I Dream - Season : 1

Season 1 Episode 1 - Why Me?

When Amy, Felix, Ollie, Natalie and Khush receive their golden DVD's inviting them to become students at Avalon Heights they think their dreams have come true but as personalities clash, nerves set in and cross wires come into play the boat is quickly rocked! The new recruits are dropped off outside the gates of Avalon Heights, wondering what adventures are in store and Natalie get's Amy riled up within the first five minutes of meeting one another. Why? Because she's incredibly unimpressed with the transport laid on for them…a bus! She was rather hoping for a limo. Before she has too long to stew over her steam, whacky, eccentric head of the school Professor Toone meets them at the gates and wastes no time in taking them on an all singing, all dancing, explosively colourful tour of the school to make sure they know exactly what they're about to experience! Shown to their bedrooms, Natalie decides she's too posh for bunk beds and refuses to entertain the idea of top bunk so Amy and Khu Air Date : 22nd-Sep-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 2 - Just for the Record

Double trouble Jay and Calvin get down and dirty - literally when they decide to make their room more like home. What does this delicate procedure mean exactly? Messing up the floor, throwing clothes everywhere, throwing rubbish in the air and allowing it to live wherever it lands of course! Well if they want to live like pigs surely Frankie can borrow the wardrobe they won't be using? Perhaps, if Natalie hadn't walked in and asked the same question…Cue dreamy eyes from our duo who've both decided they've got a thing for our favourite bolshy blonde! Spotting her window of opportunity Natalie flicks her hair, flutters her lashes and asks her new admirers if they'll move the wardrobe into her room for her, leaving Frankie (as you can imagine) less than impressed. Ooh she's got a nerve that Natalie and if she addresses Frankie as Charlie ONE MORE TIME SHE'LL…. Meanwhile, back at the classroom, Toone gathers the students together to talk projects. It's time to write, sing, dance, partner u Air Date : 29th-Sep-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 3 - Hold the Front Page

A journalist hears Khush, Amy and Natalie talking about Avalon Heights. She manages to trick Khush into telling her some information about Avalon Heights, and some of its now world-famous ex pupils. Getting fussed over is great for Natalie, while Stacey and Daisey decide to exploit the press by selling food for money. Natalie is caught itching her nose, however the picture in the paper looks like she is picking it. Calvin's high school bully tells the press that him and Calvin were friends, and that he stole his girlfriend and all the girls hate Calvin because of it. Hannah's secrets are revealed in the press as well, while Felix becomes to involved and talks as if he is getting interviewed all the time. When the press become too much, some of the students hide out until Khush tells them it's time to strike back. As everyone goes out Professor Toone reveals that the press have left. Going off, some more girls harrase Natalie about her 'nose picking' so Hannah simply tells them ""Why don Air Date : 6th-Oct-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 4 - Lifestyle

Toone talks about which side a bread will fall; butter side up or down. While the group speculate, Toone quickly stuffs it in his mouth and eats it. He then asks why Calvin still has the same style, why Jay sits at the back near the window, and why Khush sits in the same chair. After he tells the students to shake things up with different styles, Natalie and Frankie decide to re-style Calvin, into a sensible looking 40 yr old dad. Stuffing the idea he messes up his nicely gelled hair, and messes up his tie. The girls then decide to style up Toone, throwing away a bunch of clothes, they sell the rest on 'justbutit.com' only for them to throw away his favorite slippers! His father won them from a competition, and was given it by Elvis him self. After his father died he left it in Toone's care. Feeling bad for him, the girls search through the disgusting dump for it, only for Toone to tell them it's best to let go of the past. Ollie decides to try and learn to dance, so Khush helps him ou Air Date : 13th-Oct-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 5 - Radio Radio

