Khaled El Sawy

Born : 25th-Nov-1963

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Zarf Tarek

Tarek is a young man who is working at a telecommunications company,and he fell in love with a girl when he heard her voice in a radio talk show (ANA WEL NOGOM W HAWAK). A customer of the company he works at asks him to spy on a girl which stole a valuable thing from him. When Tarek does his searches, he discovers that she is the girl he have dreamed about.
Released : 3rd-Jan-2006

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El Farah

The film revolves around a local egyptian wedding, and followed by the popular customs andtraditions and special gifts that are exchanged between people.But everything just goes wrong when a son refuses to stop the wedding and make a proper burial for his mother who died in the middle of the wedding.
Released : 19th-Mar-2009

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Keda Reda

A comedy about a triplet brothers but with only one birth certificate.
Released : 31st-Jul-2007

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The Yacoubian Building

Cairo: a 70-year-old building of once-luxury flats with tenements on the roof. Zika, an aging libertine, feuds with his sister. Pius Haj Azzam takes a second wife, in secret, to satisfy sexual drive within religious bounds. Bothayna, poor and beautiful, supports her family, wanting to do so with dignity intact. Her former fiancé, Taha, the janitor's son, humiliated by the police, turns to fundamentalism. Hatem, a gay editor, seduces and corrupts a young man from the sticks. Two brothers, Copts, one a tailor and one Zika's factotum, connive for property. Allah is on most everyone's lips, and corruption is in their hearts.
Released : 1st-Jun-2006

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El Basha Telmiz

The film revolves in the context of romantic comedy and action through the character of a police officer under covered as student in a university and befriends key students to uncover a drug distribution network within the university.
Released : 27th-Jan-2004

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A violent murder takes place in a quiet neighborhood, Abou Leil(Khaled El Sawy), is in charge of the investigation to unveil the identity of the mutilated body and his killer..
Released : 28th-Oct-2009

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Released : 27th-Jan-2009

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The Island

A drug dealing, secretive, and brutal clan control a tightknit community in Upper Egypt. The movie tracks the rise of the Mansour Hafny (Ahmed El-Sakka), the educated son of the clan’s leader, as he consolidates his power over the region. Mansour clashes with the police, enters a blood feud with a rival clan, but yearns for the daughter of his worst enemy. A police officer, Tarek (Mahmoud Abdel-Moghni), is posted to the region in order to stop Mansour, but discovers even deadlier secrets of corruption.
Released : 18th-Dec-2007

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The Thief and the Fool

A foolish man down on his luck is befriended by another man who lost his eye in a brawl. Little does he know that his new, one-eyed friend is scheming to steal his eye and has enlisted the help of his nurse friend (Ruby), who works in an organ-trading hospital.
Released : 22nd-May-2013

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Legend of the Lost Tomb

While excavating near the Pyramids, Dr. Leonhardt finds a small box with a map to the treasures of the Pharaoh Ramessess II. On his way to deliver this to the local authorities, he is kidnapped by his nemesis Dr. Bent. Before Bent can retrieve the papyrus map, Karen, who is Leonhardt's student assistant, and John, Leonhardt's son take the map to look for Leonhardt. They soon find that Bent is in hot pursuit and they figure that the only way to save Leonhardt is to be the first to the treasure so that they could ransom the Doctor from Bent. But Bent has other plans for all three of them.
Released : 3rd-Jan-1997

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The film revolves around a young man from a prominent family in the community, but disjointed, immersed its members in achieving their own interests, arose alone looking for and he wanted to find itself in disobedience to his family and committing the crime since its inception, and passes time and increase his abilities ... Criminal and Touhhh in the implementation of those crimes and varied relations with the community criminal Vengda involved in the operations of the arms trade and political assassinations, then led by fate in a love affair with a beautiful girl change the parameters of his life and feel for the first time in the sense of love and Dfih and was trying to get money to build a new life with his sweetheart Faakd intent to commit his crimes last to do it.
Released : 1st-Jul-2009

