GenieTV on Kodi

GenieTV is an all in one addon featuring some very cool content from several well know developers. It's also a maintenance addon which features some nice tools and a wizard giving you access to builds. It's been growing a lot recently and there is sure to be sections of interest for the whole family and for your builds. Download it and have a look. It's impressive. Big things happening here. The Movie section can take a couple of minutes to pull all the links so have a little patience. The add-on is self-sustaining and will not require any additional installs to have it running. There is a premium section available for IPTV if you wish to have the top tier streams, but there are still plenty of rock solid free streams available. Support for GenieTV can be found on Facebook.

You can leave feedback below (good or bad) for the benefit of all our readers. Thanks.

GenieTV Categories

  • Live Tv - Sports - Movies - TV Shows - Tools

How to install GenieTV on Kodi 16 Jarvis

Home screen > System > File Manager > Add Source > in the top box > GENIETV in the bottom box > OK > Back to the home screen > System > Addons > Install from zip > GENIETV > > Wait for notification > Install from repository > GenieTV repo > Video addons > Genie TV > Install > Wait for notification > All done.

How to install Genie TV on Kodi 17 Krypton

  • Kodi 17 Krypton download.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Enter > Enter GENIETV in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser
  • Install from zip file > GENIETV >
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Install from repository > GenieTV repo > Video add-ons > Genie TV > Install.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Genie TV is now installed and ready to use.
  • The Add-on can now be opened from HOME screen > Add-Ons > Genie TV.

This add-on is a third party add-on and is NOT supported by the Kodi/XBMC foundation. Please do not post questions on the website relating to this add-on.

