T. J. Hooker - Season : 2

Season 2 Episode 1 - Second Chance

The murder of a dancer who has had a lock of her hair cut off signifies to Hooker that a serial killer he pursed eight years previously is back in operation. Hooker is concerned for the only victim to survive one of the previous attacks - a dance teacher with whom he nearly fell in love - and sets about protecting her, believing that the killer will go after her again to try and finish the job... Air Date : 25th-Sep-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 2 - King of the Hill

The latest in a series of armed robberies on super-markets leaves a young cashier possibly paralysed when the thieves take her hostage and then push her from their speeding car to slow up the pursuing cops. The cars used by the robbers are specially modified "hill racers", leading to the local hill racing champion, an old friend of Hooker's, being wrongly arrested as the prime suspect. Hooker must prove his innocence by speeding after the real culprits... Air Date : 2nd-Oct-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 3 - The Empty Gun

Two armed juveniles rob a liquor store, and the ensuing Police pursuit results in an Officer being shot dead. Romano waits until the killer is out of bullets before he corners and apprehends him, resulting in a number of Officers being angry at Romano for not avenging their colleague's death. Hooker is torn as his partner is slated for going by the book and not taking the opportunity to shoot the cop-killer... Air Date : 16th-Oct-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 4 - Blind Justice [a.k.a. Blind Watch]

When two thugs rob a cinema box office, leaving the cashier seriously wounded, a passing woman is the only witness. Hooker tries to question her on what she saw, only to find that she is blind. Not only that, she is very reluctant to co-operate, and Hooker must work hard to change her mind. Meanwhile, the two armed robbers, planning their next big box office heist on an upcoming Beach Boys concert, are unaware that the woman has no sight, and intend to see that she isn't around to give the Police their discriptions... Air Date : 23rd-Oct-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 5 - Big Foot

When a man attacks and rapes a young female jogger, Hooker and Romano find themselves on the trail of a serial rapist who has left behind only one clue: a size 13 shoe-print... Air Date : 30th-Oct-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 6 - Terror at the Academy

When a highly-trained sniper takes out a patrol car's front tyre, sending it crashing off the highway, the tactics used suggest to Hooker and Romano that the attacker is an ex-Vietnam war veteran gone bad, who has made the hit as practice for a bigger strike. But the culprit is closer to home than they expect, and is planning to turn an upcoming visit by the Mayor to the LCPD headquarters into a nightmare, with his own little war-zone... Air Date : 6th-Nov-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 7 - The Survival Syndrome

A traffic hold-up leads by chance to Romano spotting a freshly stolen car, and when he goes to approach, one of the offenders opens fire, badly wounding him. As the juvenile roped into the robberies makes a run for it, one of the ring-leaders shoots him too - but to a watching TV camera, it looks as if it was Hooker who fired the shot! With Hooker facing an investigation over the shooting and Romano on the verge of loosing his nerve after being shot, the masterminds behind the car-theft operation are still at large... Air Date : 13th-Nov-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 8 - Deadly Ambition

After a security guard is shot down when trying to stop a diamond vault robbery, the investigating detective is determined to prove that the guard had taken a bribe from the robbers and wants to nail him for aiding the thieves. The guard is an old friend of Hooker's who knows that his friend wouldn't have been involved. As he and Romano investigate to find out the true circumstances it seems as if the detective is willing to go to any lengths, including blackmail, to see that he is covered in glory for his busts and quickly fly through the ranks... Air Date : 20th-Nov-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 9 - A Cry for Help

After arresting a teenager who's been left to take the rap for a murder by his fellow gang members, Hooker discovers that the youth is hearing impared. Convinced of the boy's innocence and that his membership in the gang is a cry for help, Hooker and Romano try to help the youth's hearing problems and to root out the real culprits behind the drugs-related killing. But Hooker can't help the teenager unless the boy is first willing to help himself... Air Date : 27th-Nov-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 10 - Thieves' Highway

Hooker and Romano get caught up in the dispute between an independent trucker and the ruthless wholesaler who is sabotaging the trucker's operations. Against the wishes of his superiors, Hooker insists that he intervene in the situation before the truckers tire against the lack of action taken against the saboteurs, and become vigilantes to deal with things themselves. A new female Police commissioner who doesn't agree with Hooker's methods does not exactly help matters... Air Date : 4th-Dec-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 11 - The Connection

Saving a teenage girl high on drugs from jumping off the high-school roof, Hooker is concerned that there is a new supplier of PCP on the streets that is dealing to the students. When a rookie officer is badly wounded while undercover trying to stop the suppliers, Hooker is determined to get to the root of the operation and put the dealers behind bars... Air Date : 18th-Dec-1982  Read More

