One Piece - Season : 9

The Enies Lobby Arc is the sixteenth story arc in the manga and anime series, One Piece, and the third in the Water 7 Saga. The Straw Hats, Sogeking, the Franky Family, and the shipwrights of the Galley-La Company arrive at Enies Lobby aboard Rocket Man to rescue Nico Robin and Franky. Standing in their way, however, are the forces of the World Government, including its deadly assassin organization, CP9. A massive battle ensues between the two sides when Luffy declares war against the World Government by having its flag shot down by Sogeking. Enies Lobby is the eighth island that the Straw Hat Pirates encounter on the Grand Line. This arc also serves as a point of advancement for each of the Straw Hats, as almost all of them become stronger in some way. In this arc, the Straw Hats also say farewell to their beloved ship, the Going Merry.

Season 9 Episode 1 - Landing Operations Start! Charge in, Straw Hats!

The Straw Hats hatch a plan to rescue Robin, but as usual, Luffy can't wait to find a fight. Will his impulsive attack derail their mission? Air Date : 21st-May-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 2 - Luffy Cuts Through! Big Showdown on the Judical Island!

Luffy manages to reach the main island, but the Franky Family's assault is stopped short by a couple of angry giants! Air Date : 4th-Jun-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 3 - Battle Against Giants! Open the Second Gate!

Luffy makes short work of a few hundred marines, the Franky Family takes down a giant, and the assassins of CP9 report back to Spandam! Air Date : 11th-Jun-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 4 - Find a Way Out! Rocketman Takes Flight!

Zoro's quick thinking - and a little help from a giant frog - sends the sea train soaring into the sky on a collision course with armed guards and their canine companions! Air Date : 18th-Jun-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 5 - Catch Up with Luffy! The Straw Hats' All-Out Battle

Nami electrocutes the enemy with a Clima Tact attack, but the bad guys have the Straw Hats surrounded until the Franky Family shows up with a couple of sea monsters! Air Date : 25th-Jun-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 6 - Robin Betrayed! The Motive of the World Government!

Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and Chopper try to catch up with their captain, Soge King is nowhere to be found, and Luffy runs head first into a battle with Blueno! Air Date : 25th-Jun-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 7 - Give Robin Back! Luffy vs. Blueno!

Luffy shows off his new strength in a brawl with Blueno, Soge King befriends a giant, and a hulking sea beast makes the ultimate sacrifice. Air Date : 2nd-Jul-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 8 - Don’t Stop! Hoist the Counterattack Signal!

While Luffy continues his battle with Blueno, Soge King's giant companions make their presence felt, and the assassins of CP9 experiment with Devil Fruits! Air Date : 9th-Jul-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 9 - Almost to Luffy! Gather at the Courthouse Plaza!

A blind Kingbull fights with his last breath to get the Straw Hats one step closer to their captain. Luffy kick his body into second gear to protect his friends from dangerous foes! Air Date : 23rd-Jul-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 10 - Everything Is to Protect My Friends! Second Gear Activated!

Luffy batters a baffled Blueno with his powerful new fighting style, and the cowardly Spandam begins to panic at the sound of the Straw Hats approaching! Air Date : 30th-Jul-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 11 - Give Us Your Answer, Robin! The Straw Hats' Outcry!

Luffy and his crew are finally reunited and ready to rescue Robin, but the raven-haired beauty remains reluctant to rejoin her former mates despite Franky's urging. Air Date : 6th-Aug-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 12 - Robin's Past! The Girl was Called a Devil!

Flash back to Robin's days as a young girl, her dangerous pursuit of forbidden knowledge, and her encounter with a friendly giant. Air Date : 13th-Aug-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 13 - Fated Mother and Daughter! The Mother's Name is Olvia!

Robin's flashback continues with the heartbreaking arrival of her mother - and the government's cruel and brutal invasion of a peaceful island! Air Date : 10th-Sep-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 14 - The Tragedy of Ohara! The Terror of the Buster Call!

Professor Clover reveals a startling and sinister theory about the World Government, Robin reunites with her mother, and a giant joins the fight! Air Date : 24th-Sep-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 15 - Say You Want to Live! We Are Your Friends!!

