Spinz TV Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

Well known and popular builds from Spinz TV. Spinz is producing some high end and great looking builds for Krypton. Nice backdrops with a drop up menu style system. Not too heavy on the addons but uses them well and has some interesting sections. We do like the Grit and Ladies Night sections. Support can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

You can leave feedback below (good or bad) for the benefit of all our readers. Thanks.

Spinz TV Kodi 17 Krypton Builds

  • Rogue (115mb zipped) - Premium Lite - Fury - Hard Nox (172mb zipped)

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How to install Spinz TV Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

  • Kodi 17 Krypton download.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Enter http://repo.spinztv.com/ in the top box > Enter SPINZ in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser
  • Select Install from zip file > Select SPINZ > repository.SpinzTV-x.x.x.zip.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Install from repository > SpinzTV > Program add-ons > SpinzTV > Install.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • HOME screen > Program Add-Ons > Spinz TV Wizard > Spinz TV (choose build) > Install.
  • The build will now download
  • Wait for download > Force close > Power off if required.
  • On reboot - WAIT! It can take 5 mins to fully update. Go grab a beer.
  • Congratulations, your Spinz TV Build is now installed and ready to use.

This build is a third party build and is NOT supported by the Kodi/XBMC foundation. Please do not post questions on the forum.kodi.tv website relating to this build.

