One Piece - Season : 15

The Punk Hazard Arc is the twenty-sixth story arc in the series and the first in the Dressrosa Saga of the One Piece series, continuing on from the Fishman Island Arc and the Fishman Island Saga. Upon finally entering the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates immediately receive a distress call from a group of people on an island called Punk Hazard, stating that they are being attacked by a samurai. Without hesitation, Luffy sets out to the blazing island, with Vice Admiral Smoker hot on his tail. On the supposedly death-ridden and empty island, the Straw Hats soon learn that they are not alone, meeting many new and old foes as they explore the purpose of the island. Punk Hazard is made up of a frozen side and a burning side. The island also contains the abandoned research laboratories of Dr. Vegapunk. Punk Hazard is the first island the Straw Hats encounter in the New World.

Season 15 Episode 1 - The Straw Hats Stunned! Enter: A Samurai`s Horrifying Severed Head!

Luffy gets up close and personal with a torso-less Samurai! Elsewhere, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, and Franky find themselves imprisoned with the pieces of a human face! Air Date : 20th-Jan-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 2 - Startling! The Secret of the Island Is Finally Revealed

Luffy makes friends with a Centaur, Franky uses a cola-powered laser to break out of the clink, and Sanji takes a chance on a body-less Samurai! Air Date : 27th-Jan-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 3 - Save the Children! The Straw Hats Start to Fight!

Nami’s soft spot for children prompts her to call off the escape and declare war on anyone who makes a kid cry. Meanwhile, Luffy and the gang take a banana boat to the icy side of the island! Air Date : 3rd-Feb-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 4 - A Swordplay Showdown! Brook Vs. The Mysterious Torso Samurai!

Luffy’s group finds themselves up against a gang of centaurs, Brook battles the torso of a surly samurai, and Captain Smoker encounters someone highly unexpected! Air Date : 10th-Feb-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 5 - The Warlord! Trafalgar Law

Nami and Chopper seek a safe exit for the children, Luffy’s group hopes to avoid a perilous plunge into icy waters, and Captain Smoker faces off against Trafalgar Law! Air Date : 24th-Feb-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 6 - In a Real Pinch! Luffy Sinks into the Ice-cold Lake!

Luffy’s group takes a deadly plunge into icy waters, and Trafalgar Law uses his unique abilities to rearrange Nami’s group and cast our heroes into chaotic confusion! Air Date : 3rd-Mar-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 7 - A Collision! Law vs. Vice Admiral Smoker!

Nami and the others are subject to Law's bizarre powers, but have to put the shocking results behind them as they make a break out of the facility. Meanwhile, the battle heats up between Law and the G-5; and the mystery of Punk Hazard deepens! Air Date : 17th-Mar-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 8 - Meeting Again After Two Years! Luffy and Law!

Luffy is excited to once again cross paths with Trafalgar Law, but a reunion with his mixed up crew – and the loss of his extra legs – quickly dampens the captain’s enthusiasm! Air Date : 24th-Mar-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 9 - The Worst in the World! A Scientist of Terror - Caesar!

While Captain Smoker determines his next move, a very large pirate with alligator legs tells Luffy and the Straw Hats the true story of Punk Hazard’s mysterious transformation! Air Date : 31st-Mar-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 10 - History's Strongest Collaboration vs. Glutton of the Sea (II)

The crossover starts on Toriko E99 Run, Strongest Team! Toriko, Luffy, and Goku! (I) Air Date : 7th-Apr-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 11 - Chopper's Fury! The Master's Inhumane Experiment!

The giant children fly into a mysterious rage, and Chopper discovers the true reason for their unusual condition! Meanwhile, Zoro, Brook, and Sanji cross paths with a dangerous duo! Air Date : 14th-Apr-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 12 - To Annihilate the Straw Hats! Legendary Assassins Descend!

The story of how Trafalgar Law arrived at Punk Hazard is revealed, and the Yeti Cool Brothers set their sights on a showdown with the Straw Hats! Air Date : 21st-Apr-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 13 - Save Nami! Luffy's Fight on the Snow-Capped Mountains!

Luffy tries to chase down the Yetti Cool Brothers, but Franky – still trapped in Chopper’s Body – makes his mission extremely difficult. Just when all appears lost, an unexpected ally lends a hand! Air Date : 28th-Apr-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 14 - Formed! Luffy and Law's Pirate Alliance!

Luffy agrees to an alliance with Trafalgar Law, but the Straw Hats refuse to leave the island until the children are safe. Meanwhile, the gaseous master unleashes something very deadly! Air Date : 5th-May-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 15 - Capture M! The Pirate Alliance's Operation Launches!

