Titanium Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

KodiSkills produces high quality and hugely popular builds. You won't go wrong with any of them. Titanium Support is on Twitter and Facebook. You will need to do a fresh install of Kodi. This means you will lose all saved items including library, favorites, installed addons etc.

You can leave feedback below (good or bad) for the benefit of all our readers. Thanks.

Titanium Builds

  • Titanium Build (339mb zipped)

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How to install Titanium Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

  • Kodi 17 Krypton download.
  • HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Settings button > File Manager > Add Source.
  • Enter http://repo.supremebuilds.com in the top box > Enter SUPREME in the bottom box > OK.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser
  • Install from zip file > SUPREME > repository.supremebuilds-x.x.x.zip.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Install from repository > Supreme Builds Repository > Program add-ons > Supreme Builds Wizard > Install.
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  • Supreme Builds Wizard is now installed and ready to use.
  • BACK to HOME screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Supreme Builds Wizard > Builds > Select your Build
  • The build will now download
  • Wait for download > Force close > Power off if required.
  • On reboot - WAIT! It can take 5 mins to fully update. Go grab a beer.
  • Congratulations, your Build is now installed and ready to use.

This build is a third party build and is NOT supported by the Kodi/XBMC foundation. Please do not post questions on the forum.kodi.tv website relating to this build.

