The Beast Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

It's been around for ever and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The beast rumbles on. Easy to navigate and great for the sports fans out there. A good all round family build at only 134mb. Everyone should try a Beast build at some time. They have an army of loyal followers and for good reason. The owner of this build can be found on Twitter.
* IMPORTANT * You need to sign up using then use for the repo.
Thanks to CSSC0DER for the vid. Be sure to sub to his YouTube channel.

You can leave feedback below (good or bad) for the benefit of all our readers. Thanks.

The Beast Build Categories

  • Movies - TV Shows - Live TV - Sports - UK Turk

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How to install The Beast Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

  • Kodi 17 Krypton download.
  • You will need to signup first for this one. Register.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Enter in the top box > Enter BEAST in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser
  • Install from zip file > BEAST >
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • If you verified your email go to Home > Add-ons > Program add-ons > (Right Click) BEAST Wizard > Settings > Enter your info from the signup.
  • Congratulations > The BEAST Wizard is now installed and ready to use.
  • The BEAST Wizard can now be opened. From Program Addons > Select your build.
  • The build will now download
  • Wait for download > Force close > Power off if required.
  • On reboot - WAIT! It can take 5 mins to fully update. Go grab a beer.
  • Congratulations, The Beast Build is now installed and ready to use.

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    Phil - Followed instructions - unplugged firestick - plug back in then load koi, shows an image on bain like the build is loading though I just get the firestick 17.1 layout. no beast or add ons. any help guys* (22nd May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Did you do a fresh start before Install? In order to get kodi to work again, please go to Home menu, settings, other, more settings, apps, kodi and CLEAR DATA, clear cache. Then go back and open kodi again. Should be working, but EMPTY. Please try the Install of the build again and see if that works. Good luck! (24th May 2017) reply
    Help please - Did fresh install of kodi 17. Followed all the steps to install the best. After installation I reboot kodi. When it starts i keep getting the following message. "the following add-ons are incompatible with this version of kodi and have bee automatically disabled:Aeon Nox5:SiLVO." Any help would be very much appreciated please, (21st May 2017) reply
    Si - Im seeing the same aeon incompat issue. Beast reboots, bane appears for a few moments, and then incompat message pops. Is there a workaroubd/fix? (25th May 2017) reply
    Hannah - Trying to download the beast on kodi 17 ob firestick but its saying authentication failure. Please sign in. Someone help please! (20th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - There are several vids on YouTube to fix authentification failed. Hope this one Will help (21st May 2017) reply
    Dave - love the beast i see all these problems and every time ive had a problem its been on my end. PAY ATTENTION DONT MISS A STEP AND DONT SKIP A BEAT. .ITS STRAIGHT FORWARD AND WELL WORTH IT. gOOD lUCK . BELEIVE ME WHEN YOU SEE IT YOU WILL SAY WELL s**t I DIDNT ______ YEP EVERY TIME Good Luck The BEAST is the BEST thanks Chris B (3rd May 2017) reply
    Steve - Doesnt even come close to one alliance best build out there (14th Apr 2017) reply
    Jimmy - Can someone please direct me to the register page for "the beast" I want to use it on kodi 17.1 for windows. (6th Apr 2017) reply
    kodiapps - click the link that says register - follow instructions - bottom of the page (7th Apr 2017) reply
    Stephen - Ive tried umpteen different builds on my Kodi in the past year, none have stood up to Beast, sure it doesnt have everything but thats what addons are for. Its the most stable build ive had. Dont waste time on anything at this time **** (5th Apr 2017) reply
    Curtis - To anyone having difficulties like i just was, using new firestick. After adding the source, when you go to addons to install from zip file. Go to addons Click the gear (settings) Then go to the very bottom and change the "Basic" or "Standard" to "Advanced" Then when you go to addons click "manage dependencies" Click again on the ".." On the next screen you will find "install from zip file" Hope this helps, could not find any set of instructions that pointed this out (26th Mar 2017) reply
    Dave Cool - Make sure you verify your email after you sign up! (16th Mar 2017) reply
    Beast doesnt load - Hello, The Beast installed, but when I boot up Kodi, it goes to the Kodi regular home screen and not to the Beast. Any thoughts* I have unistalled everything including Kodi and started from scratch. On a "g" box. Thanks, AJ (28th Feb 2017) reply
    Same issue - Im having the same issue.. I can sideload the repositories manually but I still dont have the beast interface (14th Mar 2017) reply
    Carmin - Is there resolution to this? (2nd Apr 2017)
    Deb Purchase - WITHOUT ANY DOUBT The Beast is the best build out there - additionally it has a really friendly group of supporters on The Beast Support Group ( Facebook page set up and managed by the man behind The Beast, Chris Blower ) who help each other and any new members with any issues that may arise. So not only do you get the BEST BUILD OUT THERE but you get help and advice as well!! Whats not to like*! Should be first stop for all new to Kodi so they get the best from the start and help and advice where needed!! (25th Feb 2017) reply
