Zack Snyders Justice League

Tagline : Us united.

Runtime : 242 mins

Genre : Action Adventure Fantasy

Vote Rating : 8.2/10

Budget : 70 million $ USD

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Plot : Determined to ensure Superman's ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne aligns forces with Diana Prince with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions.

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If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog @ After years of outstanding effort from passionate fans, Warner Bros. finally decided to give Zack Snyder the opportunity to finish his movie on his own terms. 2017's Justice League went through massive production issues - explained in my review of said film - and despite years of extremely tiresome, toxic discourse on social media, the famous Snyder Cut got a controversy-inducing budget to complete an undoubtedly unfinished cut. A crucial disclaimer: you'll see countless reviews based on wholly different approaches. Some people will review it as a standalone, regular movie, while others will look at it as an extended/alternate cut of a film previously released. I'm part of the latter group of reviewers. I find it a bit unfair to criticize pacing issues or an overlong runtime when the purpose of this cut is precisely to show everything Snyder had in his hand. Director/Extended/Ultimate Cut, call it what you feel it's appropriate, but it's a four-hour movie, so many scenes will inevitably drag or feel unnecessary and irrelevant. The narrative is fundamentally the same, which means the audience knows what's coming from a general perspective. Still, I'm reviewing this version mostly on its own merits, but without forgetting that it's not a regular theatrical film and that it unquestionably builds upon what was already released. Without getting into spoilers, I do have to write this: the heavy marketing was incredibly misleading, and I don't doubt for a second that many fans will feel disappointed regarding certain story points and particular characters. The whole "it's a totally distinct movie" or "Joss Whedon only used 10% of Snyder's footage" were nothing more than false publicity for a cut that honestly didn't need it. Out of the 119 minutes of the 2017's version, probably around 80/90 minutes are also in the Snyder Cut, which will be surprising for people who expected something entirely unique. The base of the narrative is identical, most scenes are just extended versions of the original, but there are a couple of significant new changes that ultimately make Zack Snyder's Justice League better than its "predecessor". The most impactful modification that drastically changes the emotional core of the film is about Cyborg. Ray Fisher's character goes from barely having any remotely significant screentime in 2017 to being the heart and soul of the movie. From his backstory to the development across the runtime, Cyborg is undoubtedly the superhero that gains the most with this cut, leaving as a complete, compelling character who I genuinely cared for. On the other hand, Aquaman and The Flash receive similar introductory scenes with Batman, barely getting any sort of new individual growth besides more action sequences. However, once the League is assembled, the character interactions increase, improving their team spirit and deeply elevating the "Us United" storyline. The humor and tone remain lighter than in other Snyder films, clearly something that the filmmaker always had in mind for his version (Whedon only added a couple of more jokes since most of them are present in this cut). The intimidating runtime does negatively affect the overall pacing, but the longer build-ups and extensive dialogue scenes make the full movie much more cohesive and coherent. Compared to the original's abrupt, awful editing work, the Snyder Cut has a tremendously better flow, giving time for information to sink in and characters to get used to each other. I rather watch an overlong film with a well-built story than the complete contrary. Some color changes and tone adjustments also improve the movie's consistency. Story-wise, besides the fantastic arc given to Cyborg, there are a couple of changes that heavily affect either a particular character or a secondary storyline, but when it comes to the main narrative, it's more or less about the same. Every action sequence with pre-existent footage is visually improved and extended with scenes not seen before, but the new VFX are as hit-and-miss as Junkie XL's score. The latter mixes up so many different types of tracks and music that it genuinely becomes a tad confusing. While some scenes get an absolutely perfect, epic soundtrack, others receive weird, out-of-place music distracting the scene itself. There's only one change I definitely dislike: the R rating brings horribly artificial, forced blood splashes and out-of-nowhere cursing that simply don't belong in the film. I know Snyder loves his gritty, bloody, gory action - as do I - but either the whole movie is consistent with this type of action, or some scenes will feel like they come from a wholly separate film. A few bloody sequences work well enough, but most just feel notably forced, while the cursing feels ridiculously out-of-character at points. It's by far the most incompatible aspect of the cut, but admittedly, one that doesn't heavily impact my opinion. A common issue I have with extended cuts is that these mostly add and rarely remove. Snyder Cut partially breaks that rule, removing some scenes from the 2017's version, supposedly only Whedon's footage (which some people wrongly believe to be almost the entire movie). While most of the decisions regarding this process are efficient, there's a couple of them that not only don't improve the respective storylines but actually make them less powerful than the theatrical film. For example, in Snyder Cut, the "bringing Superman back" arc lacks an important character's take on the situation, having in mind that character's past. It actually feels a bit out-of-character that the viewers don't get to see what that person thinks about a potentially devastating action. Regarding Steppenwolf, his design looks better than the terrible original, and his motivations are clearer, but unfortunately, he remains a generic CGI punching bag for our superheroes. His dynamic armor is packed with spikes, but it's really one of those designs with visual impact only since it has no effect whatsoever in battle. I can't get into spoilers about Darkseid or DeSaad, but I can safely write that these characters are nothing more than fan-service, just like Joker (Jared Leto). The ending is definitely the sequence that changes the most due to the addition of dozens of new/extended action scenes, and it does play out differently - though the conclusion is essentially the same - leaving the viewers with a menacing threat on the horizon. Zack Snyder's Justice League is arguably a more cohesive, consistent, and emotionally compelling movie than the 2017's version. As expected, its four-hour runtime causes pacing issues and possesses dozens of unnecessary, irrelevant scenes, but criticizing these aspects in an admittedly non-theatrical cut is unfairly defeating its purpose. Despite most of the original Justice League being present in the Snyder Cut - something that might surprise a few fans - the main narrative is built and developed through a structure that flows tremendously better than the previous edition. Cyborg becoming the emotional core of the story and the increased character interactions are some of the best changes Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio did. The extended action sequences are more riveting, and pre-existent footage is definitely improved, but the new VFX are as erratic as Junkie XL's all-over-the-place score. The R-rating is the only straight-up negative aspect that damages the film with highly forced, fake-looking blood and rare yet cringe-worthy cursing. Highly anticipated characters and/or storylines are better described as unimpactful fan-service, but overall, most of the decisions made vastly improve upon what was already built. In the end, I sincerely expect a significant majority of the fandom to get their expectations fulfilled, and I hope that the DCEU continues with Snyder involved - just as long as the studios leave filmmakers to do their job without nonsensical restrictions. Rating: B

