Bill Switzer

Although born in Houston, Bill Switzer moved with his family to Calgary a year after his birth and then to Vancouver in 1990. He worked as an actor in the Canadian film industry from 1995 until 2004 and worked in a variety of positions in a number of industries throughout Canada creating an uncommon set of skills and practical knowledge. From small engine mechanics to 3D modeling, voice acting to assisting in geophysical surveys, Bill has a multifaceted pool of experience to draw from when set to task. He graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in 2009 and is living in Yellowknife, working for the local branch of Aurora Geosciences, a mineral exploration company. Besides that, he is also a freelance web designer/3D modeler, motorcycle/small engine mechanic and as a general handyman. One of six finalists for the 10th annual YTV Achievement Awards in the category of Acting. The YTV Achievement Awards honor youth that have made a significant achievement in one of fifteen categories. Has 2 younger sisters Is friends with Andrew Francis. Born : 28th-Mar-1984

Movie Credits

Mail To The Chief

A humorous and inspiring adventure about an ordinary middle school student who strikes up an online friendship with someone bearing the screen name Average Joe, only to discover that he's been corresponding with and giving political advice to the President of the United States.
Released : 2nd-Apr-2000

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Darren Huenemann, a spoiled 18-year old plots to have two classmates murder his mother and grandmother so he can inherit their fortunes. His worship of Caligula leads him to treat all like those in the Roman Imperial Court, manipulating, threatening and cajoling those who would stand in his way. Based on a true story of the early Nineties in British Columbia.
Released : 20th-Sep-2000

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Mama, Do You Love Me?

Charming tale of affection, adventure, and wonder in which a young Inuit girl disobeys her mother and wanders away from home.
Released : 19th-Jun-1999

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The Dinosaur Hunter

A 13-year-old girl and her older brother live on a farm where paleontologists search for fossils.
Released : 5th-Aug-2000

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Locked in Silence

A story of a young boy who becomes an elective mute after witnessing what he believes to be the killing by his older brother of a teenage boy. The young boy's brother then tells him not to say anything because of the trouble it would cause in the family... so he doesn't say anything again. The problem is that the young boy so enjoys his acceptance by others of his mutism that it brings his family, a loving and caring farm family, to the brink of financial ruin in medical and psychological costs to cure him. Based on a true story, this is the intelligent telling of a family in crisis, and the work of doctors in dealing with this mental illness.
Released : 1st-Jan-1999

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The Christmas List

Perfume saleslady Melody Parris feels like her life is in neutral. Her stick-in-the mud boyfriend won't commit and she gets passed over for a promotion at the store where she works. She decides to make a Christmas list. After it's deposited in Santa's mailbox at the store, she starts getting everything she wanted, but it doesn't always turn out as she expected.
Released : 1st-Dec-1997

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When Danger Follows You Home

A single mom and psychiatric intern encounters a troubled but brilliant young man who turns up dead in her house after she befriended him. When she finds herself the prime suspect, she sets out to solve the crime and clear her name.
Released : 3rd-Dec-1997

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Shari's Passover Surprise

Trouble brews as Charlie Horse's campaign for class president leads him to invite the whole class to Shari's for Passover... a fact he conveniently forgets to pass on to Shari until the eleventh hour. Meanwhile, everyone else is getting in on the action... Dom Deluise gets an education on the Seder plate and the significance of each item it holds, and neighbor Robert Guillaume delivers a song and dance explanation of the history of Passover.
Released : 14th-Apr-1996

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A Call to Remember

Paula Tobias, a Holocaust survivor who has suffered the ultimate personal tragedy of losing her spouse and children during the Nazi occupation of World War II. Now re-married and living in America during the late 1960's with husband David, they build a new life together with sons Ben and Jake. One evening, Paula receives a phone call which assures her that her son, Alec, is actually alive and in New York. This brings up painful memories from the past for everyone involved, including Ben and Jake, who force their father to talk about the Holocaust. Paula rushes to New York only to find that it was a mistake - Alec was never found. She falls into a dramatic depression, as the family confronts their fears and tries to stay together.
Released : 30th-Aug-1997

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Mr. Rice's Secret

A terminally-ill boy's life is saved when his deceased 400-year-old friend, "Mr. Rice", leads him on a treasure hunt to find a magical "Potion of Life".
Released : 22nd-Dec-2000

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While other kids buy into countless hours of studying just so they can get a mark in some teacher's report book, Handsome Davis sees it as nothing more than a system of control over your mind. That's why Handsome and his three best friends Sammy, Victor and the cribsheet genius Applebee have banded together and found ways to cheat on their tests all through their school years.
Released : 31st-Oct-2002

