Rachael Ray - Season : 13

Season 13 Episode 1 - 50 Foodie Friends and 50 PUPPIES Surprise Rach For Her 50th Birthday!

Rachael’s turning 50, and 50 of her foodie friends are surprising her during her birthday bash! Chefs Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Curtis Stone are all stopping by to cook for Rach (so she doesn't have to!). And all hour long, her foodie pals help her celebrate with special tribute messages, including Oprah Winfrey and former First Lady Michelle Obama. Plus, Beth Stern stops by with 50 adorable puppies – who were rescued in Rachael’s honor – and the entire studio audience is filled with fans who are also turning 50 in 2018! Air Date : 10th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 2 - Ethan Hawke Dishes on New Movie "Blaze" + How to Feed Your Family With $100 a Week

Ethan Hawke and his co-star Ben Dickey are giving Rach the scoop on their new hit movie, “Blaze.” Plus, we’re revealing how to stretch your foodie buck to feed your family with $100 a week. (You heard us!) And Rachael’s making Spaghetti Con Vongole with Spicy Breadcrumbs. Air Date : 11th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 3 - William Shatner On The Role He Wish He Hadn't Turned Down + DIY Basics Kids Can Do

“Star Trek” legend William Shatner is in the hot seat taking our audience’s rapid-fire questions! And HGTV’s “Cousins” are going back to basics with DIY so easy, even a kid can do it -- like how to measure, drill and paint. Plus, we're having a grandma and a granddaughter switch places in what we’re calling a “Generation Swap!” Plus, Rach serves up beef and bean skillet nachos. (Yes, please!) Air Date : 12th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 4 - Sharon Osbourne's Advice to Her 13-Year-Old Self + Fake-Out Healthy Pasta and Brownie Recipes

Sharon Osbourne from “The Talk” reveals what advice she would give to her 13-year-old self. Plus, super mom of three, Daphne Oz, is showing us her post-baby fitness journey – and sharing two healthy fake-out recipes for pasta and brownies! And Rachael’s making a gluten-free pasta supper. Air Date : 13th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 5 - Actress Shay Mitchell's Bedtime Beauty Routine + Hot Dog CHILI

Football is back, and we’re tackling the tailgate with Chef Richard Blais! He’s surprising Los Angeles Rams fans and giving their tailgate recipes an upgrade. Plus, he’s throwing down five hot-diggity-dog dishes, like a Mexican Corn Dog and Hot Dog Chili. Plus, Shay Mitchell is hanging with Rach, talking her new show, “You,” and sharing her beauty secrets -- like using soda cans as curlers! Plus, Rachael’s cooking up a foodie shout-out to the Windy City – Chicago Beef Sammies! Air Date : 14th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 6 - Top TV Shows of 2018, This Year's Emmy Awards Giving Suite Bag + Jamie Lee Curtis on "Halloween" Sequel

“Daily Mail TV” host Jesse Palmer is Rachael’s co-host today, and they’re talking with Jamie Lee Curtis about returning to her iconic role in the “Halloween” sequel! Plus, “PEOPLE Now’s” Jeremy Parsons gives us his insider predictions on tonight’s Emmy awards – and one lucky audience member is going home with the same Emmy Bag that Emmy attendees receive. Then, does sugar actually help hiccups?! Dr. Ian Smith sounds off! And Rachael’s making Mean, Green Pulled Chicken Chili! Air Date : 17th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 7 - Farm Animals (Like a Mini Donkey!) + Dr. Oz's Take On The Health Benefits of Honey

Did you know Dr. Oz is a beekeeper?! We've got a farmer’s market set up in our studio, and he’s giving us the scoop on health benefits of honey and other fall favorites. Plus, we’re meeting adorable barnyard animals like a miniature cow and donkey. (We're not kidding!) Rach is also hanging with the hilarious Jeff Foxworthy (who's dishing on his new party game, "Relative Insanity"), and she's making Honey Mustard Chicken for dinner! Air Date : 18th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 8 - Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Try Donut Grilled Cheese

What’s on today’s menu?! How about Neil Patrick Harris, his husband David Burtka and two of today’s craziest foodie trends — like donut grilled cheese and watermelon steak!? Then, a burger scholar shows us how to up our patty flippin’ game – and Rach cooks up a Chili Burger of her own! Air Date : 19th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 9 - Tony Bennett Performs Special Duet, Meatball Sammies + Rach’s Zucchini Pasta