Definitely an improvement over the Whedon version and as a DC fan, enjoyed plenty of the character moments (and the addition of MM) but the story did feel off even though the film is nearly four hours long, in addition the alternate timeline part at the end felt tacked on and unnecessary. The visual effects looked like something from a video game but I can forgive that since I'd imagine it'd cost an additional $100M to make it look cleaner and more realistic. Given what Snyder had to work with and the fact in reality the studio should've been patient and given him and his family to mourn and re-group later, I am glad this did become a reality, shame that outside of maybe The Flash movie there won't be a follow-up with Darkseid. **3.5/5**

This is DC's best so far...easily. Although not flawless- there are a couple of scenes that didnt need to be included - this is the version that we needed to see. There is so much more time given to the characters in this, the plot is better thought out and structured, and Steppenwolf is no longer a joke. There is actually an urgency in his battles with the JL now. And OMG, Darkseid and Desaad look and sound boss. The recruitment is harder, the fight between the JL and Supes and then the JL and Steppenwolf is more brutal, and Superman's 'recovery' is better paced and makes more sense. This also follows directly on from BVS and links directly into Aquaman. And the closing cover of Hallelujah is glorious (it near comes close to Jeff Buckley's angelic version) It's flaws - Timing of release - I need to watch this in a cinema. FU WB for not giving Snyder the time to finish this as he envisioned. THIS is what we should have gotten, not the tripe that was Josstice League. This movie shows that Snyder was not just trying to catch up to Marvel, he was their own version of their stories and it should have been allowed to come to the end of the cycle. Also, I was underwhelmed by the score and would have loved Zimmer to have returned to complete this. And there are a couple of initial set-up scenes that could have been let go or shortened and the gapping continuity error scene in the middle where the JL get introduced to Alfred after theyve already met him should have just been left out. But we got what we asked for - the Snyder Cut in its entirety. And I am grateful for that...thankyou. Now, could we please create ZSJL2 so we can see the Injustice and Darkseid stories.

