Mayo Suzukaze

Born : 11th-Sep-1960

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Rurouni Kenshin: Requiem for the Ishin Patriots

The war against the Tokugawa Shogunate ended years ago. But there are some who are not happy with the outcome. Shigure Takimi watched his friends and family get slashed down in the name of freedom and prosperity. Now he and a band of desparate rebels have sworn to settle one final score. Only one man stands in their way: Rurouni Kenshin. Will the former assassin take up his sword to fight again? When Shigure discovers Kenshin's true identity and his fight becomes a personal vendetta, the young hero will have no choice.
Released : 20th-Dec-1997

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Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc: Cage of Flames

Although she's only sixteen and looks even younger, Misao Makimachi is already a skilled and competent member of the Oniwabanshu ninja clan. That's fortunate for Misao, because her onimitsu talents may be all that keeps her alive when a journey in search of the leader of the clan, Aoshi Shinomori, leads her instead into a face-to-face encounter with an even more dangerous man and a plot to overthrow the Meiji government! Quickly enmeshed in the affairs of the legendary assassin Hitokiri Battosai, now known as Kenshin Himura, wielder of the reverse-blade sword, Misao finds herself pulled into the middle of a deadly intrigue against Makoto Shishio, who is orchestrating the conquest of all Japan - beginning with Kyoto!
Released : 16th-Dec-2011

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Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc: The Chirps of Light

Shishio's plan is enacted while Kenshin and Misao help defend the city.
Released : 22nd-Jun-2012

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Black Jack: The Movie

Black Jack is a master surgeon who possesses impeccable skills, enabling him to perform operations that are impossible for even the finest surgeons. He now is faced with his most difficult task to date and must challenge the limits of medical science...before it's too late!
Released : 29th-Nov-1996

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Toho Company 3rd version (2015 - )
Released : 13th-Jun-2015

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Puck / Memories of You (Moon Troupe, 1992)

Takarazuka Revue’s 1992 production of PUCK/ Memories of You
Released : 29th-Nov-1992

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Rurouni Kenshin Memorial Ending

The last scene of the 10 Years Special DVD Box released in Japan in 2007. Follows the manga's ending.
Released : 7th-May-2007

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Angel's Smile, Devil's Tears

This musical play is based on the first act of Goethe's Faust. The angel Mephistopheles is condemned to fall from heaven after committing a sin. He is told that he can only return to heaven if he can bring a human being on the path of salvation. Mephistopheles refuses, believing that man is inherently evil. Vowing to drag a human down to hell along with him, he descends onto Earth and sets his sights on a man named Faust, an aged professor with no will to live.
Released : 10th-Nov-1989

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The Rose of Versailles: Oscar

The story takes place in the last half of the 18th century in France. General Jarget’s wife was expecting their sixth child. The General loved his five daughters but was praying with all his heart for a son. When his wife gave birth to another daughter, the General gave her a boy’s name, Oscar. He decided to bring her up as a boy.
Released : 28th-Mar-1991

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Snow Queen - Kai and Gerda are very dear friends who have been living together since young. However, one wintry day, the Snow Queen appears stirring up snow and wind, and a sliver of mirror gets lodged into Kai's heart. Kai drives Gerda away in tears and the Snow Queen takes Kai away to her realm. The adults try to dissuade Gerda from pursuing Kai, saying that he is already dead. But determined to find Kai, Gerda set off on her own journey which is filled with trials and tribulations.
Released : 22nd-May-2005

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Leo the Lion

- Leo the Lion is a sequel to the Japanese-American co-produced series "Jungle Emperor", or Kimba the White Lion. Osamu Tezuka had always wanted his story of Kimba to follow Kimba's entire life, and the Jungle Emperor/Kimba series was such a hit in Japan that Dr. Tezuka produced a sequel, without his American partners, in 1966. Making the series without a co-producer gave him complete creative control. For example, Dr. Tezuka changed the conclusion of his original manga story to a happy ending. Leo the Lion does not follow immediately from the end of the Kimba series. Instead, the story begins a couple of years following the end of the previous series. To English-speaking audiences, the behavior of the title character is inexplicably out of line with what was established in the first series. At the end of the first series, in the original Japanese script, Kimba promises to keep his animals separate from humans. It is this promise that drives the seemingly hermit-like Leo in this series. As the series unfolds, the focus shifts from the title character to one of his cubs, the male named Rune. This series as a whole is about Rune's growth, from a whining weakling to a confident leader.
Released : 5th-Oct-1966

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Released : 12th-Oct-1999

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Released : 29th-Sep-2003

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シュヴァリエ 〜Le Chevalier D'Eon〜

Mary Shalott - Paris, 1742. While investigating the murder of his beautiful sister—Lia—D’Eon uncovers an evil which casts shadows in both the palaces of kings and the dark alleys of Europe. It is a dark and strange power—one which allows Lia’s soul to return from beyond and possess her brother in order to avenge her own death.
Released : 19th-Aug-2006

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Released : 13th-Apr-2006

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るろうに剣心 明治剣客浪漫譚

Kenshin Himura (voice) - The Meiji Era was one of great renewal for Japan, where swords and killing were outlawed. However, many survivors from the time of Revolution still live, lurking in the shadows and waiting for a chance to use their killing blades again. Only Kenshin Himura, formerly one of the most brutal of killers, hopes to keep his swordsman's honor and still live in the new era.
Released : 10th-Jan-1996

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- Ooka Echizen is the commissioner of the two-acre Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office, located in Edo Castle. He keeps order within the town.
Released : 18th-Apr-2005

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- Detective Ukyo Sugishita confronts crime on the basis of his own convictions. He has a partner that works for him in the Special Task Unit. For the first 7 seasons, Ukyo’s first partner is Kaoru Kameyama. He is a good-natured, hot-tempered, straightforward and somewhat scattered detective. Beginning in Season 8, Takeru Kanbe replaces Kameyama. Contrary to his predecessor, Takeru is a lanky, cool, conceited and confident detective. From Season 11 to Season 13, Ukyo’s partner is a young detective Toru Kai. Toru is a son of Deputy Director-General of The National Police Agency. But he became a detective by his own effort. And starting with Season 14, Ukyo’s current partner is Wataru Kaburagi, an elite bureaucrat who came to the Metropolitan Police Department on temporary assignment. As the first partner without any career of a police officer, he will face challenging cases together with Ukyo.
Released : 9th-Oct-2002

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Released : 14th-Feb-2001

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- Born as the second son of warlord Oda Nobuhide in Owari province, Nobunaga rises to power after his father's death and gains the support of Saito Dozo in his quest to unify Owari province and bring an end to the chaotic Sengoku period. However, Nobunaga's strong personality incurs the resentment of Akechi Mitsuhide.
Released : 2nd-Jan-1994

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るろうに剣心 -明治剣客浪漫譚- 追憶編

Kenshin Himura - Trust & Betrayal chronicles the story of Kenshin Himura as the Hitokiri Battōsai during the final years of the Bakumatsu era, while also revealing the origins of his cross-shaped scar and exploring his relationship with a woman named Tomoe Yukishiro. It is a prequel to the anime television series adaptation of the same name.
Released : 20th-Feb-1999

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