The Black Demon (2023)

Oilman Paul Sturges idyllic family vacation turns into a nightmare when they encounter a ferocious megalodon shark that will stop at nothing to protect its territory. Stranded and under constant attack, Paul and his family must somehow find a way to get his family back to shore alive before it [...]  Read More

A Thousand and One (2023)

Struggling but unapologetically living on her own terms, Inez is moving from shelter to shelter in mid 1990s New York City. With her 6 year old son Terry in foster care and unable to leave him again, she kidnaps him so they can build their life together. As the years go by, their family grows [...]  Read More

Dead Mans Hand (2023)

A newly married gunfighter seeks a quiet life with his bride. When he kills a bandit in self defense, he finds them both pulled back into his old ways. The corrupt mayor of their locale will not let his brothers death go unpunished.  Read More

A Little White Lie (2023)

A handyman living in New York City is mistaken for a famous and famously reclusive writer and brought to a university where he is to deliver a keynote address.  Read More

Laughing All the Way (2023)

Aubri Callahan is an aspiring comedian and ghost writer for Bella Delmonico, acclaimed stand up comic and owner of the Vista Theater. Performing at the Vista is a key step on the way to stardom and despite her natural talent, Aubri patiently waits for her time to shine, writing jokes for Bella [...]  Read More

The Kiss List (2023)

High school student Camille Collins finds herself in a social media spin out after her crush, Dylan, spreads rumors that she’s a bad kisser. So, Camille creates a “kiss list” to prove Dylan wrong and find her one true love. Her plan derails early and often, with social media meltdowns and back [...]  Read More

Carmen (2022)

A young and fiercely independent woman, Carmen, is forced to flee her home in the Mexican desert following the brutal murder of her mother. She survives an illegal border crossing into the US, only to be confronted by a lawless volunteer border guard. When the border guard and his patrol partn [...]  Read More

Smugglers (2023)

Set in the 1970s, a smuggling operation exits within a small peaceful village by the sea. Those that are involved in the smuggling operation are Chun ja, who works as a smuggler to make a living, her friend Jin suk, who leads a group of female divers, and Master Sergeant Kwon. Master Sergeant [...]  Read More

Police State (2023)

Dinesh DSouza claims federal organizations like the FBI, CIA, and DOJ are corrupt and are unfairly and selectively targeting Christians and conservatives/Republicans.  Read More

Welcome to Redville (2023)

A young couple on the run from the law after a botched robbery takes refuge in a small desert town where strange townsfolk and the lure of one final heist threatens their relationship and their lives.  Read More

Transmorphers Mech Beasts (2023)

20 years after the events of Transmorphers, a newer, more advanced species of alien robot descends on a rebuilt Earth, threatening once again to destroy the planet.  Read More

A Christmas Karen (2022)

A reworking of A Christmas Carol where the protagonist is a typical Karen.  Read More