All the Queens Horses (2017)

In 2012, Crundwell was arrested as the largest municipal fraud perpetrator in the nations history, embezzling upwards of $50 million as the comptroller and treasurer of Dixon, a city in the heart of Illinois. Rita Crundwell became one of the nations leading quarter horse breeders, traveled the [...]  Read More

Eric Clapton Life in 12 Bars (2017)

An unflinching and deeply personal journey into the life and work of guitarist Eric Clapton told through his own words and songs.  Read More

Scream for Me Sarajevo (2017)

In 1994, Sarajevo was a city under siege. Mortars and rocket propelled grenades rained onto the city, killing indiscriminately, every day. Amongst the madness, two United Nations personnel: a British military officer and another Brit working for the UN Fire Department, decided it would be fun [...]  Read More

A Ciambra (2017)

Pio Amato, a 14 year old member of a small Romani community in Calabria, is in a hurry to grow up. Pio follows his older brother Cosimo everywhere and from him he learns how to hustle and how to navigate the streets of his hometown. One night Pio sets out to prove to his brother that he is as [...]  Read More

Submission (2017)

A well respected professor who is a celebrated novelist and loving husband loses himself when he becomes obsessed with an ambitious and talented student.  Read More

Rampage (2018)

Primatologist Davis Okoye shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent, silverback gorilla who has been in his care since birth. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry mutates this gentle ape into a raging creature of enormous size. To make matters worse, it’s soo [...]  Read More

Wunderland (2018)

Christmas 1944, The Germans make one final push against the attacking allied armies in the West. Lt. Robert Cappa and his platoon of 2nd Infantry Division soldiers have been ordered to hold a vital road junction against the German aggressors. Cappa and his men must find their faith and strengt [...]  Read More

Scareycrows (2017)

Scareycrows is a comedy horror about a trainee hairdresser who discovers that her boyfriend is keeping a dark secret. Soon her world crashes around her as the quiet seaside town where she was born is overrun by homicidal scareycrows.  Read More

The Burden (2018)

A shopping center along a large highway is the scene of an apocalyptic musical. Animation with a strong sense of form set to auto tuned music by Klungan. About liberation through great catastrophy.  Read More

Ready Player One (2018)

When the creator of a popular video game system dies, a virtual contest is created to compete for his fortune.  Read More

Sollers Point (2017)

Keith, a small time drug dealer is under house arrest at the home of his father in Baltimore. He re enters a community scarred by unemployment, neglect and deeply entrenched segregation. There, he pushes back against his surrounding limitations as he tries to find a way out of his own internal [...]  Read More

5th Passenger (2018)

5th Passenger is set in the aftermath of an oppressive class war, Miller, a pregnant officer aboard an escape pod must struggle to survive with her remaining crew when a mysterious and vicious life form attacks, determined to become the dominant species.  Read More