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TV Credits

X-Men: Evolution

- Teenagers Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Spike fight for a world that fears and hates them.
Released : 4th-Nov-2000

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Sabrina: The Animated Series

Harvey Kinkle (voice) - Sabrina: The Animated Series is an American animated television series based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. It was produced by Savage Studios Ltd. and Hartbreak Films in association with DIC Entertainment, which was owned by Disney at the time. The cartoon series is a spin-off of the popular live action series that ran on ABC. Later, a movie, Sabrina: Friends Forever, and a spin-off series, Sabrina's Secret Life, were produced by DiC, this time without the ownership of Disney. Reruns currently air on the "This Is for Kids" block on the TV channel This.
Released : 6th-Sep-1999

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The Dead Zone

- Johnny Smith discovers he has developed psychic abilities after a coma.
Released : 16th-Jun-2002

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Sabrina's Secret Life

- Sabrina enrolls in secret witchcraft training classes while attending her normal high school, but discovers she must share her clandestine instruction and her regular school with Portia, a snooty young witch from the “other side”. Thus the stage is set for magical mayhem in the craziest, weirdest, most mixed-up world of all: high school.
Released : 10th-Nov-2003

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Mummies Alive!

Pressley (voice) - Mummies Alive! is an American animated series from DIC Entertainment. It originally aired for one season in 1997. In ancient Egypt, an evil sorcerer named Scarab, kills the pharaoh's son, Prince Rapses, so he can become immortal. Entombed alive for his crime, Scarab revives in the modern world and begins his search for Rapses' reincarnation, a San Francisco-dwelling boy named Presley Carnovan to retrieve the spirit of Rapses' so he can become immortal. Rapses' bodyguards, Ja-Kal, Rath, Armon, and Nefer-Tina, along with Rapses' cat, Kahti, awake from the dead to protect him from Scarab. They use the power of Ra to transform into powerful guardians. Each of the mummies is aligned with the power of an Egyptian god. Ja-Kal uses the spirit of falcon, Rath uses the spirit of snake, Armon uses the spirit of ram, and Nefer-Tina uses the spirit of cat. They are able to call upon it for magical armor and powers to fight superhuman evildoers. Although, once their strength is exhausted, they must rest in their sarcophagi to regain the ability. In order to access these powers, the mummies call out the phrase "With the Strength of Ra!", which triggers their transformation. The mummies also have the power to make a horrifying face, usually used to scare away nosy bystanders.
Released : 15th-Sep-1997

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Shade / Haglund Pigeon (voice) - A young bat and his friends struggle to find his colony and free it from an ancient and unjust punishment.
Released : 6th-Sep-2003

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Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension

Mitchell Taylor - A new mystery begins for two young boys in the seemingly ordinary town of Eerie, Indiana as they experience strange and interesting phenomena.
Released : 7th-Feb-1998

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The Sentinel

Edward Lazar - The Sentinel is a Canadian-produced television series. In the jungles of peru, the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective Jim Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Anthropologist Blair Sandburg works side by side with Jim, helping him develop these senses.
Released : 20th-Mar-1996

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First Wave

Nick Patterson - First Wave is a Canadian/American science fiction television series, filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, that aired from 1998 to 2001 on the Sci-Fi Channel. The show was created by Chris Brancato, who co-wrote an early version of the script for the seminal X-Files episode "Eve". Francis Ford Coppola was executive producer on the show. In an unusual move, the Sci-Fi Channel picked up the series on a 66-episode contract. The show was subsequently canceled once the contract expired at the end of the third season due to disappointing ratings.
Released : 9th-Sep-1998

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Extreme Dinosaurs

- In the present a team of four anthropomorphic dinosaurs, created by aliens, must stop three anthropomorphic velociraptors who want to cause a cataclysm that would speed up global warming and make Earth's climate pleasant for dinosaurs again.
Released : 1st-Sep-1997

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Rainbow Fish

Stingo (Voice) - Based on the popular books by Marcus Pfister, the animated series follows the adventures of a boy fish with glittering scales and his friends in the underwater Bay of Neptune.
Released : 8th-Jan-2000

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Philthy - While searching for their missing father, Alex & Cleo Bellows are drawn into the actual myths when entering the Cyber Museum. They encounter Gorgos, a trickster god, who wants to destroy the world by constantly changing the famous myths.
Released : 1st-Aug-2001

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