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    Jeff - Word is a lot of admins left spinz tv and are doing there own thing now so not sure of the future definitely without hard nox and am smooth going with the people that left (25th Jun 2017) reply
    jeff - Servers down once again (23rd Jun 2017) reply
    Tablemesa - Is there a work around or do we need to wait for spinz to come back up? (23rd Jun 2017) reply
    JoeRandy - Same as everyone today. Im unable to get options from the zip, after i completed the entry http in the file menu... (20th Jun 2017) reply
    Rod - Is am having exactly the same problem.Unable to download the repository from the zip using kodi 17.3 (20th Jun 2017) reply
    Eric - Did you ever figure out what the problem was with the empty zip file? (27th Jun 2017)
    olliegam21 - Having the same problem, tried all possible options via internet.... I have Kodi 17.3 with nothing on it... stinks!!! (20th Jun 2017) reply
    Charlie - Yea I think theyre down. I used http://nolimitsbuilds.com/Kodi and it worked great. Took awhile to download last night but Im back in business until Spinz figures it out (21st Jun 2017)
    Charlie Hustle - Yea I think theyre down. I used http://nolimitsbuilds.com/Kodi and it worked great. Took awhile to download last night but Im back in business until Spinz figures it out (21st Jun 2017) reply
    Same problem - Today everything is back operational! (22nd Jun 2017) reply
    sanford - i cant either (23rd Jun 2017) reply
    jeff - how does this build move up when you cant evev get it (20th Jun 2017) reply
    Angie - Cant get spinz to open after installing from zip having problem since yesterday had to add the long way through es explorer than download from external source (19th Jun 2017) reply
    Terry - Im having the same issues and problem. What do I need to do to get it to work? (19th Jun 2017) reply
    Robert - Same problem here. I thought I had copied wrong until I came here. Anyone here anything? (19th Jun 2017) reply
    Richard - Same (25th Jun 2017)
    Ford - Mine not working either (20th Jun 2017) reply
    Tina - After I add spinz in file manager and go to addon I cant open from there (19th Jun 2017) reply
    Maleah - Mine is doing the same thing. I heard its because theres been a glitch in spinz tv all afternoon (19th Jun 2017) reply
    Mark M - I am having the same problem. There are no options when I try to open the zip file. (19th Jun 2017) reply
    Cassie - Oh good, me too - I was worried! (20th Jun 2017)
    Denise - I am having the same problem! Did anyone find anything out? I thought I had did something wrong for it not to be loading a zip file. Glad Im not the only one! (20th Jun 2017)
    Karen - I have Kodi sprinz fury. All of a sudden I have this message that says -your library is currently empty.In order to populate it with your personnel media, enter files section add a media source and configure it. After the source has been added and indexed you will be able to browse your library. Enter files section - remove this main menu item . So I need help dont know what to do . Can someone help me ... Please (18th Jun 2017) reply
    Can I save downloads - Is it possible to save movies to local storage* I cant find any settings for this. Maybe thats why tvaddons is in trouble** (17th Jun 2017) reply
    Great Build. Love it - I am going into my add ons .When I click on an add on the run tab is not activated. I have tried enableing the add on but I cant open it. Not all add ons only xxx ones 6 (16th Jun 2017) reply
    Phil - Iv just downloaded spinz to for the first time and When I get to the Screen where you select a build, I dont have any to choose from, it says text file for builds not formatted correctly (14th Jun 2017) reply
    FireGuy - Ive installed this countless times and Im now having the same issue with "Build text file not formatted correctly." Hope they fix this soon. (19th Jun 2017) reply
    Max - same problem and thats with AM smooth as well (19th Jun 2017) reply
    Greg - THE FURY BUILD_ part-2 _ full list of enable Addons "GET MORE" is @ the bottom of the list with Jarvis v16.1 __ Krypton v17.3 _ "GET MORE" is not available in the side-bar or top-bar* thanks (10th Jun 2017) reply
    Greg - Installed Fury v17 Krypton * enabled video addons * no "GET MORE" at the bottom of the list* * how to enable/disable addons from the ALL video-addons list (MIA) * thanks: The FURY build is the best! (10th Jun 2017) reply
    EweSee - Spinz Fury has an invalid URL in the Build Menu. Cannot install on a fresh install. Can only upgrade when prompted. It looks like the problem is in the Build Menu link. (4th Jun 2017) reply
    Kadrna - I am new to downloading a build but I downloaded it and now I have nothing. It is a black screen with only a movies and live t.v. box on the right hand side on the bottom. I cant get into any of my add one or programs or even the system. It wont let me do anything. Please help. (31st May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Sounds like you need a fresh start. Please go to homescreen of your box, settings, other, more settings, apps, kodi, DELETE DATA. Now go back to homescreen of your box And open kodi again. IT Should now open without a build on: a fresh kodi. Just try again or install a different build. (31st May 2017) reply
    EweSee - Also getting invalid zip url for Fury (30th May 2017) reply
    kodiapps - tested - working fine on 17.1 (30th May 2017) reply
    EweSee - Failed using 17.3 on Windows. Worked with 17.3 on FireTV (31st May 2017)
    Juliana - Hard Nox is the best build ever they mixed it up for spanish ladies night urban i love it n the music section too does anyone know another build like this greater but with a tv guide (29th May 2017) reply
    LG146 - Does this build have an adult section * (27th May 2017) reply
    LCS - Please check your Spinz Fury build. There is a serious loading problem. I reloaded several times using a fresh start each time with the same results including the STVMC fork. I love this build !!! (21st May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Might I suggest you go to their support group on Facebook? That way you can get one on one support. Link to their FB group is on top of this page, in the description of the build. (24th May 2017) reply
    Tyler - Is there so.ething wrong with fury build* Not loading all the awsome graphics (20th May 2017) reply
    Dat_boi_raw - This just started happening last night to me. Any fix (22nd May 2017) reply
