Adam-12 - Season : 5

This is a list of episodes from the sixth season of Adam-12.

Season 5 Episode 1 - Dirt Duel

Motorcyclists are snatching purses and escaping down dirt roads. Reed holds a community meeting with the various motorcycle clubs (one of which is suspected in the snatchings), but one of the club leaders challenges Malloy to a race on one of the off-trails. Air Date : 13th-Sep-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 2 - The Late Baby

Malloy goes on a date with Officer Wells' niece, and Malloy learns just how over-protective her uncle is. Patrol calls include a prowler in a heavily wooded neighborhood, a flower vendor with a stack of unpaid tickets, check on a suspicious gardener, and a high-speed pursuit with a green Corvette leads to an unexpected ending. Air Date : 20th-Sep-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 3 - Airdrop

Malloy and Reed patrol the countryside around Los Angeles. A girl on horseback alerts them to a small plane that landed in a secluded area. The pilot has an excuse for his landing there, but later Malloy and Reed find out from Detectives and DEA agent Edwards that this is part of a Mexican drug smuggling ring is behind the landings. Air Date : 27th-Sep-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 4 - Lost And Found

Reed and Malloy rush an 8-year old to Rampart Emergency Hospital, where he is diagnosed with diabetes. Scared of the hospital, Jimmy runs off, and it's up to Reed and Malloy to find him before he goes into a diabetic coma. Elsewhere, Malloy's new girlfriend, Cathy, mans a hospital telephone hotline. Sherry, a 15-year old junkie, is threatening suicide to escape her troubled life. Malloy and Reed need to find her fast, before she OD's. Air Date : 4th-Oct-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 5 - Training Wheels

The officers undergo their driver refresher courses to hone their pursuit and driving skills. A rash of car strippers brings about a new approach suggested by Officer Wells: going undercover as paperboys riding bicycles to find the thieves. Hilarity ensues; Wells wrecks his bicycle that belonged to a young girl, Malloy deals with an irate newspaper customer, and Reed and Malloy pull over a VW Microbus on a traffic violation where the driver's parrot chanted "Down with Pigs!", but the tactics work and the officers break up the car stripping ring. Air Date : 12th-Oct-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 6 - Badge Heavy

Porter, a friend of Reed's, feels his partner Burnside is being a little "badge heavy" (rough) on his suspects. Later, Reed observes Burnside choking a suspect. Reed reports it but nothing is done by the Captain because the victim wouldn't admit Burnside was the aggressor... Air Date : 25th-Oct-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 7 - Harry Nobody

A hotel janitor (and wino) named Harry witnesses a murder in a hotel room, but refuses to talk until Reed shows him compassion and respect, both of which are lacking from his family and friends, but his testimony is clouded by his alcoholic past. Malloy relives his childhood by telling the story of his chaperoning a junior high dance. Air Date : 8th-Nov-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 8 - The Surprise

It's Malloy's birthday and he makes it known to Reed, "no surprise parties". Sgt. MacDonald warns the officers about a rash of robberies using milk crates to break store windows. Other calls include backing up a jewelry store robbery, an embarrassed male purse-snatching victim inside a negligee shop, a phony gas station worker at a closed gas station, a shootout in the police garage resulting from a drunk suspect officers failed to handcuff, and Officer Wells captures a B&E suspect based on a hunch by Malloy. Air Date : 15th-Nov-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 9 - Vendetta

A World War II survivor (and bar owner) sets an ambush for an unidentified intruder. Malloy and Reed try to intervene. Air Date : 22nd-Nov-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 10 - The Chaser

An out-of-state armed private investigator is inside a bar, looking for a bail jumper. Other calls include an elderly man wanting a group of cars driven by hippies ticketed for illegal parking, and a woman who demands the officers ticket her husband's car because he refuses to replace the balding tires on it. Air Date : 6th-Dec-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 11 - Hot Spell

Malloy and Reed have to wear their long-sleeved uniforms despite a hot forecast, then later found out they could have changed to short sleeves but missed the radio notification. The officers receive a tip about a bicycle pump that contains drugs, and a man complains about his grass being trampled during his yard sale. Air Date : 13th-Dec-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 12 - Gifts and Long Letters

Malloy and Reed are called to a hotel to stop a suicide attempt. Another patron of the hotel, a parolee with ties to organized crime, is extremely paranoid and thinks the mob is after him. The officers offer assistance to a man whose car needed a tire change, later learning he was a suspect in a robbery. Air Date : 20th-Dec-1972  Read More

