Titanium Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

KodiSkills produces high quality and hugely popular builds. You won't go wrong with any of them. Titanium Support is on Facebook. You will need to do a fresh install of Kodi. This means you will lose all saved items including library, favorites, installed addons etc.

You can leave feedback below (good or bad) for the benefit of all our readers. Thanks.

Titanium Builds

  • Titanium Build (226mb zipped)

How to install Titanium Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

  • Kodi 17 Krypton download.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Enter http://supreme.srve.io/repo/ in the top box > Enter SUPREME in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser
  • Install from zip file > SUPREME > repository.supremebuilds-x.x.x.zip.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Install from repository > Supreme Builds Repository > Program add-ons > Supreme Builds Wizard > Install.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Supreme Builds Wizard is now installed and ready to use.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Supreme Builds Wizard > Builds > Select your Build
  • The build will now download
  • Wait for download > Force close > Power off if required.
  • On reboot - WAIT! It can take 5 mins to fully update. Go grab a beer.
  • Congratulations, your Build is now installed and ready to use.

This build is a third party build and is NOT supported by the Kodi/XBMC foundation. Please do not post questions on the forum.kodi.tv website relating to this build.

  • Access all Kodi add-ons with Ipvanish: / Access Kodi anonymously
  • Android TV Compatible
  • Secure Access to ALL Kodi Add-Ons
  • Fastest Streaming Speeds
  • Prevent ISP Throttling
  • Hide Your IP Address
  • Zero Activity Logs
  • IPVanish offer a FREE no obligation 7 day trial.

  • Visit IPVanish for more information.