    ateam8774 - Waiting on an update as well (25th May 2017)
    Totem - Whats the difference between TV Fury and TV Envy* What should I install if I want more kid friendly shows and menu* (18th May 2017) reply
    Veronica - Hi Im new so bear with me I just recently downloaded Spence to you from the Ares project I was trying to watch on Oblivion TV live TV and it keeps telling me every channel I try playback not available failed one or more times can someone please help me with this did I download something wrong thank you in advance (12th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Please try this fix https://youtu.be/sVaON4MZ2do (13th May 2017) reply
    LeRoy - Follow up to my question.I installed it on my PC running Windows 10. (6th May 2017) reply
    LeRoy - I recently installed Spin Tv Hard Nox on Kodi 17.1 Kripton.Getting sound no video.How do I fix this.* (5th May 2017) reply
    MyWay - Does any one knows how to add whitecream to the spinztv build* (2nd May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Install info here https://seo-michael.co.uk/tutorial-how-to-install-white-cream-video-add-on-kodi-xbmc/ (3rd May 2017) reply
    Yoyo - I come as far as install from respository but I get a message that says... Could not connect to repository. Could someone please direct me in the right direction. (1st May 2017) reply
    Lloyd - I have been trying different builds for a long time now but I always come back to hard box. Everyone should give it a try at some point. Its the best hands down...... Keep up the fantastic work.. (1st May 2017) reply
    Lloyd - Hard Nox (1st May 2017) reply
    @gordonthebeast - I have tried several different builds over the last week and Fury is by far the easiest to use, and the most visually appealing. I have this installed on my FireStick and phone Thanks for all you work (1st May 2017) reply
    Ngoc - I also get an invalid zip url when i get to the part of choosing the build from the wizard. this if for the latest fury build for krypton (1st May 2017) reply
    Admi. (Kodiapps) - Tested 1 may worked fine. Maybe it was a temporary issue. Please try install again (1st May 2017) reply
    Dalton_dja - Im getting the same message.. invalid zip URL... when I click fresh install ... WTF!!!! (3rd May 2017) reply
    John - Soooooo,.......when will this be fixed?? (4th May 2017) reply
    Gerald - Hello guys, since they are talking about getting read of third party add-ons are use planning on making a fork of kodi through your builds. Which are awesome (29th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - You will be pleased to hear they already did.. https://youtu.be/mehWflbBDgk (29th Apr 2017) reply
    Michael - Is link down, I cant get it to work.. (28th Apr 2017) reply
    Teeta - Please someone help me. I get as far as install then where it is suppose to give me a house of builds I just get a menu saying kodi 17.1, save data menu and text file for builds not formatted properly. Ive been trying loads of different builds since updating to kodi 17.1 and nothing is working. Please someone tell me there is an easy solution (21st Apr 2017) reply
    scott abram07 - Love Spinz, it is my daily driver. I leave it on SPMC and play with other builds on forks (6th Apr 2017) reply
    Vee - I have the Amazon Fire Stick lastest version with voice activation. I have successfully added Kodi. Added SpinzTV but cant get it as an add on under Kodi so I can see or add movies. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this* Please HELP! (6th Apr 2017) reply
    James Jo - Lately whenever I install SpinzTV Lite, after the force close (I reboot the firestick) the wizard updates but freezes on skin.ccm.phoenix. If I let it, this screen will just sit there for hours. I have to pull the plug to reboot then it will try updating again and get stuck once more. I end up having to hard reset twice just to finish the initial updates. This happened on three different devices. Anybody else having this issue* (4th Apr 2017) reply
    mick s. - Love this Build. Have tried a heap of others, But I always come back to this! (31st Mar 2017) reply
    mitch - im using hardnox build and whenever i try to select a stream it says no stream available even tho it is showing 12 putlocker streams. can anyone help* thanks (30th Mar 2017) reply
    Aura - I am very new to this. I have the Spinz Premium Lite. Can we only have one build at a time on Kodi or can we have multiple installed and flip back and forth* (26th Mar 2017) reply
    Jim T - Download went well, I think* On new version I can no longer pick the stream. What ever movie I choose starts on its own. Ok for most movies but when I try to watch a series I click on the series and it just starts I cannot choose which episode to watch. (26th Mar 2017) reply
    vern - what happen to smut* i dont see it on hard nox 3.1 (24th Mar 2017) reply
    Dave - Im getting failed to install a dependency* Any help would be much appreciated. (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    wjPossum - Just as a heads up gang, the reasons that the URLs and some add-ons were coming up dead on Hard Nox was because SpinzTV suffered a DDOS attack and had to hurry to get everything up and running. As of today Hard Nox 3.1 is fully updated, everything working flawlessly and lots of updates. Also, in regards to Groovy comments about the icons being at the top, they should be there lol. Submenus should all be below main menu items with movie/tv/music artwork etc floating above. If anybody still has a Hard Nox install from yesterday and the evening of the 19th I would recommend a fresh install of Nox and you will be much more pleased. Also Groovy its fairly easy to customize the menu items and add/hide XXX-add-ons, etc. Cheers! (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Aian - It is amazing! Thank you!!!!!! (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Aian - It worked!!! (21st Mar 2017) reply
    kodiapps - new repo for SpinzTV wizard added (21st Mar 2017) reply
    bryan - what is the new repo? (21st Mar 2017) reply
    wjPossum - New Spinz repo is: http://repo.stvmc.net/ m/ (22nd Mar 2017)
    theresap64 - I cant install hardnox 3.1 build with this install, I keep getting an error message (21st Mar 2017) reply