We’re celebrating the San Gennaro festival, and Chef Scott Conant is cooking up a classic: Meatball Sandwiches! Plus, Tony Danza joins the party to talk about his new Netflix show, “The Good Cop.” And that’s not all – the legendary Tony Bennett is performing in our studio, joined by his duet partner, Diana Krall! Rach is also serving up Cool as a Zucchini Pasta. Air Date : 20th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 10 - Julianne Moore on Playing An Opera Singer + 5-Ingredient Chicken Wings

Oscar-winning superstar Julianne Moore is here, and she’s telling Rach what it was like to play an opera singer in her new film, “Bel Canto!” Then, our pal Sunny Anderson takes a field trip to Philly and marches with the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles’ drumline! Pus, she’s cooking up five-ingredient lemon-garlic chicken wings. (Yes, please!) Not to mention that Rachael’s serving up sliced steak sandwiches! Air Date : 21st-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 11 - How to Recreate Hollywood's Hottest 'Dos + Rach's Chicken Caesar Salad Upgrade

Rachael’s culinary team slices and dices all day long, so we’ve got them trying out three foodie gadgets that could save us time in the kitchen. (What's an "Eggstractor" ... ?!) Then, Matt Czuchry stops by to talk about his show, “The Resident" and reveals if it's easier to play a lawyer or doctor. Plus, hairstylist to the stars, Chris Appleton, gives our viewers two of the latest new ‘dos that Hollywood is rocking right now and we meet two super-cool dogs who are taking over the streets of NYC. And Rach gives grilled chicken Caesar salad an upgrade! Air Date : 24th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 12 - Tom Bergeron Dishes On *That* Shirtless Photo + Donuts SIX Ways

Who doesn’t love donuts?! Well, it's everyone's lucky day, because we’re serving up six insane ways to enjoy them – including a pumpkin donut ice box cake. Plus, the hilarious Tom Bergeron is giving us the scoop on the new season of "Dancing with the Stars" and dishing on *that* shirtless photo. Then Sanaa Lathan gives us the lowdown on her new Netflix movie, “Nappily Ever After” and we meet a special bulldog -- named Rachael Ray! Plus, Rach cooks up Apple-Dijon Turkey Cheeseburgers! Air Date : 25th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 13 - Camila McConaughey's Healthy Snacks + Rach's Pork Chops With CIDER

"Mets" player Tim Tebow is in the hot seat answering audience questions, and he's revealing the last movie that made him cry. Then, Camila McConaughey serves up healthy, kid-approved snacks -- including mango chia fruity rolls! And Dr. Ian Smith gives us the lowdown on common kids' health concerns -- like concussions and nosebleeds. Plus, Rach makes a perfect-for-fall pork chop supper! Air Date : 26th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 14 - Kate Beckinsale's Avocado Toast With Creamy Eggs + Rach’s Chipotle BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad

Kate Beckinsale joins Rach in the kitchen for the very first time, and she’s cooking breakfast. (Avocado toast with creamy scrambled eggs, anyone?) Plus, Dr. Travis Stork is breaking down the latest health and wellness trends – and one is literally going to shock you! (Spoiler alert: It's a shock therapy workout.) Then, "Stay Here" star Genevieve Gorder is solving viewers' design dilemmas and Rachael’s serving up a Chipotle BBQ Chicken Cobb Salad. Air Date : 27th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 15 - Alan Alda Was Approached to Run For Senate? Plus, You Can Make Your Own Broccoli?!

The legendary Alan Alda is here, and he’s giving Rach the scoop on his new podcast – and revealing that he was once approached to run for Senate! Then, two more popular podcasters join the show: “Genius Foods” author Max Lugavere shares two tips for living a genius life (like how to make your own broccoli!), and an NYC party-planning pro reveals three brilliant party hacks (think DIY place-card pillows). Plus, Rach makes White Minestrone Soup! Air Date : 28th-Sep-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 16 - Michael Weatherly Dishes On His 50th Birthday! Plus, Rach's Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Fingers

“NCIS” vet and star of the hit show, “Bull,” Michael Weatherly, is pitching hilarious products to our audience and revealing how he spent his 50th birthday. (He and Rach are the same age!) Then, Chef Andrew Zimmern is cooking up recipes he used to serve on his food truck -- like Crispy Pan-Fried Dumplings -- and we meet an adorable 11-year-old food critic named Luca. (Spoiler alert: He invites Rachael to Italy to taste his Nonna's cooking!) Plus, Rach is making Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Fingers! Air Date : 1st-Oct-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 17 - Vivica A. Fox *Faces* a Lie Detector Test + Organize Your Pantry Like Mandy Moore's