When Analie and Patrick choose Khush to be the new morning DJ for a week, she tries as best she can to escape from it, but is pulled into it eventually. Starting slow and shy, she finally gets the hang of things, talking about random things, and is quite popular with the other students. Felix on the other hand is jealous, and tries to be the DJ presenter, but being declined he starts his own radio station, but people love Khush's more. However at the end of the week, he is given the chance but starts to get nervous. Professor Toone sets up a clever scheme, where as Felix starts to sing, he puts it on the air, so Felix has no other choice but to present. Meanwhile, Daisy fears that the food Calvin and Jay are cooking, is giving her a high fever, and stops eating the food they cook. Resisting on water, it is later revealed that it wasn't the food, but Frankie's perfume all along. At the end of the episode, Khush approaches Felix in the radio room, and asks if he wants to go out for a sna Air Date : 20th-Oct-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 6 - Charity Record

The episode starts off with Khush reading Romeo and Juliet. On Natalie's turn, Patrick says how she sounds bored and can't act the voice role. Natalie then teams up with Aaron to do the famous balcony scene, to impress Patrick and make him eat his words. Half way through a lesson, where Patrick is showing people how to hit your chest as someone ""hits"" you to make it sound believable. As Ollie goes to try it out on Felix, Natalie and Aaron interrupt and do the scene. Patrick walks away, as Natalie storms off annoyed. Felix starts to take the mickey out of Aaron's costume, so Aaron tells Felix ""Mention the tights, and it wont be Ollie who goes to hit you"" In the dress room, she over hears Patrick talk to Analie, saying how bad Natalie is and that she can't even make it as a weather girl upsetting Natalie. Later having a word with Analie, she convinces her she can do it, and so Natalie decides to be a weather girl down at the beach. Getting stopped by Sunshine radio presenter Johnnie Dam, Air Date : 27th-Oct-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 7 - Oliver

‘Oliver, Oliver, never before has a boy asked for more!' Remember that story? Well that's exactly what Toone wants the students to think about and learn from. A story about children who didn't have all of today's luxuries but still managed to accept what they had and enjoy their lives to the full. This was supposed to lead to a project in class but when a feud begins over who had it tougher at school - the street kid (Felix) or the posh toff (Ollie), the projects challenge stretches to an extra curricular bet! Before you can say Oliver twist, Ollie bets Felix he can live in the back shed of the school with no mod cons for a whole week! Ridiculous maybe, but Felix shakes on the bet and Amy kindly sets the consequence for whoever loses…scrubbing the school's floors for a week, dining only on gruel and no matter how vile it tastes, having to beg for more! Urgh. His bags are packed and he's ready to go and he's not alone either. Enter Frankie, Khush, Jay and Stacey who've all deci Air Date : 3rd-Nov-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 8 - Together

Stacey and Jay are found singing at the beach, which is heard by Jenna- the father to the all time favorite Jack Smith. When she asks Stacey to perform at her father party, she has second thoughts until plucking up the courage and agrees. However, fears overcome Stacey, as she locks her self in her room. Natalie saves the day, but also gets her self into a band with Stacey called 'Girls Girls Girls' Amy thinks it's just another way for Natalie to get publicity, and so convinces Stacey to let her self into the band also. However, with the two girls bickering 24/7, it leaves Stacey in the middle. Finally deciding to ditch them, Natalie thinks up a plan. Meanwhile, Jay- who got kicked out from entering 'Girls girls girls' decides that him and Calvin should set out a 'Pop idol' type contest to find a member for their new band 'Boys boys boys' with loads of terrible auditions, a lad manages to get to the final stage. However, Calvin and Jay choose Aaron to be with them, until Magnus cries h Air Date : 10th-Nov-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 9 - Jay's Pirate Video

Patrick starts off everyone humming, to get their vocals working. He then says that the class will be doing an improvisation, and someone could pick the setting. Jay chose a pirate ship, so Patrick tells him he can have the leading role, and he must pick the leading lady Natasha. Jay picks Amy but she declines the offer. However she keeps on talking, and rarely listens that Felix makes fun of her because of it. Jay decides to do a small movie like 'Pirates of the Caribbean' with Frankie as Natasha and Aaron as a pirate. However, Natalie hears Ollie and Jay talking about the movie, as Ollie gives Jay some good tips about camera scenes. So as Natalie gets into the role, Calvin asks to be the highway man, Hannah the stylist, Daisy the make up and Stacey to write the script. Jay finds it hard to say no because he doesn't want to disappoint anyone, and assigns them to their roles- so much for a small little movie. However, as Natalie continues to talk over people- including Professor Toone, Air Date : 18th-Nov-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 10 - Rap-unzel