I really, really REALLY wasn't expecting this - it felt like the extended edition of Lord of the Rings, if Zack Snyder directed it! No, this was Zack Snyder's vision of Justice which we should've seen, if it wasn't for Joss Whedon hadn't pissed all over it. I mean, I understand why Snyder had to pull out the production, I really do, but Whedon could've had the decency to keep to heart on Snyder's work. Looking back, it was a total disrespect to the visionary director. This! It was truly and 100% amazed me. Plus, my best highlight was the voiceover of of Superman's dads Johnathan and Jor-El reminding him of who is he - it felt poignant. That said, a couple of things I feel I must complain about this, just small things; 1) I noticed Mera had a change of accent. Probably an original idea, but it sounded funny especially soon after 2018 Aquaman was released. 2) Victor Stone's dad Silas sacrificed himself - not only was it upsetting but it changes everything for the future of DCEU films. I guess this means they;ll have to rewrite everything for that Cyborg movie! At least we got the introduction of the Joker (Jared Leto reprising his role) as well as the (not so) surprising twist of the Martian Manhunter! Not to mention we finally got to see the appearance of Darkseid - it was all like a fusion of 300's Persian empire and LOTR's Sauron! In the end, this was a true masterpiece from Zack Snyder, since Watchmen and Sucker Punch, and I am so pleased - no, grateful this was made. I thank not just the director himself for returning to this project but also the many fans who petitioned this director's cut to happen. For once, we finally had something good out of all this chaos that was covid 19, hence why they chose the song Hallelujah for their Snyder cut trailer! Thank you so much, Zack Snyder - you have always been my fav movie director. Joss Whedon, you are officially dead to me!

10/10 this is absolutely fantastic, just 1 word, #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

I don't understand why people are getting so horned up over this movie. It's got the exact same plot as the theatrical cut, but it's longer and more drawn out with unnecessary slow-motion and scenes that any editor worth their salt would have cut out (like Aquaman's Icelandic singers). And what we're left with? Darkseid gets his ass kicked and then forgets he was ever on Earth. Hardly anything spectacular. Steppenwolf's armor now looks like something designed by early 90s Rob Liefeld, which is not at all a compliment. The Cyborg stuff was pretty good for the most part, although the sequence with the single mother was just as pointless as Whedon's Russian family and there was absolutely no logical reason why his father had to sacrifice himself. But Snyder is a fan of fathers sacrificing themselves when there is absolutely no logical reason for it (see Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel). So what else is there? "Superman wears the black suit!" Okay...and...? It's just a black version of his usual suit, there's no story reason why he wears it, and it looks like Snyder intended for him to keep on wearing it. Which is stupid and doesn't fit that character at all. And amusingly enough, I see some of the people freaking out about this who in the 90s would have lost their shit if Tim Burton's black-suited Superman movie ever got made. We also have Wonder Woman splattering bad guy brains over walls and vaporizing people RIGHT IN FRONT OF LITTLE KIDS! And once Steppenwolf is clearly defeated, Superman heat visions off part of his head FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON OTHER THAN CRUELTY! This is what people are all pumped up for? To see Superman and Wonder Woman go all Abu Ghraib on people? Oh, and we get the Martian Manhunter. Who clearly knows everything that's happening, BUT DOESN'T LIFT A GODDAMN FINGER TO HELP OUT! Martian Manhunter, it should be added, IS ABOUT AS POWERFUL AS SUPERMAN! But does he turn up at the Batcave to say, "You could probably use my help"? No, he just hangs back, impersonates Martha Kent, and then only shows up to offer his help AFTER THE THREAT HAS BEEN DEFEATED! Gee, J'onn, maybe we could have used you back when Steppenwolf WAS FLAT-OUT MURDERING PEOPLE! This movie takes one of the greatest Justice Leaguers of all, a character who has always been a model of selflessness, and turns him into a coward who sits on the sidelines. And then of course we get the Knightmare sequence, where we get to be subjected once more to Jared Leto's absolutely godawful Joker performance, Batman drops an F-bomb because idiot fanboys with the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old think that's "badass," and Snyder basically riles up his little cult so they can start harassing people about #RestoreTheSnyderverse. This whole endeavor was nothing other than a reward for the absolute worst and most toxic elements of fandom. And now that they've gotten this victory? They're going to be ten times as awful. Because now they've had their tactics validated.

