Over The Top TV (OTTtv) on Kodi

OTTtv are a well renowned and serious premium provider that have been going for a long time now. They have a large and loyal group of followers and for very good reasons. They have a solid service for you and have a lot of excellent features that make them a major player in the field. The service is primarily aimed at the UK/USA markets and the streams are top quality and fast loading as you would expect. There are several Kodi EPG/PVR options including iVue and Simple IPTV Client that you can use for your TV guide choice. The add-on also links with the Mayfair TV guide if required. When you load the add-on it also gives you the option to launch PVR which will automatically turn the PVR on and load all the channels for you so you don't need to set up yourself. No other service that we know of has this feature. You also have an easy APK & IOS option if you prefer to run your service outside of Kodi. OTTtv will also provide you with a M3U list, and with the amount of apps available in the market such as Perfect Player, taking your service with you on the go will be a breeze. The viewing possibilities are quite literally endless for this service. The support is top drawer and the admin will assist you with any set up questions you may have. There are a few packages available so be sure to read through them and select the best option for yourself.

Over The Top TV (OTTtv) support are available on Facebook.
Check out the website for more info and sign up.

It's always worth pointing out that the internet isn't always perfect and neither is ANY premium service. There is no such thing as 100% buffer-free 100% of the time. Some channels will not be available from time to time. Contact your add-on provider and let them know. They rely on your feedback. We advise a minimum sign up period initially. This is common sense - see if it's right for you first.
Kodiapps have no affiliation with any premium service that we showcase here.

Feel free to leave your feedback (good or bad - but keep it clean) below for the benefit of all our readers. Thanks.

Over The Top TV (OTTtv) Categories

  • Live TV - APK - EPG - PVR - M3U List

How to install Over The Top TV (OTTtv) on Kodi 16 Jarvis

Home screen > System > File Manager > Add Source > http://gen-tec.co/gentecwiz in the top box > GENTECWIZ in the bottom box > OK > Back to the home screen > System > Addons > Install from zip > GENTECWIZ > OTTtv > repository.OTTtv-x.x.x.zip > Wait for notification > Install from repository > OTTtv repository > Video addons > Over The Top TV (OTTtv) > Install > Wait for notification > All done.

How to install Over The Top TV (OTTtv) on Kodi 17 Krypton

    Visit the website for more info and sign up.
  • Kodi 17 Krypton download.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Enter http://gen-tec.co/gentecwiz in the top box > Enter GENTECWIZ in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser
  • Install from zip file > GENTECWIZ > OTTtv > repository.OTTtv-x.x.x.zip.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Install from repository > OTTtv repository > Video add-ons > Over The Top TV (OTTtv) > Install.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Over The Top TV (OTTtv) is now installed and ready to use.
  • The Add-on can now be opened from HOME screen > Add-Ons > Over The Top TV (OTTtv).
  • Enter your login info in the settings of this addon.

This add-on is a third party add-on and is NOT supported by the Kodi/XBMC foundation. Please do not post questions on the forum.kodi.tv website relating to this add-on.