Season 5 Episode 13 - O'Brien's Stand

Malloy's fiesty landlady, Mrs. O'Brien, has her purse stolen and refuses to leave the station until her case is settled. Malloy eventually suggests using a decoy to put an end to the heists. Another incident involved two men behaving erratically, and a call to a home where a man killed his son with a shovel. Air Date : 3rd-Jan-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 14 - Clear with a Civilian (1)

Reed spreads his flu to several other officers, leaving the station undermanned and Reed and Malloy with a double shift on their hands. Reed has a shootout with a rifle-toting man, Malloy has an argument with a storekeeper and a customer of the quality of merchandise, and Malloy tickets a woman (who turns out to be the new police commissioner) for failing to stop at a stop sign. Air Date : 10th-Jan-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 15 - Clear with a Civilian (2)

While on second shift, Malloy and Reed take Police Commissioner Dixon on a ride-along. They encounter a bar owner who locked a naked, elderly man inside, a fight with a knife-wielding man and another man with a gun, and a missing 17-year-old deaf boy with mental instabilities, which Reed recognizes as the boy that escaped his foot pursuit in the previous episode. Air Date : 17th-Jan-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 16 - Citizen's Arrest - 484

A woman is arrested for shoplifting, then escapes from custody during a disruption at the station. Later another call regarding a stolen baby involves their missing shoplifter, which leads to a disturbance call at an apartment complex. Another call resulted in a brief hostage situation between Reed and the suspected B&E of a warehouse; Reed manages to trick his way out and capture the suspect. Air Date : 24th-Jan-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 17 - The Beast

Malloy and Reed are given a different police car which has 300 miles to go until retirement, and also inherit its problems. Another call regarding warehouse activity (for the first time in eight years) results in the capture of a some burglary suspects. Air Date : 31st-Jan-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 18 - Killing Ground

Malloy and Reed pull over a car on a routine traffic stop and are taken hostage by two robbers escaping from their heist. The officers have to use all their skills to escape the situation. Air Date : 7th-Feb-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 19 - Night Watch

Reed spends a Saturday night talking about buying a used car, during the watch the officers handle a possible DUI but the driver passes the field sobriety tests, a shooting during which a man kills his recently paroled son-in-law, a car stripper, trick a man into revealing his name after pulling him over for speeding and finding the car has over $900 of unpaid tickets, and two beatings at motels. Air Date : 14th-Feb-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 20 - Suspended

A man in a green BMW holds a gun on Reed in an all-night grocery store; although Reed is uninjured, the man's accomplice is shot and makes a dying declaration that Reed was trigger-happy and fired without warning. Malloy and his by-the-book replacement partner locate the gunman and clear Reed's name. Air Date : 21st-Feb-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 21 - A Fool and His Money

Malloy wins $10,000 in a women's shampoo naming contest and is stampeded by people telling him what he should do with the money. Calls include an elderly male tenant complaining that a new elderly female tenant's Irish music is too loud, a sniper wreaking havoc until he is shot trying to escape in a car, a reported theft turned out to be a broke man whose three wives stripped the expensive house he was in clean except for the stolen items, and a wino is killed by another wino for his new tennis shoes. Air Date : 28th-Feb-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 22 - Anatomy of a 415

The officers spot a runaway young boy hiding in the woods; when they take him home they find it's a "frequent flyer" house for domestic abuse. Other incidents include a man who was waiting for his wife encountering a girl who offers him drugs, and a man trying to break into his truck after his dog locked him out. Air Date : 7th-Mar-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 23 - Keeping Tabs

Malloy and Reed pull over a speeding car full of teenagers, including Sgt. MacDonald's son, and Malloy finds himself in the middle between father and son on how to handle it. Other calls include a burglar who tries to run up the fire escape unsuccessfully, complaints about a woman feeding ducks interrupting two men and a chess game, two boyfriends fighting at knifepoint over a woman who leaves with a third man, and saving a drunk (played by Pat Buttram) who is trying to direct traffic at a busy intersection. Air Date : 14th-Mar-1973  Read More

Season 5 Episode 24 - Easy Rap

Reed loses a case against a young car thief in juvenile court, who later dies in high-speed pursuit. A girl's boyfriend dies from a heroin "hot shot", she buys drugs from the supplier and provides the serial number of the $10 bill she used to buy them. An elderly woman insists on being arrested rather than ticketed for a traffic violation. Air Date : 21st-Mar-1973  Read More

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