GoldenEra (2022)

GoldenEra is a documentary that tells the story of the creation and legacy of the video game GoldenEye 007 (1997) for the Nintendo 64.  Read More

Spitfire Over Berlin (2022)

August 1944. With the American Eighth Air Force poised to strike over Nazi Germany, British Intelligence learns that they could be flying into a deadly trap. With only hours to spare, Flight Lieutenant Edward Barnes must fly a life and death mission over Berlin in his unarmed Spitfire to obtai [...]  Read More

Journey of My Heart (2021)

Abby, a wildlife biologist, travels to remote Alaska where she finds inspirational guidance from a Native American family and possible romance from a rugged wilderness guide.  Read More

Getting It Back The Story Of Cymande (2022)

In the racially turbulent UK of the early 70s, a group of black musicians came together in South London with a common love of rhythms and a message of peace. Cymande – with the dove as their symbol – combined jazz, funk, soul and Caribbean grooves to form a unique sound. Despite success in the [...]  Read More

Hes Not Worth Dying For (2022)

Based on a true story, Isla and Grace were two typical teenage girls in love. Unfortunately, they fell for the same guy. Jake, a "ladies man", was dating them both without their knowledge. When they discover that Jake is cheating on them, the girls turn on each other in a jealous rivalry and u [...]  Read More

Down with the King (2022)

Sent to the Berkshires to focus on his next album, disillusioned rap star Money Merc abruptly announces his retirement on Twitter. After Mercs announcement, his manager rushes to the countryside to lure him back into the music industry.  Read More

Haunting of the Bloody Tower (2022)

The Two Princes, imprisoned and allegedly murdered in the Bloody Tower within the Tower Of London by Richard III. The story tells how they allegedly came back to haunt the Tower and with guards and inmates starting to die in horrible circumstances, it becomes clear the Two Princes are out for [...]  Read More

Morning Show Mysteries Murder Ever After (2021)

Following a shocking find in an old friend’s basement, TV host Billie Blessings works with new to town detective Tyrell Hunter to unearth a dark secret that threatens to unravel the lives of the most powerful people in her city.  Read More

Two Tickets to Paradise (2022)

When two weddings are ruined by both the bride and groom getting left at the altar, they still decide to take their honeymoons, not knowing they are heading to the same resort in Hawaii.  Read More

Chronicle Mysteries Helped to Death (2021)

Alex and Drew investigate a self help retreat and the controversial life coach who oversees it.  Read More

Nadia, Butterfly (2021)

While young and in her prime, Nadia decides to retire from pro swimming after the Olympic Games; to escape a rigid life of sacrifice. After her very last race, Nadia drifts into nights of excess punctuated by episodes of self doubt. But even this transitional numbness cannot conceal her true i [...]  Read More

Aspirational Slut (2022)

We meet Rosemary lying on the floor of her house, sobbing. Heartbroken. The doorbell rings. Its a Pizza Delivery Guy. Rosemary cant stop crying. She wants love, but it never works out. Fortunately for Rosemary, this Pizza Delivery Guy has the answer: forget about love and focus on wild random [...]  Read More