Admittedly, I don’t know as much about DC as I do about Marvel. However, I’m fairly well versed in them and the Justice League is my favorite DC team. When it was announced that DC would come out with a Justice League movie after the Avengers, I had hope...that is until I learned that they’d be doing a team movie first and individual movies afterward. This is the exact opposite of what Marvel did. During the production of the first movie, Zack Snyder had the incredibly unfortunate disposition of learning that his daughter had committed suicide. Understandably, he took a break from the movie. Because Warner executives don’t understand anything, they went on with the production. Hiring Joss Whedon to finish the production, the final product was lackluster at best. In typical Zack Snyder style, it was more flash than substance. After it came out, Zack went public and said that the movie was nowhere near his final vision. Not long after this, the hashtag #releasethesnydercut was trending on Twitter. Four years later, the director’s cut was completed and we got a monstrosity of a movie. Now the true question is “Was this movie worth the hype?” Honestly...not really. Now I write this from the point of view of one who’s been a comic book fan for 32 years. Also realize that there are MANY stories that I haven’t read and equally as many storylines that I’m ignorant to. However, I understand the characters. I’m a firm believer that character develops story. George Lucas said: “A Special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.” This is a lesson that Zack Snyder has never learned. Now, Joss Whedon gave us an amazing movie with The Avengers - and that’s the only comparison that I’ll make - so it’s possible that WB wanted some of that lightning in a bottle for JL and that’s why they brought him on. When Ray Fisher went public and said that Joss created a hostile work environment (as well as one of the producers), the way it was presented was that he didn’t get things that he wanted, so he’d complain. I’m glad to admit that I was wrong in that assumption. Ray actually opened the floodgates against Joss and it turns out that he’s not a good person - he’s a great writer and filmmaker, but that doesn’t make up for his behavior. This is relevant (and the last time I’ll mention it) because a good portion of this movie has Cyborg in it. The majority of his scenes were heavily cut from the first movie. Like 90% majority. I appreciate Zack wanting his vision to get out - every director has the right to tell a story the way they want to - but I wish that he’d step away from the writing process. He’s a great filmmaker but not a great storyteller. He needs a writer that has synergy with him. That being said, the special effects are very well done, although I REALLY wish the comics would have been honored better. Simple things like the way the Boom Tubes were portrayed would have been great fan service. Also, the boxes are FATHER Boxes. A Mother Box is a little bit larger than a cellphone. Father Boxes are used for evil on Apokolips and the Mother Box is used for good on New Genesis. If a feministic agenda caused that change, then I disagree with the studio’s decision and a quick 15-second explanation (like what I just did) would have solved that problem and added more to the plot (all the while giving a nod to the New Gods). Yes, I’m critical but it’s important. My favorite of the cast is Gal Gadot. She captures the essence of Wonder Woman perfectly. I also like Ben Affleck as Batman - I’ve always supported him in the role and he does a really good job with it. In fact, he’s second only to MIchael Keaton. Now this is where I’m probably going to get a lot of hate, so if if happens...bring it on… EVERYONE else in the cast I hate. EVERYONE. Ezra Miller is easily the worst Barry Allen ever. He’s supposed to be Barry, but he acts like an immature Wally. Absolutely terrible. I HATE Henry Cavill as Superman. He’s bottom of the list for me. I think Man Of Steel sealed that opinion for me, but he’s just terrible. His suit in this was sharp, so I’ll give credit where it’s due. Ray Fisher actually didn’t do a terrible job as Cyborg, but I’d never put Cyborg in the Justice League. If they wanted a robot-type character, they could have easily used Red Tornado. Jason Momoa is just awful. He’s not Aquaman. I don’t care that he doesn’t have blond hair. He doesn’t fit the role. It would have been much better if he was cast as Lobo. He’s a much better fit there. We also get a brief cameo by another Justice Leaguer that was a wasted opportunity but sets up a sequel that will probably never happen. I understand that Zack likes big spectacular shots in his movies. I understand that he wants these heroes to be larger than life. However, his style is very arthouse - there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There’s quite a few superheroes that would benefit from that style of filmmaking. These aren’t those superheroes. Zack needs to understand that many times less is more. Ultimately, this movie is an anomaly. It’s an improvement on the first movie, but it’s not better. It tried to do so much, but had the individual hero movies come out first, there would have been so much more to the story. Instead, everything is crammed into this four hour long beast that doesn’t accomplish as much as it wanted. Because of the improvements, and only because of the improvements I can only give this a 3 out of 5.

