WWE Raw - Season : 10

Season 10 Episode 1 - RAW 450

Matches Kane defeated Shawn Michaels Maria defeated Victoria Chris Masters defeated Shelton Benjamin First Blood Match: Kurt Angle defeated John Cena Air Date : 7th-Jan-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 2 - RAW 451

Matches WWE Women’sChampionship: Ashley defeated Trish Stratus by DQ, Trish retains Royal Rumble Qualifier: Chavo Guerrero defeated Rob Conway Carlito & Chris Masters defeated Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle Royal Rumble Qualifier: Shelton Benjamin defeated Val Venis Royal Rumble Qualifier: Kane defeated Snitsky Air Date : 14th-Jan-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 3 - RAW 452

Matches Shawn Michaels defeated Kurt Angle Victoria, Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson defeated Trish Stratus, Ashley and Mickie James Shelton Benjamin defeated The Big Show by countout WWE Championship TLC Match: Edge defeated Ric Flair to retain the title. Air Date : 21st-Jan-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 4 - RAW 453

Matches Kane defeated Carlito by DQ Ashley and Trish Stratus defeated Victoria and Candice Michelle Shawn Michaels defeated Shelton Benjamin Royal Rumble Qualifier: Jonathan Coachman defeated Jerry Lawler The Big Show defeated Lance Cade, Gregory Helms and Rob Conway John Cena and Ric Flair defeated Edge and Chris Masters Air Date : 28th-Jan-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 5 - RAW 454

Matches Rob Van Dam defeated Snitsky Triple H defeated Chavo Guerrero World Tag Team Championship: Kane and The Big Show defeated Carlito and Chris Masters to retain Shelton Benjamin defeated Goldust WWE Championship: Edge defeated John Cena by DQ, therefore Cena retains the title. Air Date : 4th-Feb-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 6 - RAW 455

Matches Chris Masters defeated Kane Ashley defeated Mickie James Triple H defeated Ric Flair The Big Show defeated Shelton Benjamin Rob Van Dam defeated Carlito John Cena and Maria defeated Edge and Lita Air Date : 11th-Feb-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 7 - RAW 456

Matches Triple H vs. The Big Show ended in a Double count out Intercontinental Championship Number One Contenders Match: Shelton Benjamin def. Eugene Ashley defeated Torrie Wilson Rob Van Dam defeated Chris Masters WWE Championship: John Cena defeated Edge to retain Air Date : 13th-Feb-2006  Read More

Season 10 Episode 8 - RAW 457

Matches Carlito defeated Nick Burke Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin defeated Ric Flair Shawn Michaels defeated the Spirit Squad via DQ Women's Championship No. 1 Contender Battle Royal: Candice wins Kane defeated Chris Masters Edge defeated "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Triple Threat Road to Wrestlemania Final (WWE Championship No.1 Contender): Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam and Big Show Air Date : 25th-Feb-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 9 - RAW 458

Matches Money in the Bank Qualifier at Wrestlemania 22: Ric Flair defeated Carlito, Money in the Bank Qualifier at Wrestlemania 22: Shelton Benjamin defeated Chavo Guerrero, Women's Championship: Trish Stratus defeated Candice, Money in the Bank Qualifier at Wrestlemania 22: Rob Van Dam defeated Trevor Murdoch, World Tag Team Championship: Big Show & Kane defeated Val Venis & Viscera, Shawn Michaels joined the “Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club." Air Date : 4th-Mar-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 10 - RAW 459

Matches Intercontinental Championship: Ric Flair defeated Shelton Benjamin (via DQ so Shelton retains), Triple H defeated Kane, Shane Mcmahon defeated Shawn Michaels, Vince Mcmahon defeated Shawn Michaels, Kenny Spirit defeated Eugene, Lita defeated Maria, John Cena defeated The Big Show. Air Date : 11th-Mar-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 11 - RAW 460

Matches WWE Women's Championship: Trish Stratus defeated Victoria, Edge defeated Goldust, Steel Cage Match: The Spirit Squad defeated Shawn Michaels, Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin defeated Rob Van Dam, John Cena, Big Show & Kane defeated Triple H, Chris Masters & Carlito (via DQ). Air Date : 18th-Mar-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 12 - RAW 461

Matches Kane defeated Calito, Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat: Shelton Benjamin defeated Ric Flair and Rob Van Dam, Torrie Wilson defeated Victoria, Big Show defeated Chris Masters (via DQ), Triple H & Shane McMahon defeated John Cena & Shawn Michaels (via DQ), Shawn Michaels versus Shane McMahon & Triple H (ended in a no contest). Air Date : 25th-Mar-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 13 - RAW 462