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  • Android TV Compatible
  • Secure Access to ALL Kodi Add-Ons
  • Fastest Streaming Speeds
  • Prevent ISP Throttling
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    Dale Boswell - Best build yet! Keep up the great work.5 (23rd Apr 2017) reply
    Roger - Im trying to install titanium, but I go to install from zip file and it says fail to upload... It says I was suppose to open from http://repository.supremebuilds-x.x.x.zip but shows up http://repository.supremebuilds-1.0.0.zip Why is that* And is that why it wont load** (17th Apr 2017) reply
    CKinny - Ive followed the instructions but now cant open Kodi at all. How long do you suggest I WAIT, as it says at the end of the instructions* (16th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - Try to pull the plug.. then restart again.. (16th Apr 2017) reply
    CKinny - Thanks, Ive tried this and also tried to open as administrator but it still wont open, just the blue disk spinning for a few minutes and then nothing. Am I doing something wrong? (16th Apr 2017)
    Scott - Im trying to playing the trending movies off titanium. However it shows zen finding sources. But never works. Please help (16th Apr 2017) reply
    Admin (Kodiapps) - https://youtu.be/Vgpxph1iYlM (16th Apr 2017) reply
    Kev - My build not showing adult section, is there a way to activate it **** (13th Apr 2017) reply
    AK - you have to go to main menu->>>educational content.. password is 2017 (14th Apr 2017) reply
    Angelo - I can not get it to work. Ive done everything listed above. On start up I just get a screen that says Supremebuild News with options to "dismiss "or "remind me later". Then I am just back to Kodi home screen!!! (11th Apr 2017) reply
    mel - looks like a great build,whats the pin plz** (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Davidc - Pin Number is 2017 to access Adult Section (11th Apr 2017) reply
    James - Whats the pin numner (10th Apr 2017) reply
    AK - 2017 (10th Apr 2017) reply
    Michelle - Error error. Where can I download the zipped build and install it directly* (8th Apr 2017) reply
    love it!!! - have eveything i need. (7th Apr 2017) reply
    elaine - I failed to do the install, always remind me"check the log for more infomation"* Can anyone send me the whole file if you loaded sucessfully* (7th Apr 2017) reply
    dely - HOW TO INSTALL TITANIUM BUILD ON KODI: ***(0)*** IF YOU ALREADY HAVE DATA OR ANOTHER BUILD IN YOUR KODI PLEASE DO THIS STEP FIRST --- (1) Go to the HOME SCREEN of YOUR DEVICE (2) Find and enter into the SETTINGS of your device (3) click on APPS (4) click on KODI (5) Click on FORCE STOP if the device lets you (6) Click on CLEAR CACHE (7) Click on CLEAR DATA ---------- (1) Install Kodi on your device (this process varies depending on your device) (If you already have Kodi please do step 0 above before going to step 2) (2) Go To Your Devices HOME SCREEN, locate the KODI APP and open it (3) Scroll over to the SYSTEM tab, underneath SYSTEM you will see FILE MANAGER (4) Click on FILE MANAGER and then click on ADD SOURCE (5) Type in http://repo.dailyupdates.tv OR YOU CAN USE http://infadroid.tk/temp and then click DONE (6) After clicking DONE it will ask you to name the source. Rename the source to DU (7) Go back to the SYSTEM tab on the Kodi homescreen a (7th Apr 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - This info is almost correct but a bit outdated. Repo address is http://repo.supremebuilds.com , install repo, install wizard, follow on screen prompts from wizard and youll be all set. (11th Apr 2017)
    Yellowip69 - I do all the steps when I get to the end before the foreclose I get 2 errors when I check I say fail to load xonfluence then when I pull the power load new I get black screen . I see all the add-ons updating but cant do anything (5th Apr 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - Try just pulling the plug at the end. Do not press force close. Older hardware with Kodi 17 does not seem to like force close sometimes. (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Gochie - You should add Zen to the build - its a great addon for when Exodus is slow or not giving you a good link! (4th Apr 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - Zen is in the build. Has been since it was created. (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Mike - One of the best builds I have seen. Plenty of US content. Best interface and menu layout. Great job.....thanks. (4th Apr 2017) reply
    Schmoozer - Installed Titanium last night and it looks Awesome!! I somehow have erased the home icon from my startup page ( messing with skin settings when I didnt know what I was doing) I cant access any prompts from home icon ie settings. Please help and" Keep on rockin in the free world"!!!!! (3rd Apr 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - If you are able to get into the Supreme Builds Wizard you can go into the Builds menu, open Titanium Krypton and click on apply GUI fix.That should reset your menu for you. If you cant get there you may have to clear data for Kodi and do a fresh install. (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Darryl West - Love this build just got an update 2 days ago and then 24 hours later another updated version after I finally got everything set up the way I wanted with widgets and sub menus. Why so many updates with no visible changes* Love the build just not feeling all the updates. (3rd Apr 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - Sometimes updates dont make visible changes. The update you are talking about fixed a big error with super faves where if you clicked on anything in the widgets it wouldnt open. It was very important as the build was not functioning properly without it. (11th Apr 2017) reply
    Donald C - I like the build but there is still a lot of dead URL and some of the add ons and all in ones are not working at all, do you know if these were cleaned up with the new update* (2nd Apr 2017) reply
    Danny - My favorite build by far. Ive tried lots and its by far the best. Thanks a lot Supremebuilds! (2nd Apr 2017) reply
    Tony - Not for me way too much USA & canada. (31st Mar 2017) reply
    Manish - Me too, installation complete, power unplug, restarts to black screen ************ RPi 3. (31st Mar 2017) reply
    Dean - I am using my android box and its kodi 17, no matter what I do titanium is a black screen, I can downgrade back to Jarvis so how do I fix this so I can get titanium back again (30th Mar 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - Try clearing out your data and installing again. When it completes and asks you if you want to force close or reload profile just pull the plug on your device. Also make certain your Android box has Android OS 5.1.1 or higher. (30th Mar 2017) reply