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The Blue Elephant

Psychiatrist Dr. Yehia returns to El-Abbaseya Hospital five years after the death of his family. His return coincide with the arrival of a new patient, Sherif, a friend from college, who is accused of murder.
Released : 28th-Jul-2014

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A terrorist group trying to blow up a nightclub and when a terrorist goes to blow the club finds that there are people who do not deserve death
Released : 1st-Jun-2008

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An undercover, government assassin meets a beautiful computer tech that is recovering from a break-up, he falls in love and trades his exotic life for domestic bliss. Three years later, on his birthday he finds out that he is the target of a multi-million dollar hit. And the hired killers have been stalking him for years, and could be anyone. Now they are on the run, their lives turned into a paranoid game, all the while trying to save act normal with his in-laws and neighbours.
Released : 29th-Jun-2010

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Based on the autobiography of Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm.
Released : 1st-Jun-2011

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The Originals

Samir is the head of a small family and a bank employee and stable in his work, but separated after the decision to reduce the employment and then surprise that his bank balance zero and after days find a box with a mobile phone to meet a call changed his life by recruiting him to spy on people through an organization called The Originals.
Released : 25th-Jun-2017

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The Island 2

Following the events of the first part, which were based on the true events from drug dealer Ezzat Hefny's life that occurred in Al Nekheila village, the sequel follows Mansour Hefny's escape from prison during the January revolution, accompanied by a Muslim Brotherhood member, and his return to the drug business, and his attempt to take revenge from his enemies, taking advantage of the security unrest that has struck the country.
Released : 1st-Oct-2014

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Get Out Here for me

Youssef is a young man who lives in an under-privileged part of the city. He finds a book called "Get Out Here for Me" and two of its characters materialize out of it and they start shaping Youssef's personality between kindness and aggression. While he is attempting to win the heart of his beloved Ameenah, Youssef and his new character-friends go through many obstacles with situational humor.
Released : 17th-Jan-2018

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Three Months

the plot is unknown
Released : Unknown

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A social drama that deals with the tense relationship between Muslims and Christians, through the story of a young Muslim who falls in love with a Christian girl and marries her despite the objection of everyone. On the other hand it revolves around the involvement of a businessman in a major corruption case in the country.
Released : 16th-Jun-2018

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Run Away Kids

(Hassan, Arafah, and Sultan), a group of friends working in the field of reviving weddings by riding motorcycles in the area of Siof in Alexandria, each young man lives a different story, but they meet in the same dream of traveling abroad, and their friend (Fadl Matareya) In their dream, after successfully traveling, they fall prey to a person called Pasha, who falsifies their papers, passports and military service certificates, and as their dream begins to verify, the surprise occurs.
Released : 28th-Jun-2006

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Ghawy Hob

Salah singer is known, enjoys idealism and humanity. He left the police academy to sing, and then life pushed him in another direction. He met again with his old sweetheart Malak, who was his childhood friend, and now she is a successful businesswoman, yet she is romantic and has a personal power. , And begins to search for Salah, and after you meet him, the husband begins to intervene, where he kidnaps the nephew of Salah for the sake of compromise, both Salah and his friend, the sole announcer, in the restoration of the small at any price.
Released : 11th-Feb-2006

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The Morals Of Slaves

Khaled Al-Sawy is a businessman who suffers from a mental disorder, which makes him prone to any nervous breakdown. He returns to Egypt from abroad to start over but faces many challenges that change the course of his life.
Released : 29th-Mar-2017

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The Guest

A young man is invited for dinner with the family of Dr. Yehia Hussein Al-Tijani through the daughter that loves him. But, Dr. Yehia experiences the worst days of his life after assigning a guard on him because of the threats he gets on his bold opinions, the dinner then turns into an interesting conversation between the guest and the father.
Released : 6th-Jan-2019

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- A police officer investigates a series of crimes
Released : 19th-Jun-2015

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