Vivica A. Fox is giving Rachael the scoop on her new show, “Face the Truth” – and she’s facing the truth *herself* with a lie detector test! Plus, we’re surprising one lucky viewer with a trip to Italy and getting expert organization tips from the ladies who gave Mandy Moore’s pantry a makeover. Plus, Rach is serving Chicken and Vegetable Ragu! Air Date : 2nd-Oct-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 18 - Tiffani Amber Thiessen's Short Rib Enchiladas + Rach's Beer Cheese Soup

The "Property Brothers" are back, and they’re showing you how to pull off three hot DIY trends. Then, Tiffani Thiessen is in the kitchen with Rach, and she’s dishing up Short Rib Enchiladas from her new cookbook! And Rach has the perfect dish for a cozy fall night: Beer Cheese Soup! Air Date : 5th-Oct-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 19 - Bobby Moynihan Spills On "Star Wars" + Sex Expert Answers Audience's Intimate Qs

Today starts with a ‘boody’ call – sex expert Shan Boodram is answering some of our audience’s most intimate questions about relationships -- like how menopausal hot flashes could affect your sex life. Then, we’re sharing the inspiring story of a former inmate who is now sharing his passion for fitness with all of New York City! Plus, the hilarious Bobby Moynihan dishes on being a part of "Star Wars" and Rachael’s cooking the Italian dinner of your dreams: Pappardelle with Creamy Three-Meat Ragu + BURRATA. Air Date : 9th-Oct-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 20 - Alec Baldwin Reveals Details About Niece Hailey's Relationship With Bieber + Easy Weeknight Meals

Does Alec Baldwin want to be "Uncle Alec" to Justin Bieber?! He's giving Rach the hilarious scoop on Justin and his niece, Hailey Baldwin – and revealing if he and his wife, Hilaria, want to have baby no. 5 together. Then, Chef Christopher Kimball is in the kitchen with two easy weeknight suppers (Milk Poached Chicken, anyone?), and Rach is making Pasta with Smoked Ham and Cherry Tomato Sauce! Air Date : 15th-Oct-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 21 - Carla Hall's Brown Sugar Chicken + 5 Cleaning Mistakes You May Be Making

Chef Carla Hall is serving up Southern comfort today with her brown sugar chicken and a black-eyed pea salad. Plus, Peter Walsh reveals five places around your house that you should be cleaning regularly, but probably aren't! We’re also hanging with the hilarious Ike Barinholtz, who’s giving us the scoop on his new movie "The Oath" with Tiffany Haddish. And Rach serves up a Spicy Chicken Parm! Air Date : 23rd-Oct-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 22 - Katy Mixon's Double-Duty Tip For Organizing Kids' Rooms

The hilarious star of "American Housewife," Katy Mixon, is revealing the double-duty tip that keeps her kids' rooms organized. And nutritionist Keri Glassman has two brain power-boosting school lunches that you'll even want to eat. Plus, Instagram style icon Eva Chen shows you how to pull off hot shoe trends, and Rach cooks up a healthy 30-minute meal that can double as a Thanksgiving side dish! Air Date : 6th-Nov-2018  Read More

Season 13 Episode 23 - Gwyneth Paltrow's Fish Tacos + Big Medical Myths

Fresh off her honeymoon, the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow is here — and she’s cooking up fish tacos from her new cookbook, "The Clean Plate!" Plus, we’re taking on medical myths with pharmacist Dr. Stacia Woodcock, and "Veep's" hilarious Tony Hale is here dishing on the third and final season of Netflix’s "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Last but not least, Rachael’s making a Japanese-inspired dinner: Crispy Tuna Steaks With Stir-Fried Green Beans! Air Date : 11th-Jan-2019  Read More

Season 13 Episode 24 - Why Molly Ringwald Watched "The Breakfast Club" With Her Daughter + How To Save $5,000 (!) This Year