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    Bob watson - Great job Ladds keep it up,the wife over the moon with g.o.d.s (20th May 2017) reply
    JJ - Takes too much time to checking sources and if youre lucky you see some with bufering every 10 seconds, any idea* (18th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Kodi 17 needs this fix for Live iptv TV to work We recommend you use VPN (29th Apr 2017) reply
    KevinK - IMO theres much better out there, though its ok addon I suppose (16th Mar 2017) reply
    Neil Oshaughnessy - The best by a long way (15th Mar 2017) reply
    Julie Boyce - Awesome addon (15th Mar 2017) reply
    Dave Marsh - Fantastic add on, iptv service perfect and admin always helpful when required. (15th Mar 2017) reply
    Paul - No complaints 100% everytime (15th Mar 2017) reply
    Kodi Guy - Not a bad addon. Just a bit confusing and bloated (15th Mar 2017) reply
    Craig - Best out there fact **** (15th Mar 2017) reply
    Peter boyce - Best add-on by far (15th Mar 2017) reply
    Sam - Love it (15th Mar 2017) reply
    Adp - #WELOVEGENIE (7th Mar 2017) reply
    Liam H - Lets get this back to the top folks. Genietv all the way (6th Mar 2017) reply
    Darren - The best service you can get 10/10 (6th Mar 2017) reply
    Lockley - By far the best add on, support and service around Beats all (6th Mar 2017) reply
    Godkin - Best by far 1st class (6th Mar 2017) reply
    Chris - Always will be No.1 (6th Mar 2017) reply
    Scott - Quality add-on (6th Mar 2017) reply
    Sam liptrot - Great build, no better Addon available (6th Mar 2017) reply
    Craig - Love it best addon out there (4th Mar 2017) reply
    Chris Storey - Wouldnt use anything else top notch (3rd Mar 2017) reply
    Steve - Never use anything else (3rd Mar 2017) reply
    Big Al - Simply the best its the must nuts (3rd Mar 2017) reply
    Daz - Loving gtv cant get enough (3rd Mar 2017) reply
    Alan woods - Only use genie now brilliant (3rd Mar 2017) reply
    Mark Cunningham - Its ok if you pay, nothing special. More choice out there if you look. Hving said that, theres worse about. (3rd Mar 2017) reply
    Peter boyce - The best add-on by far (3rd Mar 2017) reply
    John warren - Genie TV is absolutely the best add on with the best group of lads. (27th Feb 2017) reply
    Pony Punter - #1 nough said. ;) (27th Feb 2017) reply
    Sam - Fantastic Addon dont need to go anywhere else (27th Feb 2017) reply
    John - Outstanding addon amazing bunch of guys just keeps getting better and better (27th Feb 2017) reply
    Darren - Simply the best (27th Feb 2017) reply
    Simon Anderson - Simply the best! Love that technica (27th Feb 2017) reply
    Bish - Top addon love it only addon I need it has it all (27th Feb 2017) reply
    Lee McDonald - First class service. Top add-on by a country mile. Keep up the good work lads. (27th Feb 2017) reply
    S1DOW - Awesome service a must!! (27th Feb 2017) reply
    So..... - Sold my wife the other day, bought a box, Banged genie on it, happy man. #welovegenie (27th Feb 2017) reply
    The original horseman - This group is what kodi is all about. I have been advised on thus group for different things. Dont hate the players, cause they got game (27th Feb 2017) reply
    S M D - GenieTv. Always #1 no matter what the haters or the JEALOUS wannabes say. :) (27th Feb 2017) reply
    Troll Buster - Haters gonna hate. No one needs to be paid to vote either. People like me vote because of Genies quality, both as an add on and for their support. Im in a lot of Facebook addon groups, and I read a lot of the comments and posts from admins. Genie admins are way ahead of most if not all. (27th Feb 2017) reply
    Jim P - Awesome! Updated regularly, support is top notch (27th Feb 2017) reply
    Paul - Genie tv all the way (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Alan - Genie TV has to be the best free addon out there the IPTV app is the best by far admin and members are the nicest bunch of guys Ive come across keep the Genie family growing (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Bob - Great (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Pete Clements - Quality service and always quick to help if you have issues keep up the good work lads (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Poll - Absolutely brilliant. Wish all customer service was as good as this!! (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Marc C - #1 addon imo. :D (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Ashley - Great great great top group of lads and always help me out aint that right jay lol (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Stan Smith - Awesome add on. With so much to offer. Awesome admins/mods and Devs where nothing is too much trouble. These guys will even add (if possible) shows/movies on request. Cannot ask for more. 5* (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Joseph haran - Spot on add on cheers lads (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Jo - Awesome app, been using it about 6 months, admin are really helpful and guide you through everything! (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Paul Leadbeater - Superb add on football streams on ultimate run smooth as tv (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Liam haggerty - Glad it stayd at the top for so long. And i know. Hands down its the best. Just ask stevie wonder lol (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Neil Oshaughnessy - Flawless streams,excellent admin,you dont need no other....just Genie TV (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Dan - Its where it is in the poll because it is spot on! The lads bend over backwards to help anyone, 9/10 its the users own faults and they still do what they can to help!! Spot on lads best out there as far as Im concerned!! (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Derek Roney - never had any problems with any of genie at all, If ive had any questions or wanted something then the guys are on it quickly. I actually feel sorry for the admin and mods because whenever they get grief for something not working, its usually down to the fact the user doesnt follow simple steps given to them and the fault is at their end. They put videos on showing step by step guides for everything. (26th Feb 2017) reply
