Into the Arms of Danger (2020)

Two paramedics arrive at the site of a car accident to transport an injured teenage girl to the hospital. However, instead of taking her to the hospital, the strangers bring her to a home of a woman whose daughter just died.  Read More

V.C. Andrews Ruby (2021)

Ruby Landry is filled with hope as love blooms with her high school sweetheart Paul Tate. But lingering thoughts of her mysterious father and her mothers death often creep into Rubys mind.  Read More

Kurt Vonnegut Unstuck in Time (2021)

A documentary 33 years in the making, director and friend of Kurt Vonnegut seeks through his archives to create the first film featuring the revolutionary late writer.  Read More

Friends Who Kill (2020)

Hope has always been close to her daughter Lacy. But since her divorce from her husband, Hope has been worried about Lacy, who is struggling to cope. So Hope is excited when Lacy brings home a new friend, Cassie, whose parents recently divorced as well. Lacy and Cassie quickly become the best [...]  Read More

Psycho Sister-In-Law (2020)

Haley and Nick Downes are a happy, successful young couple pregnant with their first baby, but when Nicks father dies unexpectedly, his estranged sister Zara suddenly shows up to town with a diabolical plan in store to make the baby and their fathers fortune her own.  Read More

V.C. Andrews Pearl in the Mist (2021)

Ruby is hopeful for a new start with her twin sister as they continue their education at an all girls boarding school. However, she soon endures torturous punishments and public humiliation as her cruel headmistress and stepmother plot against her.  Read More

India Sweets and Spices (2021)

A college freshman confronts her parents’ values in order to understand her own evolving identity.  Read More

The Elevator (2021)

Roman Juniper, a husband and father of three, is forced to go work on the Saturday of his daughters birthday. He intends to make it back home in time for cake, but a sharp turn of events leads his family to believe their patriarch is in grave danger.  Read More

The Feast (2021)

The Feast is a live action horror short film following siblings Lucy and Sam as they return to their childhood home where their reclusive mother resides. They soon discover that untold horrors have come to haunt her, and must face a vile demonic force before they lose their mother for good.  Read More

The Deep House (2021)

While diving in a remote French lake, a couple of YouTubers who specialize in underwater exploration videos discover a house submerged in the deep waters. What was initially a unique finding soon turns into a nightmare when they discover that the house was the scene of atrocious crimes. Trappe [...]  Read More

Jagged (2021)

An intimate exploration of Alanis Morissette and her groundbreaking 1995 album Jagged Little Pill.  Read More

Procession (2021)

Six men who were sexually abused by Catholic clergy as boys find empowerment by creating short films inspired by their trauma.  Read More