    Angel - I registered verified email n i cant get it on my android s7 edge. Nd help (25th Feb 2017) reply
    Deb Purchase - Did you click on log in and log in AGAIN after verify? x (25th Feb 2017) reply
    Beast lover - BEAST TV IS F##KING ANAZING..BY FAR THE BEST BUILD! WELL DONE PAL (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Jade - Heard so much about this build..borne the bullet and tried it,Wow never ever will I use pulse again! Beast is far superior and eye catching (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Brian - Best build (21st Feb 2017) reply
    karl - Been there...done that.....better about these days (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Juile - Tried a few other builds but always come back to the beast! In my eyes the best out there (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Lee - The GOAT of all builds! No build comes close (21st Feb 2017) reply
    Stephen - Absolutely outstanding build! The bar is always set high with any beast build! The amount of builds that try and copy the beast EX pulse/dale shows that the beast is was and always be number 1 (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Yucel - Thanks for the great halp (4th Feb 2017) reply
    Dave - Same Problem here it installs but shows original skin (31st Jan 2017) reply
    Twarrior - Having the same problem of not being able to instal beast on kodi 17 properly (2nd Feb 2017) reply
    same problem here orange skin no add ons - where is the fix for that??? anybody else? (3rd Feb 2017)
    Dave - You need to follow the email registration steps to the letter on the website also if your using the Firestick or firetv. When prompted to power down device do not click ok just unplug your device from its power supply. (30th Jan 2017) reply
    Mason - Its not an email issue, it downloads and extracts but with u open kodi it says library is empty. (3rd Feb 2017) reply
    Deb Purchase - Go here for help x (25th Feb 2017)
    kodiapps - Guys having issues - are you on kodi 17 RC4 * (30th Jan 2017) reply
    Jas - No, using 16 (31st Jan 2017) reply
    C - Same here no build. Tried both USA and UK (29th Jan 2017) reply
    Jeremy - Same here. I get the orange skin, but the build is not there. The add-on is there and I followed the instructions to a tee and nothing. (29th Jan 2017) reply
    Brian - I can get it to download and extract but when I open kodi back up it will say the beast krypton but no addons are there it just changes the skin color to orange anyone else have this issue (28th Jan 2017) reply
    Sam - I am having this troublae aswel. I have master reset my firestick so many times (28th Jan 2017) reply
    Thunderbird4one9 - The Beast is the peoples build its simply the best build out always has been always will be thats that. (24th Jan 2017) reply
    Darren - The Beast is the best (23rd Jan 2017) reply
    Sburg - Beast rocks (23rd Jan 2017) reply
    riverrat - great build (22nd Jan 2017) reply
    Graham Stewart - The Beast is simply the best! (22nd Jan 2017) reply
    Keeley - Keep up good work Chris (22nd Jan 2017) reply
    Richard - Keep up the good work chris (22nd Jan 2017) reply
    Shaun - Great build (22nd Jan 2017) reply
    MO - how xome i cant watch it (21st Jan 2017) reply
    Richard cowton - This man is a crook, what happened to all the people he ripped money off for a service that didnt work , seen him in Wythenshaw a few times absolute bell end that loves himself , also remember him selling £100 for a chipped firestick a disease to the community hated by many , ps I thought he was leaving kodi* Hahahah RIP the Beast (19th Jan 2017) reply
    Bull Shit - Do you get pooh on your tongue when you talk out your arse? (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Rhyme - There was once a young man called Dickie Who found Kodi decidedly tricky When he failed at this job He ran off at the gob And showed all he was really a "thicky!!!" (20th Feb 2017) reply
    Placebo - Dont think youre real...the man has never taken a penny off anyone i know and never heard of him doing it...think you may not like him because he makes the best builds.....sour grapes me thinks (21st Feb 2017) reply
    vowel - There appears to be a step missing for fresh installers of Kodi 17. After selecting any of The Beast builds, an error will occur asking you to check the log file. The log file will state the following: IOError: (2, No such file or directory, C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\packages\.zip) The packages folder will not be there and is not created for you. Simply go to the addons folder and create a new folder within it called packages. Once this is done, The Beast builds will download and install from it without issue. (16th Jan 2017) reply
    LLoyd - The email or password was incorrect. Please try again to continue. no matter how many times I try (16th Jan 2017) reply
    Sean - Same as Lloyd give up in the end ask for help on YouTube page no reply not bothering with it any more (25th Jan 2017) reply
    Deb Purchase - Search The Beast Group on Facebook and loads of people will be only to happy to help. Sometimes despite doing log in and verify etc, you have to do it again.Is just one of thsee things, happened to e earlier. Please head over to support group on Facebook where youll meet lots of friendly people who can help in more detail than is possible here (20th Feb 2017)
    Lloyd - Login keeps failing although it says that I am already register and have been for a while. Help (16th Jan 2017) reply

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