We have '80s royalty in the house — Molly Ringwald is here! She's giving us the scoop on her hit show "Riverdale" and dishing on what it was like to watch "The Breakfast Club" with her own daughter. Plus, multi-Grammy winner Questlove is in the kitchen popping up some corn with Rach! And financial coach Lauren Greutman is teaching you how you can save $5,000 in 2019. (You heard us!) Then, pasta night is ON with a healthy fake-out — Rach's Fettuccine Alfredo made from cauliflower! Air Date : 21st-Jan-2019  Read More

Season 13 Episode 25 - Lindsay Lohan Reveals What It's Like To Fire Someone + Organizing Guru Marie Kondo's Genius Folding Tricks

Lindsay Lohan is in the kitchen cooking up Garlicky Lemon-Pepper Shrimp with Rachael! Plus, she's got the scoop on her new reality show "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" — including what it's like to have to fire someone! Then, organizing guru Marie Kondo (who has one of the hottest shows on Netflix) is here with four brilliant folding tricks. Go inside Rach's magazine with Editor-in-Chief Lauren Annotti AND meet an inspiring young woman helping out our four-legged friends. Plus, Rachael's serving up a 30-minute meal for dinner! Air Date : 22nd-Jan-2019  Read More

Season 13 Episode 26 - Four Doctors in the House Today

We've got four doctors in the house today, and they have the scoop on everything from the latest medical headlines to the hottest weight-loss gadgets. Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses what you can do today to prevent a heart attack and Dr. Ian Smith reveals a mirror that claims it could help you lose weight. Then, Dr. Roshini Raj demonstrates a machine intended to quiet snoring and Dr. Oz explains hands-only CPR. Plus, Rachael's making a Red Wine Risotto! Air Date : 28th-Jan-2019  Read More

Season 13 Episode 27 - Stylist Stacy London

You know about meal prep in the kitchen – but what about in your closet?! Stylist Stacy London is showing us how to "grab and go" with a week's worth of clothes. Then, FitMenCook author Kevin Curry shares his recipes for Purple Cabbage Rolls and Chipotle Cashew Dip. And real estate guru Ryan Serhant has answers for three of our viewers as they prep to buy and sell a home. Plus, Rachael’s serving up a cheese soufflé frittata you can make for brunch, lunch or dinner! Air Date : 29th-Jan-2019  Read More

Season 13 Episode 28 - Chef Giada De Laurentiis

Chef Giada De Laurentiis is in the kitchen today, and she's serving up a simple and tasty Italian cake! And renowned dietician Keri Glassman is answering some FAQs about nutrition — like is dairy really that bad for you? Then, Howard Stern's better half, Beth Stern, is here getting us ready for this weekend's "Kitten Bowl" – and she's bringing some adorable furry friends! Plus, Rachael's making a classic pasta with meatball dumplings… and meeting a waiter who went viral (for being less than a year old)! Air Date : 31st-Jan-2019  Read More

Season 13 Episode 29 - Annual Super Bowl Recipe Playoff

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and we're getting the party started with our annual "Super Bowl Recipe Playoff!" NFL stars Isaac Bruce, Ephraim Salaam and Nate Burleson are throwing down their best dishes – and this year, the guys are competing with teammates: their kids! Plus, Chef Richard Blais and his daughters are judging the competition, and they're throwing down game-day nachos. Then, founder of lifestyle media company Brit + Co, Brit Morin, has four décor DIYs to make your game day party a touchdown. And Rach serves up Beef & Chorizo Burgers with Smoky Salsa! Air Date : 1st-Feb-2019  Read More

Season 13 Episode 30 - Buddy Valastro Attempts to Break a World Record

We've got a record breaker of a show today! "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro sees how many cupcakes he can frost in one minute in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record. Then, one half of DIY duo "The Cousins," John Colaneri, hammers hard for his record. And we're meeting wild animals that hold records of their own! Plus, Rach is making a cozy grilled cheese with sundried tomato spread, and red cabbage soup. Air Date : 4th-Feb-2019  Read More

Season 13 Episode 31 - A Produce Pro and an Expert Butcher share their tips

Could you be saving more money at the grocery store? We've got a produce pro and an expert butcher sharing their tips on everything you need to know about finding the freshest food on the cheap. Then, makeup maven Mally Roncal provides three busy women with on-the-spot makeup lessons — like how to apply concealer the right way. And Treger and Rob Strasberg from the CW show "Welcome Home" demonstrate three great design ideas that won't break the bank. (Spoiler alert: the comic book lamps are so cute!) Plus, Rachael's making ramen bowls! Air Date : 7th-Feb-2019  Read More

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