Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Tagline : It's nothing personal.

Runtime : 137 mins

Genre : Action Thriller Science Fiction

Vote Rating : 8.1/10

Budget : 102 million $ USD

Revenue : 520 million $ USD

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Plot : Set ten years after the events of the original, James Cameron’s classic sci-fi action flick tells the story of a second attempt to get the rid of rebellion leader John Connor, this time targeting the boy himself. However, the rebellion has sent a reprogrammed terminator to protect Connor.

Cast Members

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Terminator 2 is basically one of the greatest films of all time, its an absolute must watch if you like Science Fiction, Action, or even Comedy films. It could have been so bad, but the film somehow pulls it off with crazy stunts, an amazing cast and a great story. The film really tackles the fate of humanity straight on which gets you thinking about our path as a species but also what we can do today to change things. The story takes you on a journey which is one of the most believable time travel movies of all time. The action scenes are fantastic, with wall to wall fighting, car chases and military maneuvers that will keep you on the edge of your seat. That's mixed with a great cast and brilliant story telling from the directory. I would say its even better than the first movie which is also a classic. Overall I have probably seen this movie 20 or 30 times over the last 25 years(go is it that long!!) and still don't get bored. Its a timeless classic that I urge everyone to watch.

While I am in that minority which believes it is actually the first _Terminator_ movie which is the best of the franchise, don't let that for one minute convince you I don't absolutely love _Judgement Day_. It's honestly pretty crazy to me how just bonkers good these first two _Terminator_ movies are. Especially when you consider how completely every single sequel managed to miss the mark. I like to imagine that in the Good Timeline, where everything isn't Terrible™, this movie is exactly the same, but the trailer doesn't spoil the twist about Robert Patrick being a Terminator and Arnie being a good guy. I know that they also spoil the twist about who's a Terminator and who's not and who's a bad guy and who's not in the trailers for the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th too, but I'm pretty sure that in the Good Timeline those never got made, so whatever. _Final rating:★★★★½ - Ridiculously strong appeal. I can’t stop thinking about it._

Great watch, will watch again, and can recommend. This is everything the original was turned up one notch. Now Arnold is a caring unfeeling robot, and we missed a whole movie where Sarah Connor went hard into training. This has twists, escapes, a liquid terminator, better special and practical effects, some big explosions, active discussion of how to change the future, and some really iconic moments. The movie isn't chatty in the traditional sense, once Arnold gets involved, all the dialogue outside the asylum is very much to mechanically move the plot forward. The terminators don't voluntary "chat", they more vomit exposition dialogue. While I'll always remember this as a great movie, it isn't without its flaws. Hearing John's pre-pubescent voice cracking almost made me turn it off, and I know I found a couple of (small) problems while I was watching, but I couldn't remember them by the end of the movie, so they're clearly not that important. I may have been a bad foley sound on a weapon, and probably something that the T-800 that didn't seem robo-talk enough. I honestly don't know who isn't going to like this movie: it even has a low kill count.

So, it is time to review the last good Terminator movie. When T3 came out, I swear that people forgot it was even released... but at least it felt like it belonged in the Terminator franchise. When Salvation dropped, it felt like it fit as well, but it was an MCG film, so it also felt like Terminator meets Mickey Mouse. And when Terminator Typo was released, it kind of did it's best to completely alienate all the fans that the franchise had developed over the years. But this one, well, this one actually was great. The Robert Patrick T-1000 liquid metal thing looked amazing, Patrick acted ominous and frightening, and seemed like a legit threat despite the size difference between he and Arnold. And in the process the T-1000 managed to produce some truly creepy visuals. And this John Connor, Edward Furlong, was absolutely amazing. You really got the sense from him that he could be the man that leads the rebellion in the future. And, Sarah Connor was buff, and upped her game as the heroine that could do, well, actually do the action she was required to preform. And not only that she was creepy and obsessed as well. She looked and acted like the kind of survivalist that would train the future savior of the world. It all came together as a brilliant move with old Arnold playing the good guy this time, and, though it was an obvious bank on his star power, they pulled it off so no one would care. Right down to the first meeting where John didn't know if he could be trusted or not. It was a fantastic story with fantastic visuals, and it all made of a stellar and entertaining watch.

Behold what we like to call the Greatest Action Movie Ever Made, and for good reason. For me this sits without a doubt as one of the best movies (and movie sequels) I've ever seen. The action scenes, action set pieces, practical (and visual) effects are truly incredible for their time and still hold up today. Solid 10/10, highly recommend the full 2h 33m extended cut.

I'm never really a fan of kids in movies, but Edward Furlong turns in some attitude here with his performance as the ten year old "John Connor". Turns out that he is the target of the the latest "Skynet" plot to destroy the resistance to their impending world domination (in a worryingly close 2029!). They have sent a new, improved, "T1000" (Robert Patrick) back in time to throttle him. Luckily, his future self has had the presence of mind to send one of the original models (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back on protection detail. As the devastation mounts and the bodies pile up, the young man convinces his protector to get his mother out of her secure institution - the authorities weren't convinced about her stories of futuristic "terminator" robots after last time - and also, to stop routinely killing people! It took James Cameron quite a while to put this sequel together, and it is almost as good as the original. Loads of action, some great visual and pyrotechnic effects as well as some quite engaging comedy moments that allow the story to deliver a surprising amount of characterisation for an action movie. You do feel just the tiniest bit invested in them, and though I did find the denouement dragged out just a little, it's a solidly entertaining piece of big screen cinema that allows a man who really cannot act to own the screen. Great fun.

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