Latest Kodi TV

Party of Five

Five brothers and sisters are determined to stay together following the tragic loss of their parents.  Read More

Criminal Minds

An elite team of FBI profilers analyze the countrys most twisted criminal minds, anticipating their next moves before they strike again. The Behavioral Analysis Units most experienced agent is David Rossi, a founding member of the BAU who returns to help the team solve new cases.  Read More

Nancy Drew

Young Nancy Drew makes plans to leave her hometown for college after high school graduation, but finds herself drawn into a supernatural murder mystery.  Read More

Single Parents

A group of single parents lean on each other to help raise their 7 year old kids and maintain some kind of personal lives outside of parenthood.  Read More

Good Trouble

After moving to The Coterie in Downtown Los Angeles, Callie and Mariana Foster realize that living on their own is not all that it’s cracked up to be.  Read More

Homicide Hunter- Lt Joe Kenda

A non fiction investigative series of murder cases told through the personal experience of retired detective, Lieutenant Joe Kenda. Through re enactments, discussions with investigation teams, and interviews with victims families and other involved persons, the show highlights Kendas successes [...]  Read More

The Explosion Show

Tory Belleci of the MythBusters and Tommy Passemante from Nitro Circus are on a mission to take audiences on an unpredictable ride, hanging with the experts, daredevils and professionals who are in the business of making things explode.  Read More

Chicago P.D.

A riveting police drama about the men and women of the Chicago Police Departments District 21 who put it all on the line to serve and protect their community. District 21 is made up of two distinctly different groups: the uniformed cops who patrol the beat and go head to head with the citys st [...]  Read More


Follows a locally born and bred S.W.A.T. lieutenant who is torn between loyalty to the streets and duty to his fellow officers when hes tasked to run a highly trained unit thats the last stop for solving crimes in Los Angeles.  Read More


Dex Parios is a strong, assertive, and unapologetically sharp witted Army veteran working as a P.I. in Portland, Oregon. With a complicated personal history and only herself to rely on, she solves other people’s messes with a blind eye toward her own.  Read More

Richard Hammonds Big

Richard Hammond embarks on a global adventure to explore the world’s biggest structures and machines and discover how engineers build, maintain and use them.  Read More

The Vet Life

Follow veterinarians Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne, who recently moved to Houston to open a full service veterinarian hospital and animal shelter together. The series captures the doctors lives as they juggle running a new business while managing their family life fi [...]  Read More