    The genie cave landlord - It cant be that bad. My rents payd for the next 10 years. Long live genietv (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Stevie wonder - A couldent see s**t till the genietv came along. Now i know what football looks like and quality streams. A mean s**t the bed how do thay do it * (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Stevie - Great reliable addon. Has it all. If by some miracle u cant find what your looking for then a simple request and 1 of the admin will have it added asap. Great support (26th Feb 2017) reply
    Thomas simpson - I absolutely love this addon its all I use (26th Feb 2017) reply
    KevG - Over rated addon, better about. (26th Feb 2017) reply
    #welovegenie - Been using genie a long time now. Both free and premium service never had an issue on either. Even as a free user if I want to watch something and cant find it pop up a request and one of the lads will add it just for the asking. Firecracker: your name explains your motives, you clearly have an issue and no brass to drop the fake names and step up. More on you petty little man. (26th Feb 2017) reply
    DjG - Im sorry but #1 addon* really. Nah guys, this is poopoo. Something aint right if this is #1. I just extensive testing and its no where #1. (25th Feb 2017) reply
    kodiapps - its trending - people are looking at it this week making it hot - doesnt mean its the best add-on in the world ever made. But its your opinion. so we respect that. (25th Feb 2017) reply
    Firestarter - Any Reason why all the true comments keep getting deleted. Dont tell me they are paying kodiapps as well to get top spot (25th Feb 2017) reply
    aka - I have noticed that, all the true comments on how that group are and treat ppl get deleted and yet half these fact comments will be from their admin, complete joke (25th Feb 2017) reply
    kodiapps - if by "true" comments you mean trolling, hating or simply searing, then yeah - they get deleted. Take it elsewhere if that is your thing as we cant be bothered reading it. Constructive criticism is always welcome however. (25th Feb 2017) reply
    Firestarter - Read what they are saying. Its not trolling. They are buying votes hence the #tag thats not right it should be voted for because people want to not be cafe they are offered free iptv (26th Feb 2017)
    kodiapps - its a fair point made. (26th Feb 2017)
    RayWWW - Much better about than this. (23rd Feb 2017) reply
    Kevin - Nothing special. (22nd Feb 2017) reply
    Adsp - #welovegenie (22nd Feb 2017) reply
    Ray - Top quality with top quality guys who treat you like family love genie these guys are truly genuine amazing guys (22nd Feb 2017) reply
    Jon randall - #WELOVEGENIE (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Tracy Anderson - #WELOVEGENIE -What can I say these guys are simply the best x (21st Feb 2017) reply
    A M - Simply the best (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Matt Keating - #WELOVEGENIE (21st Feb 2017) reply
    James h - Awsome!!!!!! (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Mark C - Genie is terrible. Nothing works and the admin think there amazing. Full of attitude. You cant ban us in here for telling the truth. (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Jay - Thanks for the vote mark very much appreciated . We may think were amazing because we are? (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Jim - *theyre (27th Feb 2017) reply
    LIMTHETIM - #WELOVEGENIE (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Mark Cunningham - Great addon luv these guyz top service always and prompt and helpfull Admin (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Irene pegg - Brilliant service always there to help you so glad av got genietv I wouldnt go anywhere else (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Ryan Reynolds - Good quality streams especially live sport , spot on lads (21st Feb 2017) reply
    John - The dogs bollox (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Chris H - NO 1 Help for the lads is second to none, and the service is flawless (21st Feb 2017) reply
    christopher baines - #WELOVEGENIE (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Darren B - #WELOVEGENIE (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Steve - #welovegenie a great service and admin/mods no problem to big or small and always willing to help out, simply the best (20th Feb 2017) reply
    #ILOVEGENIE - Fantastic add on. With everything you will ever need. Awesome Devs/Admins and Mods where nothing is too much trouble. Great job lads! (20th Feb 2017) reply
    ZebSogo - Love this Addon I GenieTV were a Lady Id ask her to marry me (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Poll - Super service and nothing is too much trouble for admins (20th Feb 2017) reply
    PADDY!! - Been Using It For As long As I Can Remember Wouldnt Use Anything Else (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Susanne C - Brilliant addon with the most helpful admins around (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Lee c - Best ever (20th Feb 2017) reply
    John. B - Best there is, and really helpful if need something sorted. :-) 5 ***** (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Sam liptrot - Amazing service tip notch iptv app and great apk never need another provider (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Roy jones - 10/10 service. Not conmen like them at silent hunter Genuine service (20th Feb 2017) reply
    John - Absolutely love this addon!! (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Xiao min - Unbelievable quality, technica the best (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Jon - Really????????? (25th Feb 2017) reply
    Merten - 5* service from these guys. Thank u (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Adolf - Amazing add on and service (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Michael fiddes - Top notch (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Liam haggerty - Genie genie genie genie. Aye genie (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Kev - Best add on around (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Julie Boyce - The only add-on youll ever need 10/10 (20th Feb 2017) reply

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