    GaryD - Installed 3/27/2016, looks and works great. How do you set the date and time* (29th Mar 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - New server being tested for both versions of Titanium. Everything seems to be running well for installs now. If you get black screen after install do it again and just pull plug instead of pressing force close at the end. This is issue with some older hardware and especially first generation firesticks. As always Pin Code is 2017 you filthy animals **** (28th Mar 2017) reply
    AgV - I cant even get Kodi to open now. I had to install 16.1 version, it wouldnt let me install 17.1. (28th Mar 2017) reply
    Bobby - Why does the adult section have a pin sentry set up already* How do u get it off* (27th Mar 2017) reply
    Bobby - Thanks I seen the answer after I asked the question, awesome build!! (27th Mar 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - Pin code is 2017. Servers seem to be back to good standing as well. (27th Mar 2017) reply
    paul - doesnt seem to work, just tried in to install on kodi krypt on an android tv (27th Mar 2017) reply
    chris - pin sentry code* (27th Mar 2017) reply
    Tiro - Whats the pin for the pin sentry* I would like to unlock it n do mah own pin (27th Mar 2017) reply
    chris - 2017 (27th Mar 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - Folks, our servers are not running well at the moment. Ticket is in with server maintenance team on site and hopefully issue will be resolved before too long. When all is well I will update again but this is why some people are having failed installs at the moment. (27th Mar 2017) reply
    Sergio - Best build ever by far.. (26th Mar 2017) reply
    Donny - Ive tried multiple times to install this on a newly installed version 17.1. I get it installed and my screen is blank. Ive deleted kodi and reinstalled everything 5 times. Any suggestions (26th Mar 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - Are you running a firestick by any chance? Ive seen quite a few problems for firestick users (especially 1st generation) getting the build installed. Quite a few people have been able to fix this by pulling the plug instead of pressing force close at the end. I recommend giving that a shot and also join our Facebook group for support. (26th Mar 2017) reply
    Donny - I have a fire tv. I was finally able to get one of the builds installed. I used a quest build. I believe I was originally trying to use titanium 1.3 since it looked the newest. Ill keep on playing around with it. (26th Mar 2017)
    sam - Absolute best build there is (25th Mar 2017) reply
    mike 16 - Awesome build (24th Mar 2017) reply
    john hammoud - Awesome Build (24th Mar 2017) reply
    yehia - Titanium is by far the best out there (24th Mar 2017) reply
    john hammoud - THE BEST EVER way to go (24th Mar 2017) reply
    john hammoud - i love it i love it thank you lee for all the hard work (24th Mar 2017) reply
    Villem - Nice build with an effective and clean layout, but Trakt integration in Exodus is broken, an issue I also had with No Limits but not any other build. Unusable for me until that gets fixed. Also, where is URLResolver* (24th Mar 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - I just went ahead an checked this out. I am able to add my Trakt info into Exodus and Specto without issue. Im not sure why you are having issues but it should work. URL Resolver is in System the system dependencies add-on list. (26th Mar 2017) reply
    mitch - Titanium is by far the best out there. (24th Mar 2017) reply
    Xee - Love it!! (23rd Mar 2017) reply
    john - love it (23rd Mar 2017) reply
    yahya - THE BEST (23rd Mar 2017) reply
    john - great work i love it (23rd Mar 2017) reply
    Steve Beach - Awesome build (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Malik - Awesome Build. (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Edhuntet - Had to find new build after loosing echo. Found this and glad i did (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Brad - Titanium is by far the best build out!!! Thanks to the titanium team for their dedication and support! (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Paj - Fantastic build; you dont need anything else! (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Mary Cutting - Best build and best support! I was new to all this but Lee Aaron and the team are amazing! I have tried others but they dont even come close! Keep up the good work! i always recommend this to everyone! Thanks so very much! (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Xee - The best!! (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    David J - Absolute best build there is. Fantastic support, from a fantastic build team. (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    john - keep up the good work (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    HenryC - The best built I love it (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Mastapo - The Titanium build is great, they are a first class team! They seem to always be there to help anyway they can. I highly recommend the Supreme Build Team (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Jose - One of the best and smooth builds I have ever used props (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Cruzr - My favorite build...i dont use anything else (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Brad Zimmer - Love Titanium (22nd Mar 2017) reply
    Rhonda - Best build ever.. Lee and the supremes are at the top of the game!! Best support team and patient to all users needs! (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Richard A - Best build in the land.. Ive been using Titanium for a long time and I have never been dissatisfied. Titanium is always kept updated and is simple to use with many options to watch pretty much anything you want.. (21st Mar 2017) reply
    allenb - Best build ever (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Jeremy C - Best build with the best support (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Leneil71 - Finally glad to see a Titanium build for Kodi 17 (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Dan - Best build in my opinion (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Scott Busby - Lee Aaron has put together an amazing build and backs it up with outstanding support. He has a whole team thats willing to take the time to answer any question you may have. A+ for these guys (21st Mar 2017) reply
    allenb - Yes I agree with you (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Supreme Builds (KodiSkills) - All Adult Add-ons are password protected. The default passcode is 2017. You can change the passcode or turn off the passcode if you want to by going into the settings of the pinsentry addon and either ticking off the box that says plugins or just simply uninstalling pinsentry. (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Seann904 - Best build!! New update with 17.1 is woking flawlessly. (21st Mar 2017) reply
    Ali - Is there a way to turnoff all adult content* (21st Mar 2017) reply

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