Zoro, Sanji, and Brook continue their search for the samurai, Trafalgar tries to sneak Chopper into the laboratory, and Luffy boldly challenges the Master! Air Date : 12th-May-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 16 - On the Verge of Annihilation! A Deadly Monster Comes Flying In!

Luffy’s battle with his old nemesis Smoker is interrupted by the arrival of a terrifying toxic blob – and the evil genius who created the monster! Air Date : 19th-May-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 17 - An Intense Battle! Caesar Exercises His True Power!

The Straw Hats make a valiant push to capture Caesar Clown - Luffy matches his Armament Haki with Clown's powerful Gas-Gas Fruit powers! The battle turns in favor of the Straw Hats, but underestimating Clown's abilities may have deadly consequences! Meanwhile, Law's plan to infiltrate Clown's facility hits a snag when an unseen guest complicates things! Air Date : 26th-May-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 18 - The Samurai that Cuts the Fire! Kin'emon of Foxfire!

Trafalgar Law finds trouble in the form of an old acquaintance, Chopper investigates the Master’s lab, and the mysterious Samurai shows what he can do with a full body! Air Date : 2nd-Jun-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 19 - Shocking! The True Identity of the Mystery Man Vergo!

The Master gathers his young test subjects, shocking secret identities are finally revealed, and the poisonous purple blob continues its march across the island! Air Date : 9th-Jun-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 20 - Save the Children! The Master's Evil Hands Close in!

Nami and Usopp get an unexpected helping hand in their fight to save the children, Chopper plots a daring escape attempt, and the Master markets his greatest weapon! Air Date : 16th-Jun-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 21 - Shaking Up the New World! Caesar's Horrendous Experiment!

A desperate need for candy leads the children to return to the lab, and Caesar plans to show the world the new and improved version of Smiley! Air Date : 23rd-Jun-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 22 - The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction in History! Shinokuni!

Luffy and the Straw Hats find themselves pursued by a deadly cloud of purple gas that turns everything living thing in its path into petrified statues of ash! Air Date : 30th-Jun-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 23 - Launching the Counter Attack! Luffy and Law`s Great Escape!

Law’s got a trick up his sleeve that could mean the difference between life and death. Zoro and company reunite with Nami and Sanji, but can they reach safety before being swallowed by a poisonous cloud?! Air Date : 7th-Jul-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 24 - Get to Building R! The Pirate Alliance`s Great Advance!

Finally reunited and returned to their proper bodies, the Straw Hats fall in line as Luffy and Law lead the charge to settle the score with Caesar – and save the children! Air Date : 14th-Jul-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 25 - Tashigi's Tears! G-5's Desperate Breakthrough Plan!

Caesar hatches a plan to forever silence his enemies, Chopper races through the compound in search of the drugged children, and Tashigi’s men make the ultimate sacrifice! Air Date : 21st-Jul-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 26 - The Treacherous Vice Admiral! Demon Bamboo Vergo!

Luffy races toward Caesar in the hopes of delivering a beating, Sanji saves a damsel in distress, and Chopper tries to prevent the children from eating the drugged candy! Air Date : 28th-Jul-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 27 - A Fierce Battle Gets Heated! Luffy vs. Caesar!

Sanji and Vergo slug it out in a cloud of toxic gas, Law finds the room that could ruin the New World, and Luffy hopes to bring Caesar’s reign of terror to a brutal end! Air Date : 11th-Aug-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 28 - A Mastermind Underground! Doflamingo Makes His Move!

With Law's true ambitions revealed, Doflamingo goes into action in order to protect his criminal operation! Caesar slips away from Luffy leaving him to face off with the frigid Monet, and the rest of the crew face down a menacing dragon! Air Date : 18th-Aug-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 29 - Luffy Dies from Exposure?! The Spine-chilling Snow Woman Monet!

Luffy goes down fast after Monet puts a chill into him, and Trafalgar Law makes a desperate attempt to reclaim his heart during an electric battle with Vergo! Air Date : 25th-Aug-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 30 - Fists Collide! A Battle of the Two Vice Admirals!

Smoker attacks Vergo for assaulting his men, Luffy meets something strange in the trash heap, and a flashback reveals the true depths of Caesar’s madness! Air Date : 1st-Sep-2013  Read More

Season 15 Episode 31 - A Small Dragon! Momonosuke Appears!

Luffy befriends a dragon that used to be a human boy, and Captain Smoker continues his brutal battle with the villainous Vergo! Air Date : 8th-Sep-2013  Read More

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