Big & Small - Season : 3

Season 3 Episode 1 - Small, Small, Let Your Hair Down

Small thinks that if he and Big had long hair they would be heroic. Neither of them have any hair though, so Small orders a box of wigs in the post! Now suitably hairy, Big and Small embark on a brave adventure up into the spooky, dark attic. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 2 - Boingo Boys

Big and Small's favourite board game, Boingo, runs out of batteries. Big walks to the shed to get a new battery but is accidentally stuck inside when the door handle breaks. Small has to come up with a plan to free his friend so they can continue to play their game. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 3 - The Rainbow

Small sees a rainbow and excitedly heads off to find the pot of gold at the rainbow's end. Big is happiest just looking at the colours arching through the sky. The rainbow keeps moving through the garden and Small has to chase it into the woods. Inside the woods though, the rainbow fades. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 4 - The Scare Small

Big and Small think that birds are taking the sunflower seeds which Big is planting. They build a scarecrow to keep the birds away but Small seems more scared of the scarecrow than any of the birds in the garden! Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 5 - The Box

Small finds Big's box of personal, private things under the bed. Small wants to know what's inside but Big says they are personal and private and he refuses to open the box. Small decides to build his own box for his own private and secret objects. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 6 - Missing Answer

Big has nearly finished every puzzle in his book of puzzles - there is just one more to do. But it's the hardest puzzle of all: 'What moves backwards and forwards but doesn't go anywhere?' and no matter how hard he tries, Big just can't think of the answer. Small doesn't care - he thinks puzzles are not exciting. Small says if Big goes outside and plays ball with him right now, Small will help Big with the puzzle later. It's a deal. However, Big still thinks about the puzzle when he is supposed to be playing ball and doesn't join in the game. Small decides that going on the swing is the perfect activity to take Big's mind off that puzzle. This seems to work because Big stops thinking about the puzzle for a moment and enjoys swinging, while Small gets ready to give him a huge push. Suddenly, Big hops off the swing: he's just solved the puzzle! Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 7 - Millions of Vegetable Soup

Big has grown a whole armful of vegetables in his garden and is excited because this means they can make millions of vegetables soup, the tastiest soup of all! But there is a problem: Big has lost the recipe for the soup. Big searches for the recipe while Small waits in the kitchen. Small decides to start cooking the soup himself. He doesn't need a recipe! Before long, Small has souped up all the vegetables and added extra ingredients - chocolate, biscuits, gumdrops, custard powder... Small thinks the soup looks extra-delicious - but when he takes a sip he is shocked to discover that it tastes horrible! Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 8 - Hot and Bothered

The comic adventures of two unlikely best friends. Big wants to make his favourite vegetable soup but has lost the recipe. It's a very hot and sunny day. Big just wants to lie in the shade and do nothing but Small wants to run around and have fun. Small doesn't like having fun on his own, however, so Big has to find a way to keep Small busy while he can still doze off under the trees. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 9 - A Room of Small's Own

The comic adventures of two unlikely best friends. Small wants a bedroom of his own. Although Big loves sharing with his best friend, he agrees to help Small to build his very own bedroom in the cupboard under the stairs. Small, however, finds his own room very quiet and he misses Big and Big's noise. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 10 - Catch a Falling Star

The comic adventures of two unlikely best friends. Small thinks a star has fallen to Earth. He says it is his very own star and has the power to grant wishes. Big believes Small when a wish appears to be granted. Small wants to keep hold of the star although Big thinks the star should be returned to the sky. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 11 - Thanks for the Memories

The comic adventures of two unlikely best friends. Big and Small build a time capsule - but what will they put inside? Big and Small put a time capsule in the cupboard to remind them of their perfect picnic day. Small wants to put Big into the capsule because Big is Small's favourite part of the day. When Big is inside the cupboard, however, Small realises how much he misses his friend. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 12 - Opposite Day

