Kumi Imura

Born : 11th-Dec-1983

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Shisei: Nihohi tsuki no gotoku

Sunao Sato, who runs the studio following the wishes of her parents, who was a master of social dance, was spending days with her sister Hazuki (Sorami Imura) and her partner Ryosuke (Katsuno Yosuke). .. One day, Keiji (Koji Furukawa), whose partner was refused in Hazuki, attacks her, and Ryosuke, who happens to pass by accident, saves Hazuki ...
Released : 27th-Jun-2009

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Murder Net

Ai (Sorami Imura), who attends a girls' school in Tokyo, spends her student life with her classmates from middle school, Fuyumi, Chiharu, Akiko and Yoko. One day, a chain mail called "murder net" arrives on Ai's mobile phone. According to rumors, "You can kill someone by including the name of the person you want to kill and sending it to them." Ai didn't believe the rumors at all, but Fuyumi tells Ai to put her name on and send it, and Ai reluctantly sends her the name of Fuyumi. Immediately after that, Fuyumi jumps from the roof and commits suicide. After Fuyumi's death, a mysterious accident occurrs one after another, and the teacher dies... Did Fuyumi die due to the "murder net" sent by Ai?
Released : 6th-Nov-2004

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Oneechanbara THE MOVIE vorteX

Sisters Aya and Saki put aside their rivalry and go toe-to-toe with Himiko and her band of zombies. The evil Himiko needs the blood of the young girls to restore her youth, while the sisters need to stop Himiko to save mankind ...
Released : 2nd-Nov-2009

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Saitama Kazoku

A Japanese drama directed by Keihiro Kanyama.
Released : 12th-Oct-2013

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A string of brutal murders takes a bizarre turn of events when newly transferred student Ryouko begins to see ghosts roaming the school hallways.
Released : 19th-Mar-2005

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Samurai Warrior

Desperate to leave their humble origins behind, farmhands Tatsunori (Yuma Ishigaki), Ken (Suzunosuke) and Yonesuke (Ohkuchi Kengo) assume the identities of Samurai warriors in order to help protect a village from the daily raids of local bandits. But the three soon find themselves out on a limb when real Samurai Jojima (Ichinose Hidekazu) returns from the war and confronts them.
Released : 6th-Mar-2010

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High Kick Girl!

High schooler Kei Tsuchiya joins The Destroyers when she decides that her longtime karate master is holding her back. She realizes her mistake but it's too late.
Released : 30th-May-2009

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The Last Revenge

This is the true story of the last officially recorded case of adauchi, when a young man avenged the death of his father by brutally killing the murderers in broad daylight. Samurai revenge killings, or adauchi, was considered a rightful and noble act of honor and virtue.But all that changed abruptly on February 7, 1873, when adauchi became prohibited as part of the Meiji Restoration’s goal to Westernize Japan.
Released : 26th-Feb-2011

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Afro Tanaka

Hiroshi Tanaka sports an intense perm which looks like the afro hairstyle favored by some African-Americans back in the 1970's. He doesn't get his hair done at a hair shop, he was actually born with his hair like that. For freedom, Hiroshi moves to Tokyo. He works hard there and, even though he turns 24, he still doesn't have a girlfriend. Meanwhile, a school friend informs Hiroshi that he is going to get married. Hiroshi remembers a promise that they made. Hiroshi is even more impatient to find a girlfriend. A beautiful woman named Aya Kato then moves into the neighborhood.
Released : 18th-Feb-2012

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Tokyo Friends: The Movie

Rei Iwatsuki moved from her hometown Kōchi to Tokyo to pursue her dreams. On arrival, she found a job as a waitress in a restaurant and met guitarist Ryuuji Shintani. Ryuuji liked her voice and invited her to join his band as the vocalist, The Survival Company (also known as Sabakan). The two started a relationship but then broke off when Rei wanted to write her own songs. Rei met other girls also working in the restaurant, Hirono, Ryoko and Maki, all in pursuit of their own dreams, and became good friends with all of them. One day, Rei receives news that Takashi was seen in New York and she decides to go look for him...
Released : 12th-Aug-2006

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Rivera - "Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns. But by the blade of Knights, Mankind was given hope." The Makai fight a secret war against the demon forces known as Horrors, evil creatures that manifest themselves through darkness to devour Humanity. On the frontlines are the Makai Knights, given the task of watching over a district and eliminating any Horrors that manifest there. GARO follows the tales of the Knights bearing the title of ‘Golden Knight Garo’, and their duty to vanquish the Horrors and protect Humanity from the darkness.
Released : 7th-Oct-2005

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Ami - "Gakeppuchi no Eri" describes the turbulent life of Eriko (Yamada), who has been extremely poor since childhood, due to the debt left by her parents. Despite constant misfortune, she aims to achieve happiness and money by moving to Tokyo to pursue life as a manga artist. --Tokyograph
Released : 9th-Jul-2010

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Rin Sakyou - Akebono City is a peaceful community overflowing with humanity. Since there was a Power Spot that released the magical power in the community, the people were distressed by the threat of the demon army Jamanga who are gathering Minus Energy (マイナスエネルギー Mainasu Enerugī) from the frightened masses for a sinister purpose. The secret organization S.H.O.T. was formed to protect the people of the community from the Jamanga, concealing their existence as ordinary members of the Akebono Police Station, which considers demons beyond their jurisdiction. Kenji Narukami, a student of the Narukami Dragon God Style (鳴神龍神流 Narukami Ryūjinryū) for fighting demons, arrives at Akebono to fight the demons, eventually getting his wish when he is transformed to RyuKenDo and faces off against Jamanga's forces together with his friends to restore peace in the community.
Released : 8th-Jan-2006

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Nakazono Kaori - Back in his high school years, Kazama Masamune had a girlfriend four years his senior, who one day left to go study abroad. Now, six years later, Kazama hears that his girlfriend has passed away, and that she had secretly given birth to their daughter, who is now five years old. Kazama then decides to raise his daughter on his own.
Released : 9th-Oct-2009

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