for your help. Pat Arends (13th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Tutorial vid https://youtu.be/xyOstl8y4ak When kodi is on there, you Can Install a build within kodi. (13th May 2017) reply
    Marcos - Same as first post : using Xenon X6 build on my Nvidia Shield TV box and widgets across top of TV SHOWS page appear when i first start Kodi but as soon as i change to MOVIES or FAVOURITES or SPORTS or any other page the widgets completely disappear on TV SHOWS. Is that a known bug in this Kodi build and can it be fixed * Does the XXX porno version of Xenon X6 exhibit the same problem * If i remove my current build and reinstall the XXX version would it fix this problem and could the porno page or any other page be completely removed from the build and how can it be done * Also, why any of the choices for content listing (media info, list, big list, fanart, etc) cannot be locked permanently by the user as done in other Kodi builds * This if by far my favorite and the best Kodi 17.1 Krypton build of all others i tried but it needs some minor tweakings to get even better. Thanks for everything, guys ! (6th May 2017) reply
    laynie - I am also experiencing disappearing TV SHOW icons on my MAC and Android units, with XENON 6.6 clean in 17.1. I tried fresh installs, taking box back to factory settings and installing XXX version, but icons still disappear only in TV SHOWS. You can remove XXX but it is only an icon that cant be opened without password. Go into TOOLS is some providers to set VIEWS. (8th May 2017) reply
    laynie - Using Xenon 6.6 on 17.1 Krypton. Widgets across top of TV SHOWS page disappeared. Black box shows but no pictures. Does anyone know how to fix this* Set Fire Box to original settings and loaded clean version of Kodi. (6th May 2017) reply
    The360tech - The options menu in the ares wizard does not allow me to download any build for the firestick. .56 wizard (5th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Word from Diggz Admin: There are no Jarvis Diggz Builds but the builds on Ares are all supported and will be updated (5th May 2017) reply
    jayden - i didnt want to delete the whole xenon build ,, i just wanna know how you disable or delete that autoexec.py script which is causing kodi to crash earlier builds of xenon or eminence didnt have that script and the builds were great (3rd May 2017) reply
    jayden - the autoexec.py script is crashing my kodi ,, how do i delete it (2nd May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - If you wish a fresh kodi go to Home screen box, settings, other, more settings, apps, kodi, DELETE DATA and delete cache. Build Will be removed that way. (3rd May 2017) reply
    Rampage316 - So whats going on with Xenon every time i download it from ares its coming up with Errors there is like 485 errors (2nd May 2017) reply
    Mark - New to this all so thanks in advance for any help. What is the difference in eminence and xenon builds* What build is best for watching live tv in U.S.* (27th Apr 2017) reply
    bigced - Anyone use Players Klub plug-in* I noticed after the 7.3 update that the pvr guide no longer works. I see he now has a Diggz Guide which uses Echo and seems to give the option to open Players Klub and a couple of other plug-ins. It has me wonder if Echo guide is interfering with the simple pvr guide* (27th Apr 2017) reply
    Bogi - I cant find the download link guys* Pls help :) (25th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Please try this http://jed.one/d/w.zip (25th Apr 2017) reply
    Ron - Back working again (15th Apr 2017) reply
    Ron - No servers found...Cannot install build (15th Apr 2017) reply
    Jay - Im.getting the same erroe (15th Apr 2017) reply
    Great Build! - Xenon is the best build out there by far. I used to use Pulse CCM until I found this. Excellent work, thank-you!! (12th Apr 2017) reply
    Jean Mowberry - The servers are better on Diggz own wizard http://jed.one/d/w.zip (12th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Thanks for Posting Jean (25th Apr 2017) reply
    Davidc - Eminience is my go to build for Movies and TV Shows. It truly has everything you need. And it does Auto Update which is also important. Like the fact it is part of Ares Wizard Builds. Very easy to install. And the Retro Gaming is not bad either. (11th Apr 2017) reply
    jeremy smith - wow is all I can say at this point one of the biggest and most power ful builds I have ever used absolutely amazed by it this far great work (10th Apr 2017) reply
    Ash - when I load a retro game it says please enable program addon to work with external sources* Anyone know a fix* (9th Apr 2017) reply
    Douglas - Jasons builds are the best but get little love. (5th Apr 2017) reply
    Doodle - Best build Ive tried but the players klutz app wont update any suggestions* (30th Mar 2017) reply
    Ice - Password for xxx is 69 (29th Mar 2017) reply
    Ron - Any way to change it to something else? (7th Apr 2017) reply
    Dominique - Ty so much i been lookn everywhere for this password (16th Apr 2017) reply
    Kodiman - What is the code to access adult section* (27th Mar 2017) reply
    Karma - I also wanted to say that these builds have everything, all the good addons, plus a lot of added special links where you will find hidden treasures. Its great and a fun time looking for all the goodies.. plus, dont let the name fool ya, these are not just for Firesticks or Fire TVs, they work perfectly on any box or computer. (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Karma - Xenon is awesome, unlike any build Ive ever tried. There was a lot of time and effort put into this build, and it is very evident once you use it! It is not just a list of shortcuts put on the menu like so many other builds, this one sets a precedent! (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    ardes - yes, tried them all. ill give it another try tonight and see what gives. (21st Mar 2017) reply
    ardes - Ive been trying to fresh install any eminence version, but the downloading stops at around 50%. (21st Mar 2017) reply
    kodiapps - did you try server 2 as i suggested? (21st Mar 2017) reply

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