Small is bored of doing the same thing at the same time every single day. He tells Big they should celebrate Opposite Day. Instead of eating cereal and toast for breakfast in the kitchen, Big and Small eat smashed potatoes and mushy peas in bed. They swap ends of the bed and lie there for a while, instead of getting up and zooming as usual. But lying in bed is boring and they decide to go downstairs. Big and Small start untidying the house, knocking over piles of books and papers and bricks. Ruby comes out from her room and asks about all the noise - she's never heard of Opposite Day! Big and Small have a great idea: they decide to have a race in the garden, but make it 'opposite' Big will run backwards and Small will drive his car backwards. Ruby starts the race but soon Small has run his car into the pond and Big has run backwards into a tree. Big and Small, shaken but happy, decide that it's time to be the opposite of opposite - they'd rather go back to their regular lives! Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 13 - Fishing for Elephants

Small is in the garden, recruiting bugs to join Big and Small's Amazing Circus, while Big is tinkering with his new sound solver machine, an invention that can identify any noise. The busy pair are interrupted by a sudden, strange noise coming from the mysterious woods. Big uses his sound solver machine to find out what made the noise, and the machine decides it was an elephant! Small thinks an elephant would be perfect for the circus, so the pair decide to go into the mysterious woods to fish for the elephant - using buns on their fishing rods to lure the animal. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 14 - The Hiccups

Big is concentrating really hard while he finishes building his tower of blocks. Small interrupts with a question. And another one. And another. Big keeps asking Small to be quiet until the tower is complete. Finally, Big places the last block - but as he does so there is a loud 'hic!' and the tower comes tumbling to the floor. Big accuses Small of making the noise that caused the blocks to fall - but this time it wasn't Small being noisy: it was Big. And Big keeps going 'Hic! Hic!' Each hiccup creates such a rumble that everything in the house starts falling down. Small leads Big into the safety of the garden and then heads off to find a cure. According to Ruby, Big is experiencing the hiccups, and the best way to cure them is to surprise Big and make him jump. Small tries sneaking up on Big and saying 'boo!' Big remains unsurprised. Small puts a plastic shark into Big's paddling pool - but Big is not surprised and still doesn't jump. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 15 - Friends in a Fog

Big has finished repairs to his boat and is ready to set sail: Big and Small are going to be water explorers and explore the pond! The two friends are all aboard and ready to go - but first they have a special picnic to enjoy. Big and Small feel so sleepy after eating the meal that they fall asleep in the sun. A fog rolls in while they sleep. When Big and Small wake up - all they can see is fog: they have lost sight of land. Small thinks they have drifted off to sea and are miles away from their home. They hear a frog croak. This is actually one of the frogs who lives on the pond but Small is convinced it is the sound of a giant frog who lives on Misty Island: Small has read all about the giant frogs of Misty Island in a comic book. Big tries to send a friendly note over to 'Misty Island' but he only has a boomerang and the note flies back onto the boat. Then, Big and Small accidentally make a hole in the boat and, to stop water coming in, have to use a cupcake as a plug! Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 16 - The Biggest Story

Big wants to write a story just for Small. Big, however, cannot find the right words to put onto the paper. Small's interruptions accidentally help Big to create an exciting plot. Small thanks Big for the story, but Big sighs. Small came up with the ideas in the story so it is really Small's story. Small says Big typed up all the words: the story is both of theirs - they just worked on different parts. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 17 - A Room with a View

Big is happily looking through his book, The View from Different Windows, admiring all the lovely pictures of waterfalls, seas and rivers. Small doesn't think any are as good as their own view of the garden - until Big points out a picture of a mountain. Both friends agree it would be brilliant to have a mountain view. Small has an idea: why don't they go out and get a mountain? Big thinks it might be better to build a mountain than to find one and carry it all the way home - because mountains are pretty large! Small challenges Big: Small will look for a mountain and Big will try to make one... and the first one to give the house a marvellous mountain view will win a prize! Big piles earth into a mountain shape and covers it with planks and wooden beams to make it steady. He drapes over a green tablecloth and a small white napkin so it looks just like a green mountain with a snowy white top. However, when Big steps away from his mountain it creaks and wobbles alarmingly. Meanwhile, Small is looking across the garden through his binoculars. Suddenly, he sees a mountain! But when he puts the binoculars down he realises it's not a mountain but a molehill... But that makes it a small mountain and a small mountain is perfect! He puts the molehill into his truck and pulls it back to the house. On the way he meets Big. Big shows Small his own mountain - but two seconds later the whole pile collapses! So, Small has won the competition. They put Small's mountain on the kitchen table so they will have a mountain view at any time, while Small wonders what his prize will be - a mountain party with cake and donkeys, perhaps? Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 18 - Just What I Wanted

