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The origin stories of 10 athletes, entertainers, and musicians. Each episode centers around a visit to the celebrity‚Äôs hometown, touring important locations central to their upbringing. A supporting cast of family members, coaches, teachers, mentors and friends are interviewed, sharing rarely [...]  Read More


Insight into the London, West Midlands and North West of England ambulance services, from the highly pressurised control room to the crews on the streets. Ambulance provides an honest 360 degree snapshot of the daily dilemmas and pressures.  Read More

Paranormal Nightshift

By day the workplace is rational and efficient, but at night the same offices, hotels and restaurants become the domain of the supernatural and unexplained. Those who work the graveyard shift reveal their terrifying brushes with the paranormal while on the job.  Read More

Gardening Australia

Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining Australian gardeners around the nation.  Read More

Gardeners World

Gardeners World is a long running BBC Television programme about gardening, first broadcast in 1968 and still running as of 2013. Its first episode was presented by Ken Burras and came from Oxford Botanical Gardens. The magazine BBC Gardeners World is a tie in to the programme. Most of its epi [...]  Read More

Weird But True!

The brother sister duo of Charlie and Kirby Engelman hosts this series that explores the science between the planet and its wildlife. A different topic is explored in each episode by ecologist Charlie and artist Kirby. The siblings look to inspire young people to question the "how" and "why" b [...]  Read More


UEach episode of Hoarders is a fascinating look inside the lives of two different people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of a personal crisis.  Read More

Extreme Unboxing

Follow a group of larger than life personalities from across the country as they buy liquidated merchandise for pennies on the dollar and unbox it with hopes for big profits. Risking their own money to bid on and win the best boxes at the best prices, pallets are delivered to their homes for t [...]  Read More

Holey Moley

Its mini golf like youve never seen it before. Every week, the first of its kind mini golf competition series features 12 mini golfers facing off in a series of head to head, sudden death matchups.  Read More

My Feet Are Killing Me

Medical docu format following Dr. Ebonie Vincent & Dr. Brad Schaefer as they tackle foot problems. Everything from grave ailments and cosmetic procedures to foot reconstruction. Each episode sees endearing patients undergo treatment to fix embarrassing foot problems with unbelievable results.  Read More

Fire Masters

Enter the inferno in this exhilarating food competition. In each episode, three chefs push their grilling talents to the limit as they do battle in fiery culinary challenges. One chef is eliminated in each of the first two rounds. The last chef standing then goes head to head with a Fire Maste [...]  Read More