Patrick starts out his class by asking students to describe Felix ""Hip"" ""Cool"" ""I can't without swearing""- Amy However, when he asks them to describe Ollie, they all say ""Nice"" Patrick then tells them that they will be doing acting of Rapunzel. As the students talk about what happens in it, Calvin who obviously knows more does a little acting. Felix and the gang decide they should do a rap version of the thing, but Patrick isn't sure. After looking at a poster Toone was putting up, by a quote from Robbie, Patrick decides for everyone to do it. However, as usual, Calvin takes the lead handsome role- The prince, Natalie the Princess, Felix the father, Khush the witch, and Ollie the narrator. Patrick tells them it isn't such a good idea as they always choose the stuff they are good at, and not what they are bad at to challenge them in their role. Ollie asks to be director but the students say of how he is too nice for the role. Storming off, he looks at another poster quoted by Elton and Air Date : 25th-Nov-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 11 - And the Living is Easy

Patrick has a right mood with everyone and starts on Felix, to hurry up to singing class. Felix complains to Ollie, until everyone is in class where everyone coaches their voices, Patrick tells them to try again as it's not good enough. Felix then makes a comment about Natalie, which Patrick doesn't take kindly. Telling everyone to start from the beginning, Felix stands his ground and says no. As Patrick piles his work load, Calvin and Amy stick up for him to then get detention with Felix. Then Natalie kisses arse, to then also get detention. The group then think up a protest, and Rochelle, Stacey, Amy, Felix and Natalie yell for the 5 to be free. Toone talks this over with Patrick and Analie, where Toone sides with the students. Patrick has a go at Toone and then walks out, after students refuse to do lessons and keep up with the timetable. Toone on the other hand thinks that this is a good idea,and lets all the students at Avalon do what they want. Calvin starts singing, and everyone Air Date : 2nd-Dec-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 12 - Family

Jay gets a call from his mother, who after getting a phone and realizing how to work it, keeps on ringing him and wont leave him alone. He complains as well as Khush, but Ollie complains over the fact that his parents never payed attention to him. Jay's mother then texts him, making Ollie feel more upset. Later on, some of the students talk about how cool other parents are then their own, and Patrick shows up asking if they got anything planned for their improvisation. Amy comes up with Family and how to survive it. Later on, Frankie tells Amy and Stacey how her hampster was lost under the floorboards when she was 6, and cried for weeks, so the three decide to do their improvisation about that. Frankie being the hamster, Amy being the mum and Stacey being Frankie- which requires crying which Stacey isn't good at. Khush, Jay and Ollie decide to do one as well. Jay plays Ollie's father, while Khush plays the mum and Ollie plays as him self. Later at night, Ollie has a heart to heart talk Air Date : 9th-Dec-2004  Read More

Season 1 Episode 13 - Toone in Love

In the finale of 'I dream' Toone is at Witt's end, as he forces out Harry Crabby who wants to buy Avalon Heights, as he's losing money on the school. Because of the school, Amy and Natalie storm in full of dust from the school hall, and Jay trips over on a carpet. While outside, Toone frets that he's slowly losing Avalon Heights and thinks he might have to sell it, but Analie tells him it's a bad idea. Telling him he should go away for a few days to think things through and relax, and hopefully something will come up he agrees. Amy, Natalie, Felix, Ollie and Khush talk about how it's coming to the end of Summer and the end of their stay at the heights and ponder whether or not they will return. Meanwhile, Patrick and Analie discuss bills bills and even more bills. Toone then returns from his trip on a horse, with an attractive woman following close behind. Toone reveals the bills are no longer a problem, as he has fallen in love with a woman named Lollie, and is going to marry her. The Air Date : 16th-Dec-2004  Read More

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