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    Dylan - Cant find a way to get signed up. Tried the link but it gives an error. Would appreciate some help thanks (17th Jun 2017) reply
    Linda - Website showing error for last week, cannot pay my sub. Hope everything is okay. (22nd Jun 2017) reply
    frisp - Always the best :) (15th Jun 2017) reply
    Louise hussey - Great service great admin any problems get sorted very quickly great price would recommend this IPTV to anyone who has kodi great service guys keep up the good work (15th Jun 2017) reply
    Peter - Excellent service. Admin always on hand to help (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Rob noble - Been with otttv for nearly a year now and by far the best IPTV I have seen thanks guys (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Paul forde - Love it (11th Jun 2017) reply
    Thomas McGovern - Brilliant service, guys are on it******** (28th May 2017) reply
    James - Otttv is amazing. If I ever get stuck there always a great service as in help etc as theres a amin to help at all times. I get no buffing and quality streams and for the price you just cant go wrong. Keep up the good work otttv :) (28th May 2017) reply
    Rob h - Top quality streams plenty to choose from and only problem Ive had is forgetting my password but they were very quick to help (27th May 2017) reply
    Peter - Excellent service. Admits always on hand to help. Flawless. (27th May 2017) reply
    Jkt1972 - Best bar none.excellent sevice (27th May 2017) reply
    Joaquin jimenez - Best iptv service out there ....quality stuff...been there since day one aint going nowhere... (27th May 2017) reply
    Peter - Excellent service (27th May 2017) reply
    Frisp - simply brilliant, great support too. (17th May 2017) reply
    Christine - This is brilliant. Good service, Mark works really hard to sort out any problems. His VOD section is updated regularly with some brilliant movies in there, you dont get this from other suppliers. (17th May 2017) reply
    dave - didnt find support very good when had a problem they just didnt seem to want to know would not recommend to anyone (16th May 2017) reply
    Nige - Is there a Twitter page for those of us without Facebook* (10th May 2017) reply
    Best service guranteed - Fast, realible and 99.8% buffer free, thats all you need to know, coming from someone whos paid for most of the IPTV services out there ruyaxl to iptvsubs to sportsdonkey, by far the best (5th May 2017) reply
    Steve - Best by far (5th May 2017) reply
    shane - Excellent quality and support are just simply brilliant,lots of people outside admins(which are best i have ever dealt with) willing to help and give advice.Overall great product matched by great friendly support.Would highly recommend it (5th May 2017) reply
    Fraser - top notch (4th May 2017) reply
    Fraser - A++++++++++++++ (4th May 2017) reply
    frisp - still the best (4th May 2017) reply
    frisp - Still the best (4th May 2017) reply
    The best - There is no way any other service can beat this (4th May 2017) reply
    Micky - Easily the best add on for sport, cant fault it. (30th Apr 2017) reply
    Roger - Great service, great lads and brilliant banter. (30th Apr 2017) reply
    Dean - Top work lads a few glitches at times but all in all fantastic service for the money!!! (30th Apr 2017) reply
    Martin - Been with them since the beginning, a faultless, seamless service, highly recommended to anyone who wishes to see all the sports evens from around the world and more. (30th Apr 2017) reply
    ian - brill streams as always (29th Apr 2017) reply
    Jason - Best by far keep up the great work (29th Apr 2017) reply
    Lee - Joshua v klitschko stream was great cant fault it best out there great value for money keep up the good work guys (29th Apr 2017) reply
    Kev - Great service top notch (29th Apr 2017) reply
    frisp - Recommended (22nd Apr 2017) reply
    Pete - Great service, highly recommended, really helpful all the time. (22nd Apr 2017) reply
    Frankie Tully - Defo the best out there (22nd Apr 2017) reply
    David vincent - Great service top admin the best (19th Apr 2017) reply
    friso - ace service (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Jay - First class service, never fails with loads of channels (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Paul forde - THE BEST AROUND (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Joaquin - Best service I have ever had... good quality loads of channels...and admin respond very quick and with good aditude....I recommend this service to every one! (19th Apr 2017) reply
    Ric - Been with them 4 months and very seldom do I have a channel not work. When that does happen, you can let them know on their facebook page and it will be fixed. VERY SATISFIED! (18th Apr 2017) reply
    Frisp - The best by far (18th Apr 2017) reply
    Mark mccafferty - Best streams great hd channels great value for money otttv 1 no (18th Apr 2017) reply
    Sjr45 - Been with otttv since November i got fed up with Looking for a 3pm kick-off stream and with all the other content I well recommend it and for what you get the price is excellent too (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Frisp - Simply the best (17th Apr 2017) reply
    Chris - Been using this for few months now. Best tbere is. (14th Apr 2017) reply
    Jane - Easy to install and use! Fab service highly recommend! (12th Apr 2017) reply