    HD - Can someone please show me how to switch to adult profile in this V2.0* I search high and low inside the build and also on Google and got nothing. Thank you. (26th Jun 2017) reply
    Bdog - XXX is located under main menu. Under main menu scroll to the right to educational films(xxx)and click it. The pin is "2017". You are in like Flynn! (27th Jun 2017) reply
    jeff - Karina I was just trying to make a point that builds right now not all addons work as you said .... Sorry (26th Jun 2017) reply
    Jeff - The diggz fire all in one build runs great and many others dont see why people cant find a build that works or dont have a build and just install the repos and never have a problem (25th Jun 2017) reply
    Karina (kodiapps admin) - This page is for titanium build, diggz has its own section. Diggz is UNDER ddos attack at the moment, so cant be installed. Its being worked on tho and Hopefully it Will all be fixed Soon. (25th Jun 2017) reply
    Ty B. - This has to be the worst build ever!!! Hardly anything plays...no adult channels... Exodus doesnt search right...Save ur time. Total c**p!!! (23rd Jun 2017) reply
    Karina (admin kodiapps) - Addons not working has nothing to do with a build. Its the addons themselves. No adult channels means you have to add them Yourself which is easy through our addon charts with easy Install. Also on YouTube you Can find many tutorials on how to add xxx addons on your build. In titanium there is a profile switch you Can use as Well. Exodus was taken doen and has now found a new Home. So that cant be helped by Titanium. The build is very Well maintained and gets updated regularly. Please know many addons have beeneither shut down or changed location because of new EU Law! Please show respect to the builders and addon makers who do all this work for you in their free time without pay, just so you Can enjoy free content. They have families and jobs as Well. So, it might be s good thing to show a bit of gratitude for the work freely offered to you. Thank you (25th Jun 2017) reply
    Ty B. - Cant get xxx (23rd Jun 2017) reply
    PCGeek - I get ALL downloads in Kodi stop at 39.99 MB any build all the time. I have win 10 64bit latest 17.3 no wizard will install or download files over 39.99 MB i have read many people having this issue but no resolutions. (22nd Jun 2017) reply
    YfAm4 - Im having the same issue. I was able to find just one build that worked and unfortunately it isnt the greatest build---Wookie Lite. Nothing specifically wrong with it other than search function doesnt work for exodus and I have some loading issues that were non-existent on other builds..if anyone finds the answer to this question I would love to find out why its only certain people and not everyone..this obviously makes it an end user issue not server-sided issue or core kodi issue. (24th Jun 2017) reply
    Derrelle - Love Titanium. But I had to re-download and now I dont have Live Sports or Sports Replay. Any news when or if it will come back. Miss my sports! (20th Jun 2017) reply
    Help - Keep getting wizard error when trying to download build tried all 5 servers same on all of them any ideas ....please help (20th Jun 2017) reply
    Ben - Youre only allowed to download this build 3 times in 24 hours. (20th Jun 2017) reply
    Ad477 - Best build about at the moment. (17th Jun 2017) reply
    Jr - What the hell. Umm, excuse me titanium builders. Asking for a friend. Where is the porn channels* (16th Jun 2017) reply
    Chadwick - Really, porn is at porn hub go get it (17th Jun 2017) reply
    Jason - Hey, I agree, rather have adult than kid section. (21st Jun 2017) reply
    Tim - Any adult content* (15th Jun 2017) reply
    Mike - I dont see any on here. (16th Jun 2017) reply
    Dawn - Perfect! These guys do a lot of hard work! 5 thumbs up for Titanium! (15th Jun 2017) reply
    joe - Appreciate some help , just installed and happy enough but would like to install sportsnationhd to watch the footy - how would i do do this , it so diifferent from the normal kodi. * (14th Jun 2017) reply
    Omar - Loving this Titanium build (Server 5, Ver. 2.0) but my build does not show Live Sports, Sports Replay or Adults Only. Can anyone help* (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Chris Casmirri - Live anything is down. No news if it will ever be back up again (15th Jun 2017) reply
    Richard - Titanium build is wonderful. Easy to install and use. SUPREME BUILDS updates pretty regular and any issues support is available pretty fast. Wonderful build. (13th Jun 2017) reply
    dan - Install Cosmic Saints 4K build. Beautiful, functional build with all the content you will ever need. (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Phil - No likee (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Mike - Me no likey either. Titanium is much better (16th Jun 2017) reply
    Timmy Beans - Patiently waiting for Titanium 2.0 (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Phil - Its up now, one question? Wheres the adult area?? Cant find it (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Henry - having the same issue cant find it following for interest. (13th Jun 2017)
    Sergio - Titanium his down if youre trying to install wait for the new update 2.0 you will get a "invalid URL Error" if youre trying to install so just wait until its ready... (13th Jun 2017) reply
