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Canadas Got Talent

Canadas Got Talent is a Canadian reality talent show series that debuted on the City television network on March 4, 2012, and is part of the global Got Talent franchise. Canadas Got Talent features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other performers of all ages competing for a cash prize.  Read More

Pawn Stars

Go inside the colorful world of the pawn business. At the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas, generations of the Harrison family run the family business, and there’s clashing and camaraderie every step of the way.  Read More

Expedition Bigfoot

An elite team of Sasquatch specialists journey into the unforgiving Oregon wilderness in search of Bigfoot. The three week expedition, based on science and expertise, may finally pull the elusive beast out of the pages of legend and lore and into reality.  Read More

The Voice

Contestants compete in a singing competition that focuses on the quality of their voice.  Read More

Grand Sumo Live

Professional sumo wrestlers from all over Japan compete against each other to emerge victorious and win the coveted title, live.  Read More

WWE Talking Smack

Catches up with your favorite SmackDown Superstars after the show to hear their thoughts and opinions on all of the evenings action and excitement. Nothing is off limits when these men and women are Talking Smack!  Read More

We Hunt Together

Explore the intoxication of sexual attraction, the dangerous power of emotional manipulation, and how finding a volatile form of solace in another can have dire consequences as two conflicted coppers track down a pair of deadly killers.  Read More

Love in the Jungle

Single men and women, fed up with the modern dating world, compete to find their mate.  Read More

Blowing Up History

Some of the most iconic and historic buildings of the ancient and medieval worlds are examined by blow apart CGI animation to reveal how these structures were built. Using the latest archaeological investigations combined with X Ray and LiDar scanning technologies, the series delves into the m [...]  Read More

90 Day Fiance

Getting through customs is just the beginning. With just 90 days to wed on a fiancé visa, follow international couples as they attempt to overcome cultural barriers and family drama while in search of true love that knows no borders.  Read More

The Family Court Murders

Four murders. Five bombs. Scores injured. Attacks that hit at the heart of the judicial system. Crime journalist Debi Marshall investigates the Family Court Murders.  Read More

Foreign Correspondent

Australias leading international affairs program featuring fascinating, in depth stories from the ABCs unrivalled network of foreign correspondents.  Read More