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Council of Dads

When Scott Perry, a loving father of five, has his entire life’s plan thrown into upheaval by an unexpected health scare, he calls on a few of his most trusted friends to step in as backup dads to help guide and support his growing family.  Read More

Strange Evidence

Worldwide, 300 million surveillance cameras are watching us, on our streets, at work, and in our homes. At times, they capture images that dont seem to follow the normal laws of physics. A new Science Channel series investigates mysteries caught on tape and uncovers the science behind some of [...]  Read More

Ghost Adventures- Quarantine

The fearless four quarantine themselves for two weeks in Bagans famed Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, all by themselves.  Read More

The Bold Type

A glimpse into the outrageous lives of Jane, Kat and Sutton, who are working at the nations top womens magazine, Scarlet, while navigating their careers, identities and individual voices.  Read More

In the Dark

Murphy is a flawed and irreverent woman who just happens to be blind and is the only “witness” to the murder of her drug dealing friend, Tyson. When the police dismiss her story, she sets out with her dog, Pretzel, to find the killer while also managing her colorful dating life and the job she [...]  Read More


A vast international plot explodes when a beautiful Jane Doe is discovered naked in Times Square, completely covered in mysterious, intricate tattoos with no memory of who she is or how she got there. But theres one tattoo that is impossible to miss: the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller, emblazon [...]  Read More

Dead Reckoning

True crimes are reenacted.  Read More

Home Town

Erin and Ben Napier, a small town Mississippi couple, renovate neighborhood historical houses giving them modern and affordable updates. From Erins imaginative hand sketches to Bens custom handiwork, this couple is bringing homes back to life and making sure their small towns future is as brig [...]  Read More


A professional wrestling program showcasing the best of WWEs UK division.  Read More


Insight into the London, West Midlands and North West of England ambulance services, from the highly pressurised control room to the crews on the streets. Ambulance provides an honest 360 degree snapshot of the daily dilemmas and pressures.  Read More

The Talk

A panel of well known news and entertainment personalities discussing current events, pop culture, contemporary issues, family, celebrity and the trending topics of the day.  Read More