Say what you want about this movie! It's great and everything. But what do you say about this app? I think you guy should hire this one. He's a keeper.

Ok lets clear stuff up before hand. It's still the same movie with extra scenes. There alot of friction from which was good and bad or bad to worse. at the end its all about personal taste. Zack Snyder version was better covering the story of each character we have not seen in the series, but he also did stretch it out for so long that the movie hinges on to long. But overall a good movie just longer.

_Zack Snyder's Justice League_ is able to turn one of the worst superhero movies of all time into a fantastic film filled with great action, heart, and depth. The original 2017 _Justice League_ cut was unbearable to watch, each line of dialogue felt out of place and extremely corny. I was physically cringing at almost every scene. These problems are completely wiped away in the Snyder Cut allowing for a more character focused and emotional telling of the dawn of the Justice League. The entire film is completely different, with scenes completely cut and the order adjusted to have a more organic viewing experience. With a runtime of four hours, I was really nervous of feeling bored or the movie having a large amount of filler to pad the runtime, but that is not the case. Each scene is crafted perfectly to deliver important character depth, allowing the viewer to gain an emotional connection with each of our heroes. Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman all have very fleshed out introductions, giving the audience a glimpse of their motivations and struggles living in a world with their powers. Cyborg has a tremendous arc with his struggling relationship with his father, which gets great pay off in the end of the film. The Flash feels grounded too with his motivation for fighting crime to help prove his father's innocence. With this new perspective and tone, his quips feel more like that of an immature kid (much like Spider-Man) rather than infused comedy that was forced by the corporate overlords. Batman and Wonder Woman are great in this film, with each giving arguably their best performance as their respective characters. Batman feels like a man who has truly learned from his past mistakes and wants to gather and lead his team rather than divide. Wonder Woman is a confident bad-ass Amazon who's heartfelt and understanding presence is the glue that holds the team together. Aquaman does not have all that much of an arc in this film but has a great lead into his solo movie which is noteworthy. Not only are the hero's more fleshed out but so are the villains. Steppenwolf has an actual motivation that the audience can sympathize with and understand. This leads him to feel more genuine in his conquest to take over the world. Steppenwolf plays really well with the backdrop of Darkseid who is looming in the background of every scene of our villain. It really creates a relationship akin to the Emperor and Darth Vader. The introduction of the life equation adds much more stakes and an emphasis on what the conquest is actually about. The action in this movie is great. The R rating added more room for the scenes to be more brutal and visceral with blood and gore, and even a beheading! While the majority of the film had pretty decent CGI, there were a few scenes that looked really out of place. Especially the ones with Darkseid and his lackies, which reminded me of a character straight out of a PS2 game. This largely had to do with the limited budget and time constraints the Synder Cut was given. This film delivers on Zach Snyder's vision of Justice League, and I am so happy it exists. Although it also brings a sense of sadness as well, because the movie sets up for so much potential for the DCEU and now that future has all but vanished. **Score:** _88%_ **Verdict:** _Excellent_

