Tagline : Hollywood is a killer.

Runtime : 104 mins

Genre : Horror Crime Mystery

Vote Rating : 7/10

Budget : 2 million $ USD

Revenue : 14.7 million $ USD

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Plot : In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. But as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Hollywood, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past.

Cast Members

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Maxxxine is a film I have eagerly anticipated since it was teased as the final installment of Ti West's X trilogy. Having thoroughly enjoyed the first two films, I had high hopes for this one. Each film in the series brings a unique style that represents the period it’s set in. 2022’s X was a gritty homage to the brutal horror films of the 1970s, with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre being a major influence. The same year, Pearl offered an even more stylistic approach, serving as a prequel with influences from the silent era and visual nods to The Wizard of Oz. These distinct stylistic choices set a high bar for Maxxxine. In Maxxxine, we follow the lone survivor of the farmhouse massacres depicted in the first film. Now a bit older and blonder, Mia Goth’s Maxine is still striving to become Hollywood’s next biggest star. She finally lands a role as the lead in a new horror film, but her past begins to catch up with her. She is pursued by a sleazy private investigator, played by Kevin Bacon, who works for a vicious killer targeting Maxine’s closest friends. Concurrently, Maxine must navigate the terror of the Night Stalker, who is haunting Los Angeles, while detectives try to unravel her connection to these events. Maxxxine is a beautiful love letter to the horror films of the 1980s. Ti West draws influence from many great horror filmmakers of that era. One scene in particular, where Maxine ascends a staircase toward the film’s climax, is reminiscent of the cinematography of David Lynch films from that period. This meticulous attention to style and atmosphere enhances the film’s nostalgic appeal. Mia Goth is truly fantastic, bringing depth and intensity to her role. Her performance is a highlight of the trilogy, showcasing her versatility as she navigates multiple characters and complex emotional landscapes. For example, her portrayal of Maxine’s relentless determination and underlying vulnerability adds layers to the character, making her journey compelling and relatable. While Maxxxine is a strong entry in the series, it is, in my opinion, the weakest installment. The film serves as a fitting conclusion to the trilogy but leaves some unresolved threads from X. I would have appreciated more closure regarding the events of the first film, as the connections feel somewhat superficial. Additionally, the reveal of the main antagonist, while surprising, feels somewhat detached from the overarching narrative. For instance, the motivations and background of the killer are not as deeply integrated into the story as they could have been, leading to a somewhat disjointed climax. Despite these criticisms, Maxxxine is a well-crafted horror film that offers plenty of nods to genre aficionados. Ti West has created a trilogy that honors the horror tradition while bringing fresh and innovative storytelling to the table. The film is rich with familiarities from 1980s horror, making it a nostalgic yet refreshing experience. Mia Goth’s performance ties the trilogy together beautifully, and her portrayal in Maxxxine cements her status as a standout in modern horror cinema. While the film has its flaws, it remains a fitting and enjoyable conclusion to a remarkable series.

Despite her rather florid past, the eponymous porn star (Mia Goth) is determined to make it in the mainstream and seems well on her way when director "Elizabeth Bender" (Elizabeth Debicki) casts her as the lead in the sequel to her own successful first feature. Whilst this is all going on for "Maxine Minx", there is a serial killer on the loose in Los Angeles and the police seem to think that maybe she is involved. Obviously she's not the perpetrator of these vicious acts, but might she somehow be the ultimate target? A rather curious meeting with private eye "Labat" (Kevin Bacon) suggests that she might want to go a mysterious address where she might learn the truth, but she has her own ideas so with the help of her agent/manager/enforcer "Teddy" (Giancarlo Esposito) and a car crusher sets up quite a perilous face-off with a man in black gloves who lives behind a set of green doors. At times this is quite an attitudinal film and Goth does fine, but (no pun intended) Bacon just hams it up too much. Debicki seems totally disinterested in her role and the rest of the cast add very little to a story that is too thinly stretched to pad out one hundred minutes before taking us to a rather weak and rushed denouement. Beware: I sense a sequel might be in the pipe, as if we don't already have enough mediocre slasher fayre on offer already!

Maxine sure wants to be famous. I really hope she's got what it takes. Gotta give 110% if you want that big break! Do you want it? Maxine does. Fun little revenge story. Leather gloves sure make your hands strong. Good humour.

There’s a lot to appreciate about “MaXXXine,” writer/director Ti West‘s latest film in his horror trilogy, even if he doesn’t quite stick the landing. The whole project feels like, as one of his characters says in one of the film’s most memorable lines, a “B-movie with A+ ideas.” There’s plenty of blood and gore to appease slasher fanatics, but there’s a depth to the film that comes from the hefty themes about sex, opportunity, religion, and Hollywood’s dark underbelly. Set in Los Angeles in the mid-1980s, adult film star and aspiring big studio actress Maxine Minx (Mia Goth) finally gets her big break into the mainstream. She’s been cast in a supporting role in a horror movie sequel and is set to work with up-and-coming director Elizabeth Bender (Elizabeth Debicki). Things are looking up for Maxine career-wise, but a mysterious stalker who is targeting the starlets of Hollywood seems to have her directly in his sights. When a trail of blood makes it clear that several murders are directly connected to her, Maxine starts to worry that her sinister past is going to be exposed. The first half of the film is also the best, and West fully embraces the decadence and danger that goes along with the backdrop of sleazy Hollywood. Filmed with a vintage aesthetic and Eighties feel, the neon-lit, blood soaked movie looks like it has stepped out of an exploitation cinema time capsule. It’s an homage that’s done exceedingly well, from the cinematography to the soundtrack to the costume design. The casting is perfect across the board, with standout performances from both Kevin Bacon as a menacing bad guy and Giancarlo Esposito as Maxine’s attorney agent, Teddy Night. (Even the supporting roles are meaty, featuring solid turns from Michelle Monaghan, Moses Sumney, Bobby Cannavale, and Sophie Thatcher). Goth is once again terrific as a shrewd woman with a fierce ambition, lending the ideal mix of street smart toughness with a relatable vulnerability. West never demeans his lead character either, which is refreshing. The film portrays sex work and the adult film industry as a legitimate profession and Maxine as a strong, empowered woman who takes charge of her own destiny. The second half of the film derails with a conclusion that seems both corny and disappointing (at least on the surface). The ending is left open for rampant speculation, which is probably going to polarize audiences. I think it’s fun when a film can be interpreted in several different ways, but this may prove frustrating for moviegoers who like things very black and white. Best of all, “MaXXXine” leaves plenty of room for a fourth film featuring the character, which I certainly hope we get. By: Louisa Moore / SCREEN ZEALOTS

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