    wjPossum - That is likely from when the server was still down from a DDOS attack. Everything is fixed and updated. Make sure your SpinzTV Wizard is also updated because 1.2.4 is the latest version and what everyone should be using. Older versions might still give url and broken link errors. (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Leon - I try to install hardnox krypton 3.1 from the spinz wizard, but i receive the message: invalid zip url. Pls help (20th Mar 2017) reply
    ayo2001 - yes me too i really want to use hardnox krypton build, but it keeps saying invalid url, its really annoying (20th Mar 2017) reply
    Mike - I ran into issues as well. I could not connect to repository. Any ideas* (19th Mar 2017) reply
    wjPossum - Server was down for a day or so because a bag of dicks attacked it from outside. Everything is updated and fixed. Check out the SpinzTV Google+ group. Awesome group that will answer troubleshooting and other questions much faster plus it keeps you up to date on exactly what is going on with everything. Its definitely worth the add even if you dont use Google+... Cheers! (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Zohreen - Awesome build. Have tried many and for me spins TV is n will always be #1 (18th Mar 2017) reply
    mk - im sorry still javing issue not seeing the plugin.program.spinztv.x.x.x.zip*! same issue as what SamD said he was having n im trying this on March 17 with these insteuctiona (18th Mar 2017) reply
    Scoota - Unable to build menu upload debug login kodi 17 (17th Mar 2017) reply
    Skip - Are there any skin updates for the krypton version of premium lite* I updated and now I only see Estuary as an only option. (12th Mar 2017) reply
    Nallan - I keep choosing the zip file, I get a response from kodi, saying it failed to install. I have installed previous versions so i am familiar with the process, but this one is baffling me. (4th Mar 2017) reply
    Fuqoff - The GUI is messed up on this it is saying that it cannot find the zip. Attempted the GUI fix and again could not find the zip (1st Mar 2017) reply
    SamD - Seems that the instructions for this are not correct. Following them step by step. It seems that others have this installed, so I am wondering if the instructions above were followed, or if you had to improvise* Thank you. (25th Feb 2017) reply
    kodiapps - just tested the repo - all is fine - at what point do you stop plz? (26th Feb 2017) reply
    SamD - The problem comes after I type in the path and name of the repo. The next step is to go to the add-on browser and install from zip file. I cannot find: plugin.program.SpinzTV-x.x.x.zip I am going to try it again, right now and I will get back to you if it works. Thanks for your reply. (26th Feb 2017)
    SamD - I am installing as I write this. Here is where the problem comes in. When I get to the add-on browser I select Install from zip file and then select spinz. At this point I am supposed to choose plugin.program.SpinzTV-x.x.x.zip. The choices I have are a folder called PRO and a file called repository.SpinzTV-0.1.1.zip. The choice of "plugin.program.SpinzTV-x.x.x.zip" is not available. So, I looked in the PRO folder and found plugin.video.spinz-1.4.zip. This is certainly closer to the name I am instructed to choose. This is where things go wrong, though. Basically, the instructions dont match what I am seeing in Kodi. (26th Feb 2017)
    Kodiapps - I see the issue - Spinz added a repo - i have updated the instructions - that should do it - tx for posting and sorry to see you had frustration (26th Feb 2017)
    SamD - No frustration. I am happy to help. Thank you for the updated instructions. Life is good. (28th Feb 2017)
    CFNA - Just installed latest version of Hardnox for Krypton 17. Three observations from my first look. 1) How do I change the weather setting to my location. 2) Where is the "search" function for movies, TV shows, artists. 3. Why wont the addon "Made in Canada" update to the latest version available (v2.1). I did not experienced these problems with Hardnox 2.5 for Jarvis so why should I think that the Krypton version is any better* I switched to Krypton and the associated version of Hardnox because those are the latest updates but I am not sure that latest is necessarily best. (25th Feb 2017) reply
    desijogi - Awesome Build, with so much selection. Would be great if setting will allow certain sections to be unlocked via PIN, so kids can stay out of the XXX sections. Highly recommended, All my family and friends love it, a breeze to install on the FireTV Stick (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Jae - You know, I love all of these builds, BUT, to have brand new builds for a new version of Kodi that has dead addons is very frustrating to me. It turns me off from these builds. Some of these have been dead for several months. While big props to the other aspects, a bunch of dead addons is just a deal breaker for me. And its not just these builds, a lot of the newer ones have dead addons. Bummer (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Nik. T. - Thanks...Very good build! I also vote for a French section ! There is nothing for francophones... (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Groovy - Ok I must be an idiot as I cant see anywhere how to nominate. Right hand side says 2 noms left today. Ive looked everywhere and cant see it. (7th Feb 2017) reply
    Groovy - Hard nox for Krypton is amazing! Couple of glitches I noticed would take this build to 100% score in my books. Settings and enable adult addons has no effect, would be nice to hide ultimate whitecream for when kids are going to use it. Would also like to see xxx-odus from echo and erotik from I believe metal kettle as included adult content. Also a few of the widgets are up at the top of the screen, would be better for uniformity all at the bottom. Finally would be absolutely incredible to see an option to get French section instead of latino option for us Canadians lol. This is by far the best build for Krypton. Im on my cell phone and cant figure out how to nominate you. Im so impressed Im actually going to turn on the pc to vote! (7th Feb 2017) reply
    Spinztv - Hard nox krypton has been updated. No dead links or addons. Go to skin settings, setup nox main menu, then scroll down to "smut" long press and enable. Thanks for your support! (12th Mar 2017) reply
    Miguel Flores - It has given me an invalid zip url (20th Mar 2017)
    DarkmanC - How do I get it to fit my screen? Cant see the weather nor time or date. (2nd Apr 2017)

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