    TRich - Thanks for the info (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Chase - I tried installing titanium on 17.3 and it said invalid url so I had to use a different build how can I fix so I can get titanium (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Phil - Help!! I successfully installed the supreme wizard and when I get to the fresh install of Titanium, I get the invalid zip url message as if I tried to do multiple downloads. Anyone know why* Thanks! (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Chase - I have same problem (13th Jun 2017) reply
    Deb F - Love titanium (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Mandy - Is this working yet* I tried to upgrade to kodi 17.3 from 16.1. Biggest mistake so far. Kodi keeps going to gray screen. I uninstalled and was hoping a few days would give it time to work. Anyone else having this issue before I install kodi again* (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Mari - My working fine and good builds (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Amy - I love the ease of Titanium. Have used other Builds but just wasnt comfortable with them. (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Glen - Great product with a great community. (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Nick - I installed 17.3 and when i get to install from repo it doesnt enable so i cant get to next step. If I dont wait for it I can go through the rest up untill it starts to load krypton and the says invalid zip url. Anyone know why? Is it because the site is down. My older versions still work. Or is it because I tried it more than e times. Im losing faith in my abilities lol (12th Jun 2017) reply
    phil - I finally got supreme build wizard to load, but now get "invalid zip url". I know you will get this if do multiple downloads, but this is first try. Any help? (12th Jun 2017)
    Av..widgets and home screen will not load how to fix this - The widgets and home screen will not load how to fix this.. (10th Jun 2017) reply
    Duh - Read the messages....titanium and many builds and addons are down right now. Try one alliance and get real-debrid and youre gonna love it.... (10th Jun 2017) reply
    Rick - Download megamind this build sucks nothing works total garbage (11th Jun 2017) reply
    Jerry - I set same thing: invalid zip. 6:45 6/12 eastern st (12th Jun 2017) reply
    Titanium Nut - Any idea when Titanium will be back!* Im using another build, which I love, BUT the streams need time to buffer and no HD (10th Jun 2017) reply
    Paul Smith - Think the road to go down at the minute is to install Apks such as Terranum tv for movies & shows,Uktv now for live channels & live net tv (again for live channels) which is what ive started to do and rather than installing a build on kodi it would make life a bit easier at the minute check out which addons are still up & running and which addons have been removed.Those which are working just install individually because you dont really need a large amount of addons included in each build installed on kodi (8th Jun 2017) reply
    Warren G - Anyone have a list of good addons that are still working for movies and tv shows. Thanks (8th Jun 2017) reply
    Paul - ZEN, BOB, SPECTO, SALTS (yes its still working) (9th Jun 2017)
    N radford - I installed wookie megaminds build, exodus etc working fine, halow tv still great for sport also (9th Jun 2017) reply
    Paul Smith - Have had same problem with build, was watching a movie yesterday evening when movie just paused.Thought at first that is was just buffering,but when i tried the stop function the movie stayed on the screen and ended turning the firetv box off at power socket and back on to clear the movie but when i relaunched kodi there were no widgets on titanium home screen and nothing worked.Then fresh started kodi to remove build and reinstall it but it wouldnt install,then went on youtube to find out why and learned that repo isnt working also learned that it should be back up and running after the weekend but with fewer addons.In meantime ive installed another build to get me by till then (8th Jun 2017) reply
    Ampdx - Mines not working either and Im in the U.S.A. (8th Jun 2017) reply
    Deb - Titanium is not adding a file source, I tried several times today even re downloading kodi and it did work. Some builds are also doing the same like cellar door. (8th Jun 2017) reply
    Yoli - I had the same problem. (8th Jun 2017) reply
    Phil - Servers are down right now. Supreme builds says be patient hes working on it (8th Jun 2017) reply
    Orto - http://repo.supremebuilds.com....server cannot connected 8Jun 2017 (8th Jun 2017) reply
    kodiapps - new repo - info changed - http://supreme.srve.io/repo/ (9th Jun 2017)
    jimmy - Had this downloaded yesterday no problems, kodi froze up to a black screen I uninstalled kodi and reinstalled now titanium will not install I am sure the url is correct. please help (7th Jun 2017) reply
    John Xaung - Its dead (8th Jun 2017) reply
    Ash - Me too, he has a video about the wizards be down, but I think he doesnt know the whole build is down. Nothing was working on mine, says" working" and kept cycling on anything I did. Even just to clear cache. Im now back to pulse build on ares wizard. Working well, but provides few 1080p or hd versions of movies or tv. Looking for better options on builds now. (8th Jun 2017) reply
    Jacob Jacobsen - Is Titanium done for* (7th Jun 2017) reply
    N radford - Im in uk and its not working. Very frustrating (7th Jun 2017) reply
    John Xaung - Try One Alliance....its a nice build (7th Jun 2017)