    Steve - Well impressed with their service, my opinion by far the best, great support, easy to install. (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Paul forde - Best around (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Bromwynn - Ace service from the team (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Jose streams - Ott tv its pretty good service and has fast admins for customer support (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Kev - The link to website opens up a fix4uservice, Is this correct as I cant find them on facebook (2nd Apr 2017) reply
    Ginge - Yeah thats are billing site (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Peekaboo - Defo the best out there and brilliant bunch of guys (31st Mar 2017) reply
    frisp - Excellent service (30th Mar 2017) reply
    Vince - Absolutely the best. Excellent high class streams. Excellent price too. Cant go wrong with this one! p.s.....sign up Jeff! (27th Mar 2017) reply
    jose streams - Very good service and fast customer service , recommend (26th Mar 2017) reply
    Paul forde - Best around (26th Mar 2017) reply
    Dave - Where is the sign up link* (24th Mar 2017) reply
    kodiapps - above (24th Mar 2017) reply
    jando - I cannot for the life of me find any link to subscribe to OTTT-TV, Anybody out there able to help* (23rd Mar 2017) reply
    kodiapps - the links are above - or join them on FB for help (24th Mar 2017) reply
    Arthur whitton - what am I doing wrong all these positive comments does not work for me every channell buffers or stops completly (23rd Mar 2017) reply
    kodiapps - get in touch with their support over on FB - very helpful. will have you running pronto. (23rd Mar 2017) reply
    John - Great service - Highly recommended (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    terry - we watch and use every day , has best streaming around thank you (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    frisp - Best iptv Ive tried. Great support too. (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Roger - Better than the other Iptv service I have I mean a whole lot better (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Paul Pickersgill - Top draw quality second to none!! 5***** (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Biff - Better than genie hands down (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Free trial on Kodi - Go to file manager and add http://gen-tec.co/gentecwiz to your file manager. Go to addons and install from zip file In the gentecwiz folder you will find a folder called otttv. In there, install our repository, repository.OTTtv-0.1.4.zip. Once installed, go back to addons and install from zip file. Navigate to the OTTtv repository just installed and install the video.plugin.ottalpha from the video plugins folder. When the add-on has installed, open the add-on and enter your details. Please don’t forget to clear cache after entering your details. Try it and buy it its a fantastic service nuff said (21st Mar 2017) reply
    jando - where is the link to subscribe please? (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Paul forde - The best around (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Dave - Great service and streams helpful admins (20th Mar 2017) reply
    jason - had many iptv services but have had this one for months now and this is the best , great streams and great support although I only needed to contact an admin once since Ive been using it (20th Mar 2017) reply
    Thomas - Great service (20th Mar 2017) reply
    Mark mccafferty - Best otttv streams been with them from the start best admins and best support u get if u need help am happy with the service they the best no 1 (20th Mar 2017) reply
    Slappy - I originally subscribed as a backup to another service. But this has been so reliable it has completely flipped. Plus they are super fast at addressing issues. By far the biggest bang for the buck. (20th Mar 2017) reply
    Carl scott - Best iv used and I use to be part of admin team for boyztoyz club and I tried a lot of other services and this is by far the best out there (20th Mar 2017) reply
    MJ - OTTTV is the best IPTV service their is, Ive had multiple services but this service is the only one where Ive actually stayed for months (20th Mar 2017) reply
    lee - best iptv service ive ever used (20th Mar 2017) reply
    Jamie - Great service been with them since the start and its gone from strength to strength and still getting better great work lads keep it up**** (18th Mar 2017) reply
    bo - i CANT believe how awesome this service is!!! along with the price!! CANT beat the deal...plus their is admin also their to help out (18th Mar 2017) reply
    Blane - I cant believe I lurked for so long before signing up. Service and support is great. Go in with the realistic expectation that nothing is perfect and you will be happy with the product. (17th Mar 2017) reply
    Mr Grub - Its spot on great service and the price is good (17th Mar 2017) reply
    Jeff Houghton - Cannot fault it, well worth it, no brained. And great support (17th Mar 2017) reply
    Jeff - No brainer haha predictive txt ???????????????? (17th Mar 2017) reply
    Jkt - Amazing quality.great support.been really impressed. (17th Mar 2017) reply
    Dave - Brilliant and consistent, not a bad word said about them... support is brilliant and there are plenty of knowledgeable people that help to. Excellent addon with plenty of features to boot. Recommend ***** (17th Mar 2017) reply
    Richie - Would recommend this addon to any expat (17th Mar 2017) reply
    Mark - Brilliant streams and loads HD and the admin and the support is unreal best around (17th Mar 2017) reply

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