The painful story of Ohara - and Robin's younger years - draws to a tragic close. Luffy declares war on the World Government, and Robin finally changes her tune! Air Date : 24th-Sep-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 16 - Jump Towards the Falls! Luffy’s Feelings!

The Straw Hats are ready to begin the fight for Robin, but first, Luffy flashes back to memories of his childhood - and the man who made him want to become a pirate! Air Date : 1st-Oct-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 17 - The Ways of Men! Zoro's Techniques, Usopp's Dream!

Zoro remembers the first time he met Luffy, and Usopp recalls the events that led him to join the Straw Hats! Air Date : 8th-Oct-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 18 - A Bond of Friendship Woven by Tears! Nami's World Map!

Nami's heartbreaking past - and Luffy's epic battle with Arlong - are recalled in this flashback to the early days of the Straw Hats! Air Date : 15th-Oct-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 19 - Parting Builds a Man's Character! Sanji and Chopper!

A flashback sheds light on how Sanji came to join the crew, and Chopper's backstory is revealed through memories of a visit to a snow-covered island! Air Date : 22nd-Oct-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 20 - Everything Is for Her Friends! Robin in the Darkness!

A flashback reveals Robin's motives for cooperating with CP9, Nami's shocking discovery about the archaeologist's past, and Luffy's determination to save his friend! Air Date : 29th-Oct-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 21 - I'm Not Gonna Hand Over the Blueprints! Franky's Decision!

Franky stands up to Spandam by destroying what the madman desires most, and the sound of the sea train spurs the Straw Hats to make a daring leap of faith! Air Date : 5th-Nov-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 22 - Retrieve the 5 Keys! The Straw Hat Crew VS CP9

Luffy races to rescue Robin while the rest of the Straw Hats set off in search of the five keys needed to unlock the archaeologist! Air Date : 12th-Nov-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 23 - Power of the Devil Fruit! Kaku and Jabura Transform

While Usopp and Zoro go head-to-head with a couple of animal assassins, Sanji teaches the most beautiful member of CP9 the secrets of making good tea! Air Date : 19th-Nov-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 24 - I Won't Kick Even If It Costs Me My Life! Sanji's Chivalry!

Luffy runs into trouble trying to sail his way to Robin, Usopp and Zoro end up handcuffed together, and Sanji's inability to kick a women may lead to serious injury! Air Date : 26th-Nov-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 25 - Fukurou's Miscalculation! My Cola is the Water of Life!

Chimney and Gombe show Luffy the secret passage that leads to Robin, and Franky puts on a display of raw punching power thanks to a few bottles of cola! Air Date : 3rd-Dec-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 26 - Zoro Busts Out a New Technique! The Sword's Name is Sniperking?

While Franky's brawl spills into the ocean, Usopp and Sanji attempt to overcome their handcuffs by outsmarting their opponents! Air Date : 10th-Dec-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 27 - Uncontrollable! Chopper's Forbidden Rumble!

Determined not to be defeated by the heinous hair of a devious lion, Chopper risks life and limb by summoning the power of his Rumble Ball for a third time! Air Date : 17th-Dec-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 28 - Boss Luffy Returns! Is It a Dream or Reality? Lottery Ruckus!

Travel back to ancient Japan for a madcap adventure starring the Straw Hats, some old friends and enemies, and a camel that eats lottery tickets! Air Date : 24th-Dec-2006  Read More

Season 9 Episode 29 - A Big Rice Cake Tossing Race at the Castle! Red Nose's Plot!

The madcap throwback continues as Luffy and the gang - along with a crowd of characters from the Alabasta arc - competes for a priceless treasure hidden inside a tasty snack! Air Date : 7th-Jan-2007  Read More

Season 9 Episode 30 - Bubble Master Kalifa! The Soap Trap Closes in on Nami!

Nami battles a bathing beauty and her lethal bubbles, Chopper unleashes his inner beast, and Luffy inches ever closer to catching up with Robin! Air Date : 14th-Jan-2007  Read More

Season 9 Episode 31 - Resounding Bad News! The Buster Call Invoked!

Franky has a painful encounter with monster Chopper, and Nami gets scrubbed too clean to fight! Meanwhile, Spandam accidentally invokes the deadly Buster Call! Air Date : 21st-Jan-2007  Read More

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