    Jeff - The sever is down ..and most addons are gone cause of dish network filling a lawsuit against zem and tv addons (7th Jun 2017) reply
    Rick - I kinda figured that out installed yesterday just fine today is no go (7th Jun 2017) reply
    Donna - Does this mean its gone for good? Or will it come back? (7th Jun 2017) reply
    N radford - Im not sure as others are working. Very annoying ???? (7th Jun 2017)
    N radford - Just installed megaminds build which is working fine (7th Jun 2017)
    Deb - Merlin wiz is working I gave it a try and works fast and its great. (8th Jun 2017) reply
    JackTV - Is the build down* Tried clicking on multiple addons (Specto, Phoenix, Bob, sportsdevil, goodfellas etc...) , the "waiting" circle just keeps circling. This is happening on my stick in California and my sisters stick in South Carolina so its not the net. Please advise on a fix. (7th Jun 2017) reply
    Gomez - Same problem here. I even uninstalled everything and now cant connect to server to reinstall titanium :/ (7th Jun 2017) reply
    Sam - Fresh install Kodi 17.3. No other addons. When trying to install titanium krypton, download stops at 39.99MB with message "Supreme Builds Wizard Error" - Refer to log file. Any suggestions* Thanks. (6th Jun 2017) reply
    Brian - I just installed Titamium on G-box Q2. I performed a fresh install. When I go and select any movie, I get an error: Extended Info Mod Error: Check log for more information.. I have already wiped this build out once and perform another install and still has the same issue. (6th Jun 2017) reply
    Charles Franklin - A complete build. Great support. #1 in my book. (5th Jun 2017) reply
    Kooldad - Is the Build download down. Says no connect (4th Jun 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - They have had hosting issues but iT Should all be working again now (5 June 2017) (5th Jun 2017) reply
    Joan - New at all of this. Had Exodus first, then Goodfellas. Saw where the Titanium app had multiple places to watch movies, plus tv that I dont have on my Directtv. I uninstalled the two I had, cleaned Kiodi data, ect., and installed Titanium Build on my new Firestick. Why is it everything I click on fails to open. I have to go to multiple sources to get a movie to finally open and play. I have uverse unlimited data and at&t phone. Is it something i am doing wrong to not get them to load and open. Like i said, when i chose a movie in one source, it takes way too ling to open, if it opens at all. (4th Jun 2017) reply
    John Xaung - Try One Alliance https://kodiapps.com/builds-chart (7th Jun 2017) reply
    Austin - How do I add and edit my own menus and submenus doesnt seem like I can change anything in skin menu* Also in the evolve section the submenus dont seen to work I get an error an cant access the subs, altho the widget loads them same menus just fine (4th Jun 2017) reply
    AJ - Please advise how I can access content that I have selected as "Favorite". Once I select a channel as favorite I cant seem to find out where those favorites are housed.... (3rd Jun 2017) reply
    Rh - Arrow down until it highlights the star in the lower left of your screen. Hut the select button. Bam favorites menu (6th Jun 2017) reply
    AJ - Thank You!!!! (7th Jun 2017)
    Chantal LaMore - This site can’t be reached repo.supremebuilds.com refused to connect. Search Google for repo supreme builds ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Did I miss type it* I have no Kodi :-( (3rd Jun 2017) reply
    kodiapps - *** Public Service Announcement *** Repo and Wizard are down at the moment. I put in ticket with hosting , just waiting to hear back In the meantime the Wizard wont work and the repo address wont load in Kodi so if you have our builds installed enjoy them. If you dont youll have to wait for this to be resolved. (3rd Jun 2017) reply
    Chris O - I just tried to download for fresh install but I got the same error I got yesterday "Supreme Builds User Error" (3rd Jun 2017) reply
    Paul Smith - Installed the Titanium build 3 weeks ago but not sure since updating to kodi krypton 17.3 recently that theres a version of this build out now for 17.3 which i need to reinstall * (3rd Jun 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Yes there is a version titanium 17.3 but you can Also use their fork (a Side by Side kodi copy) And install titanium on their. That way you Will have 2 builds on 1 device https://youtu.be/l6wJqSjkIyY (3rd Jun 2017) reply
    Rusty - Wot! No music section* (1st Jun 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Most builds Can be easily made to your liking. In the addons section you most likely Will find music addons. You could simply change the menu bar and add a music section with addons of your choice. Many YouTube vids on how to change menu bar (3rd Jun 2017) reply
    Jesus - Always my go to build. A well deserved #1 (31st May 2017) reply
    Pete - Trying to download on firestick with kodi 17.3 and the wizard stalls while downloading then I get an error. Kept trying it then I got the 4 download limit. How do I fix that* (31st May 2017) reply
    Bob - Go to the Supreme Builds Facebook page and read the pinned post on top. They will help you. (31st May 2017) reply
    TrOjAn - Keeping it up there at No:1 :D (31st May 2017) reply
    Larry - Ive tried to download it a couple of times and every time it says invalid zip URL. What does that mean* Ive Uninstalled and reinstalled it twice and will get the same message. (30th May 2017) reply