The comic adventures of two unlikely best friends. Big and Small give each other a present on Give Each Other a Gift Day. After a while, they start to realise they do not like their presents at all. Big's present is a picture of Small whilst Small's present is a puzzle ball that comes apart in pieces. They realise that they like the present they gave more than the one they received: so they do a swap. Big takes the puzzle back and Small takes his picture back. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 19 - Slippery Slide

Big and Small want to build a waterslide in the pond. They know the pond is the frogs' home and ask permission first. However, Big and Small don't speak frog and think the frogs are saying yes when, actually, they are not happy about the waterslide at all. Big and Small give up on the idea although Big has another idea. He builds a slide in the garden for Small, with a cushion for Small to bounce onto at the bottom. And the frogs are happy too! Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 20 - A Letter From Furthermost

Small sees Big enjoying a letter from his pen pal in Furthermost. He wants to receive a letter in the post, too. Big points out that Small needs to write and send a letter first. Big feels sorry for Small and has an idea. Not long after, Small finds a letter addressed to him on the doormat. When he opens the envelope he reads a short, sweet letter from his best friend Big. Small thinks this is the best letter ever. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 21 - Balloonatics

broadcasts). Synopsis The comic adventures of two unlikely best friends. Big and Small return from the fair with a balloon each. They love their balloons and play with them all over the house, bouncing around happily. They decide to show the balloons their garden - the frogs, the junk pile, the apple tree... While outside, however, Small accidentally lets go of his balloon and it starts to float away. Big makes a grab for Small's balloon - he manages to save Small's balloon but accidentally lets his own loose. They watch Big's balloon float up and away in the sky... They take the remaining balloon inside for safety. But inside the house the balloon is almost lost through an open window. Big and Small decide they have to keep an eye on the balloon at all times, even during the night. They struggle to stay awake, however, and are soon asleep. When they wake in the morning Big and Small can't, at first, see the balloon - but then notice it slowly sinking down to the floor... Small is shocked and runs over to give the balloon a hug - accidentally causing the remaining air to be crushed out. Both are sad when looking at the deflated balloon, although Big says that balloons are like flowers: they are never around forever. When thinking of the balloon Big and Small are reminded of the blue ball they used to play with in the garden, too - and they rush off to play with the ball again. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 22 - An Evening of Delights

Big gives a piano concert. Small disrupts the music when he accidentally encourages the frogs to bounce down onto the keys. Small has to find the perfect way to say he is truly sorry to Big and make an apology from the heart. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 23 - The Egg

The comic adventures of two unlikely best friends. Small finds a large blue and silver egg on the doorstep. He takes the egg inside where Big tells him he thinks it is an ostrich egg. The friends are excited at the prospect of a baby ostrich living in the house, unaware of what is really inside the egg. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 24 - Gone Fishin'

The comic adventures of two unlikely best friends. Big is quietly fishing by the pond but Small is wondering when something more lively is going to happen. Suddenly, he and Big think they can see a shark in the water. Big and Small find themselves having an unexpectedly exciting afternoon. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 25 - Hopalong Small

Big laughs loudly at his favourite radio show, Hopalong Sue, although Small doesn't think Sue is so great. When Sue goes on holiday for a week, and Big is missing the show, Small is determined to prove that he can make Big laugh even more loudly. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

Season 3 Episode 26 - Moon Race

Big has built a rocket to fly to the moon. He must leave right away, when the moon is full. Small decides at the last moment he would like to see the moon too, but Big has built the rocket for one and there are only a couple of minutes left before commencing countdown. Big gets to work building the extra space for Small. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970  Read More

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