Season 2 Episode 12 - The Fast Lane

After a fatal drink-driving crash, Hooker and Romano set out to track down the gang who are making liquor robberies and then selling it to local youths. But Romano has a personal concern in the case when he finds out that the gifted son of a deceased friend from his time serving in Vietnam has fallen into the disreputable company of the gang... Air Date : 8th-Jan-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 13 - Too Late for Love

As Hooker and Romano pursue a pair of thieves who have stolen a batch of valuable new furs, Hooker rescues the robbers' hostage - a model who turns out to be an ex-girlfriend of Romano's. Brought back together by the incident, Romano and the girl become close, and Romano quickly develops deep feelings her. But unbeknown to him, she is actually involved with the thieves, and is giving them information that she's extracting from Romano to help them plan their next heist... Air Date : 15th-Jan-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 14 - The Decoy

The latest victim of a serial murderer known as the ""Surfside Killer"" turns out to be a police officer. Stacy, a close friend of the murdered girl, fits the description of each of the killer's victims - young blonde females, and volenteers herself to work undercover to try and draw out the murderer. But Hooker does not have faith in the way the operation has been organised, and vows to watch over and protect Stacy himself... Air Date : 22nd-Jan-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 15 - The Mumbler

As Hooker and Romano examine the scene where a trio made an attempt to hold up an armoured bank van, Hooker finds a pigeon leg band dropped by one of the thieves. A pigeon breeding friend traces the band to its owner's address, where they meet the orphaned young sister of one of the men who is mixed up with the thieves. As they try and track down the robbers, Hooker forms a bond with the girl, and is determined to see that she isn't sent back to juvenile hall... Air Date : 29th-Jan-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 16 - Vengeance is Mine

Hooker and Romano are just finishing working on a case with Lt. Paul McGuire, a close friend and colleague of Hooker's, when they respond to a reported rape - in which the victim turns out to be none other than McGuire's own daughter. The girl is certain that she knows the attacker and can identify him, but the attacker, a lawyer, uses legal loopholes to get off without charge. As Hooker tries to nail the attacker ""by the book"", McGuire becomes infuriated at the lack of action taken and takes matters into his own hands, endangering not only his job, but Hooker's case that will bring the attacker to justice in the proper way... Air Date : 5th-Feb-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 17 - Sweet Sixteen and Dead

An ex-prostitute is trying to convince a young girl new on the game to give it up, when the pair unwittingly stumble onto a mobster's back-street deal, who with his henchman, goes after the girls to make sure they don't talk and leaves one of the girls dead. As Hooker and Romano investigate, they find themselves uncovering a web of corruption involving city officials... Air Date : 12th-Feb-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 18 - Raw Deal

When Hooker and Romano spot a cocaine deal taking place and intervene, they are surprised to find that the supplier is a family man with no prior convictions. With the help of an old flame of Hooker's, a reformed gambling addict, they uncover a crooked gambling club owner's scheme that involves having members run up huge debts on rigged games, and then forcing them to make drug deliveries to help pay off the money they owe... Air Date : 19th-Feb-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 19 - Requiem for a Cop

The hunt for a serial arsonist that is torching condemned buildings intensifies when a Private Investigator, who is an ex-cop and an old friend of Hooker's, is murdered. Certain that the man was on the verge of finding out who is behind the attacks, Hooker and Romano work with his daughter, who is also a PI, to bring the arsonist to justice... Air Date : 26th-Feb-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 20 - The Hostages

After Hooker and Romano foil an armed robbery committed by a family of robbers, which leaves the father wounded in hospital and the daughter held in custody, the two sons take the hospital wing with their father on siege, holding Hooker's ex-wife Fran, Stacy, a little girl urgently needing heart surgery, and a whole floor of patients hostage... Air Date : 5th-Mar-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 21 - Payday Pirates

On Stacy's first week of field training, Hooker assigns her to be partnered with tough veteran officer Jim Corrigan, who has low opinion of female cops after his former parter was killed while partnered with one. Meanwhile, Hooker has a personal concern in catching the culprits of a series of violent mini-mart robberies in a factory district, when his ex-wife Fran is badly wounded in a hold-up and is in danger of being left blind as a result... Air Date : 30th-Apr-1983  Read More

Season 2 Episode 22 - Lady in Blue

Hooker holds himself personally to blame when a female rookie cop that he trained is seriously wounded in a confrontation with a pair of fleeing gun-shop robbers. With the officer needing her leg amputated as a result of the wound, Hooker and Romano, with help from Stacy and Corrigan, investigate the gun thieves, who are selling their hauls to a back-street crime baron... Air Date : 7th-May-1983  Read More

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