    Bob - Larry, there is a download limit of 4 times per 24 hrs so box builders dont hog up the bandwidth so everyone can have a download or 4. Go to the Supreme Builds Facebook page and read the pinned post if u want more than 4 downloads a day. (31st May 2017) reply
    TrOjAn - Well deserved No1 :) (30th May 2017) reply
    John - The best and smooth builds I have ever used !! (29th May 2017) reply
    Mari - Great build!!!! (29th May 2017) reply
    Rich n - This build is the best one out there ! (28th May 2017) reply
    Mike Ho2ard - This is a solid build, great support but who needs support, its a solid build. Well designed to make config easy also. Always my main build. (28th May 2017) reply
    Ken - This build is filled with many great pages and support is a plus. (28th May 2017) reply
    RickB - Best build......... Bar none !!!!! (28th May 2017) reply
    Hawk - It gets better and better! Tops in support! (28th May 2017) reply
    TrOjAn - Still my fav build :) (28th May 2017) reply
    Kta - Great build (28th May 2017) reply
    dave - To add addons what happened to GET MORE??? (28th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - ADDONS can be added in different ways. Install info is in our charts, if you follow the steps you can. Plus, in your present build go to settings, ADDONS, My ADDONS, install from repository, all repositories, (chose which kind of addon you wish to add like program/video ADDONS) And the list you would have seen in get more Will pop up. And you can install that way. (28th May 2017)
    Zoom - Where is "profiles" in the build* Id like to switch between to different builds (28th May 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Profiles means you can switch between several profiles within the build (like go from family profile to adult profile). IT is like a hidden part in the build that you can switch to. (28th May 2017) reply
    Cruzr - Love the titanium build....use it on all my devices and recommend it to friends as well. (28th May 2017) reply
    Gus - best build ever (28th May 2017) reply
    JerryC - Solid build. Great support group as well. (27th May 2017) reply
    dely - i have this build installed on my tv laptop and tablet, my opinion, the best build i ever have, the facebook group are always able to hel pand the administrator helps a lot too. very easy to install, it have a fork too (25th May 2017) reply
    Ray68 - My favorite build. It just keeps getting better and better. Love the new updates. (22nd May 2017) reply
    Please help - Every time I try and load a film/ show its loads for a while then comes up with no stream available. Please help as it looks a great build for kodi (17th May 2017) reply
    Bob J - The support from the Supreme Builds community is absolutely the best…just like the Titanium build. (17th May 2017) reply
    Ed - Love it! (16th May 2017) reply
    Kodi crashes on app startup - Installed titanium 17.1 and every time I boot up the app it shows the kodi logo then the titanium logo for .5 seconds then the app crashes. On android box (15th May 2017) reply
    J tiger - If you had the old jarvis kodi on the stick I find I have to do a factory reset to fully delete all Kodi content off the stick and then load the new Krypton Kodi and then titanium mine kept crashing like that I think thats still part of the old kodi left on the stick (18th May 2017) reply
    nozero - Does this build run services on ports 1376, 5555, 8080 which I think is for the Chorus iPhone remote control which works via 192.168.0.x:8080 and touching the remote button. The last one worries me port 9090 running Zeus admin server... They may all be legit, I just need to know. None of these are running on the box prior to starting KODI with this build. (13th May 2017) reply
    nozero - Love this build! I was using another Wizard and one of their builds for 17.1 Krypton before, but this is far superior. I just need to check out its back up and recovery features and Ill be sold if that works out. (13th May 2017) reply
    Erich - My go to build (10th May 2017) reply
    Shaun - Ive been a Kodi user for some time now and this build is by far the best. Its not just the build but the support and help you get from the admin makes this build amazing (9th May 2017) reply
    Rosendo - I had it downloaded in my Firetv box to my TV, and when I get to install the wizard, it tells me the I had a Bad URL Zip, can anyone tell me what it went wrong please. (9th May 2017) reply
    phil - Same here, I have fire TV, was trying to do update to v1.9, when select fresh install the wizard says. Build install invalid zip url (17th May 2017) reply
    Mike - Supreme builds started limiting the downloads for the Titanium build to 4 downloads per 24 hr period. After a day it should work. (23rd May 2017)
    Malik - Titanium is the Best (9th May 2017) reply
    N radford - On the main page, i change from the standard grey background, within a few mins its back. This is is the only annoying thing. Thanks (8th May 2017) reply
    lee - I did the download but I do not have Adults section. How do I get that* (3rd May 2017) reply
    Derek - Its in the main menu under profiles (5th May 2017) reply
    Paula - Its undeer educational. just go to main menu and scroll through whats listed below that and the pin is 2017 (9th May 2017) reply
    Karina - Thank you so much for all you Guys do for us! Amazing Builds and now forks... Titanium is my all time favorite and the help and support from Supreme is ... Supreme !! Hahaha Thanks Guys!! (3rd May 2017) reply