Yes it IS better than the previous version. There are parts I was a little bored with. There are some characters that were OVER embellished and OVER acted. It was good seeing Wonder Woman move fast ... However Zack musta not known that she CAN fly now thanks to WW84. I was annoyed half the time by Ezra's portrayal of Barry Allen ... But impressed with Cyborg being so much more in depth. For all the hype of DarkSeid ... He fell flat for me... And Steppenwolf was hard to look at sometimes... Being too much CGI. I love seeing the battles with Amazons, Atlantians, and Men vs DarkSeid. I hated Amber Heard period. All that teasing of the Joker for a small 5 minute nightmare scene with Batman being a total jerk was a little let down but Jared Leto played it so perfectly it made me want MORE. Martian Manhunter... I was so happy to see him. So much potential for so much more that could have been done but WB is being Aholes and not letting Zack continue. I love the movie... It was worth it and I am sad we won't get to see more. Thank for killing Justice League WB!

**So long but so incredible! DC Comics fans rejoice! As an average movie-goer, it might be a bit too long for you.** Wow! What could have been? This movie provided a master class on stunning visuals, character development, and world-building. It's shocking the disparity between the theatrical release and this movie. Surprisingly even after the 4 hour run time, I was left wanting more. The cast was superb at making these impervious characters with godlike power experience pain, loss, and emotion. The existence of this film is cinematic history in and of itself is a miracle. A director's cut with zero studio interference and such a drastic difference from the studio's original release ever seeing the light of day is astounding. And I am so glad it did. Zack Snyder's Justice League was a superhero epic that created a theatrical masterpiece worthy of DC's greatest heroes.

Some HBO Max subscribers were accidentally able to access, 10 days before its premiere, an hour of Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) before the movie was cut off. This is not a bad strategy. An hour at a time of this gargantuan abomination is more than any thinking person can bear. ZSJL reminds me of Ambrose Bierce's famous book review; “The covers of this book are too far apart.” It doesn't help either that half the movie seems to occur in slow motion. Superman's quote-unquote death has resulted in the reactivation of the “Mother Boxes” and the appearance of Darkseid's servant Steppenwolf on Earth. Steppenwolf hails from Apokolips, a planet that exists on a different plane of existence from the regular DC Universe, in spite of which he speaks perfect English, and his name is a German word for an animal presumably found only on Earth. Steppenwolf retrieves a Mother Box from Themyscira, following a battle of incredible proportions – not because it involves mythological beings and alien deities, but because the world of the Amazons is almost entirely computer generated, its scenery only slightly more sophisticated than an Age of Empires screenshot. How can this movie ask us to believe in a place like Themyscira, when the film itself doesn't seem to have much faith in its existence? This is symptomatic of ZSJL, much of which takes place in a setting completely divorced from the real world – and my complaint is not that it's unrealistic, because ZSJL is fantasy after all; my problem is that it's not real. I mean, it's just not there. Other than as childhood wish fulfillment, true-blue superheroes are very hard – sometimes even impossible, as with the immortal, omnipotent Superman – to identify with or care about; their physical and moral perfection renders them boring and predictable. ZSJL makes it even harder by placing them in front of green/blue screens most of the time, constantly surrounded by wall-to-wall CGI, and unconvincingly engaging enemies who are literally an afterthought – digitally added in post-production, and very poorly at that. And speaking of characters that are nothing short of caricatures, there’s Flash (Ezra Miller). Barry Allen is annoying, irritating, obnoxious, insufferable, grating. He's like a very fast Jar Jar Binks. He's like the bastard son of Andy Dick and French Stewart. If he's so quick, why does it take him so long to get off my screen? All things considered, there's nothing here we haven't seen in Avengers. Darkseid is Thanos, the Mother Boxes are the Infinity Stones, Batman is Ironman, etc., etc. The one difference is that Zack Snyder's Justice League is, though I would not have thought it possible, longer and more boring than any Marvel movie. The only thing that alleviates the overwhelming oppressiveness are the brief interventions of Willem Dafoe and Jeremy Irons, whose considerable talents are wasted on this debacle.

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