    wizardpc - Im getting invalid url message when I run the wizard* Anyone getting this* The zip and repository load ok - this only happens during the install (2nd May 2017) reply
    Tim - It is doing the same thing to me. (4th May 2017) reply
    Paula - make sure you are using the latest repo because they did update their servers recently (9th May 2017) reply
    Bill - I am a Jodi user on my laptop, windows 10. I have freshly installed krypton, but every. Hold I try to install, stops mid install and says wizard error. Can anyone help me fix this problem* (30th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Have you allowed unknown sources? (1st May 2017) reply
    margsrusso - I think it has something to do with the IP address - I kept getting BAD URL ZIP once best-builds wizard was loaded, then when i tried to load 1.8 I had the error message - I turned on my phones hotspot, connected to it and was able to download it (8th May 2017)
    Derek - Fully uninstall kodi from your laptop, then reinstall it, no problems then (5th May 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - Turn off your Antivirus for the install. No idea why it does that but this has happened quite a few times to people and turning that off always fixes it. Seems mostly like Avast that pulls the false positive on something. (8th May 2017) reply
    N Nguyen - Can we able to change the primary addon for movies instead of using "Zen" i find this addon very unreliable. Or in future updates gives us which addon to use when a movie is chosen. (30th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Metalliq addon does just that... please check the addons chart on this website for install info (1st May 2017) reply
    Michael - Downloaded it and it works perfect, however the adult section is missing, can anyone assist* (27th Apr 2017) reply
    AK - main menu--->>> educational content->> pin 2017 (28th Apr 2017) reply
    Chuck - We cant have that can we lol... (28th Apr 2017) reply
    Daz - I am tryinf to install this build, however it keeps crashing when i try and install. (26th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Please allow Unknown Sources (1st May 2017) reply
    Stephen Carey - Been using Titanium for over a year. With this build there is no need to shop around or switch. (26th Apr 2017) reply
    Ao - The best build hands down ********** (25th Apr 2017) reply
    john hammoud - No doubt about it this is the #1 build in my opinion, stable fast and great graphic great add-ons user-friendly and above all awesome support they would answer your question within minutes (26th Apr 2017) reply
    Bubba - I reely like thees on mi firesteek (25th Apr 2017) reply
    David - Absolute best build out there. Phenomenal support. (25th Apr 2017) reply
    Steve - I love this build. Updates are easy. Maintenance is easy, manual or automatic. Build looks nice, menues and images doesnt look boring. (25th Apr 2017) reply
    Chris - I love this build. Easy to use,have everything I want right at my finger tips. All you ever need. TITANIUM BABY. (25th Apr 2017) reply
    allendb - Very nice build easy to use (25th Apr 2017) reply
    JerryC - Fantastic build! (25th Apr 2017) reply
    Phillip - Titanium is great. (24th Apr 2017) reply
    Fred - is there anyway to set video to full screen,,or is it just the way it is* (24th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - That is a setting in system, settings, video... (1st May 2017) reply
    Dale Boswell - Best build yet! Keep up the great work.5 (23rd Apr 2017) reply
    Roger - Im trying to install titanium, but I go to install from zip file and it says fail to upload... It says I was suppose to open from http://repository.supremebuilds-x.x.x.zip but shows up http://repository.supremebuilds-1.0.0.zip Why is that* And is that why it wont load** (17th Apr 2017) reply
    CKinny - Ive followed the instructions but now cant open Kodi at all. How long do you suggest I WAIT, as it says at the end of the instructions* (16th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Try to pull the plug.. then restart again.. (16th Apr 2017) reply
    CKinny - Thanks, Ive tried this and also tried to open as administrator but it still wont open, just the blue disk spinning for a few minutes and then nothing. Am I doing something wrong? (16th Apr 2017)
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Which device are you on? (25th Apr 2017) reply
    Scott - Im trying to playing the trending movies off titanium. However it shows zen finding sources. But never works. Please help (16th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - https://youtu.be/Vgpxph1iYlM (16th Apr 2017) reply
    Kev - My build not showing adult section, is there a way to activate it **** (13th Apr 2017) reply
    AK - you have to go to main menu->>>educational content.. password is 2017 (14th Apr 2017) reply
    Angelo - I can not get it to work. Ive done everything listed above. On start up I just get a screen that says Supremebuild News with options to "dismiss "or "remind me later". Then I am just back to Kodi home screen!!! (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Dee - Same thing is happening to me... did you get an answer? (25th Apr 2017) reply
    mel - looks like a great build,whats the pin plz** (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Davidc - Pin Number is 2017 to access Adult Section (11th Apr 2017) reply
    James - Whats the pin numner (10th Apr 2017) reply
    AK - 2017 (10th Apr 2017) reply

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