Matches Spirit Squad defeated Val Venis, Viscera & Eugene, Triple H versus Shawn Michaels (ended in a no contest), Trish Stratus & Torrie Wilson defeated Candice & Victoria, Master Lock Challenge: Chris Masters versus Big Show (did not start), Kane defeated Carlito (via DQ), John Cena defeated Vince McMahon (via DQ). Air Date : 1st-Apr-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 14 - RAW 463

After RVD wins the money in the bank, it looks like he will be putting his title shot on the line against Benjamin, but the catch is Benjamin has to put his title on the line against RVD Looks like the Carlito Chris Masters feud is set, and its safe to say Carlito will be the face in this one after the crowd cheered the chair shot After the tag title match, Kane choke slammed the big show, which means Kane is going back to his monster heel character. Trish Stratus came out and attacked Mickie James while dressed like Mickie, this story line is looking quite interesting and entertaining The crowd reaction to Cena were mostly cheers, you can hear a little bit of the boos, but the crowd is way over with HHH then Cena. Air Date : 8th-Apr-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 15 - RAW 464

Match #1: Rob Van Dam defeated Rob Conway, Match #2 World Tag Team Championship: Johnny & Nicky (from the Spirit Squad) defeated Big Show & Kane (via DQ), Match #3: Umaga defeated Chris, Match #4 Women's Championship: Mickie James defeated Maria, Match #5 Handicap Match: John Cena & Triple H defeated Edge. Air Date : 15th-Apr-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 16 - RAW 465

Match #1: Kane vs. Rob Conway Interview: JR interviews Chavo Guerrero about Chavo's announcement to quit wrestling. Match #2: Shelton Benjamin vs. a mystery opponent (Stipulation: should Shelton lose, he will be forced to put his Intercontinental Title on the line at the Backlash PPV) Match #3: Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada) vs. Shawn Michaels Match #4: Rob Van Dam vs. a mystery opponent (Stipulation: should RVD lose, he will be forced to put his Money In The Back Title Opportunity on the line at the Backlash PPV) Match #5: Handicap Match: John Cena & Edge vs. Triple H Air Date : 22nd-Apr-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 17 - RAW 466

Match #1: Six-Man Tag Match: Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters & Matt Striker vs. Carlito, Rob Van Dam & Charlie Haas Match #2: Bikini Contest: Maria vs. Candice vs. Victoria vs. Torrie Wilson. Match #3: Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels Match #4: Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada) vs. Steve Lewington. Match #5: 5-on-3 Handicap Match: The Spirit Squad vs. Edge, John Cena and Triple H Air Date : 29th-Apr-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 18 - RAW 467

Match #1: Diva Cheerleader Match Maria & Torrie Wilson vs. Women's Champion Mickie James & Victoria Match #2: Nicky, Mikey & Johnny (from the Spirit Squad) vs. Snitsky, Goldust & Eugene Match #3: Rob Conway vs. Kane Match #4: Rory Fox vs. Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada) Match #5: Chris Masters & Shelton Benjamin vs. Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam & Carlito Match #6: WWE Championship Match Kenny vs. John Cena (c) Air Date : 6th-May-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 19 - RAW 468

Match #1: Fatal Four-Way Match for the Intercontinental Title Rob van Dam vs. Charlie Haas vs. Chris Masters vs. Shelton Benjamin Match #2: Carlito vs. Matt Striker Match #3: WrestleMania Hardcore Re-Match Edge vs. Mick Foley Match #4: Mickie James vs. Maria (with Trish Stratus) Match #5: two local wrestlers vs. Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada) Match #6: Kane vs. Big Show Match #7: 5-on-2 Handicap Match The Spirit Squad vs. Shawn Michaels & John Cena Air Date : 13th-May-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 20 - RAW 469

Match#1 for WWE Championship & Intercontinental Championship Texas Tornado 3 on 2 Handicap Match: John Cena & RVD vs Triple H, Shelton Benjamin & Chris Masters, Trish Stratus confronts Mickie James, promo for Kane’s movie “See No Evil,” Shane McMahon talks to Triple H, Match #2 for World Tag Team Championship: Goldust & Snitsky vs the Spirit Squad (Johnny & Nicky), Mick Foley comes out to talk & Terry Funk confronts him, Match #3: Eugene vs Matt Striker, Carlito interview, Triple H confronts Vince McMahon, Match #4: Chris Wellman vs Umaga, another promo for “See No Evil,” Match #5 Special Guest Referee Shane McMahon: Shawn Michaels vs Kenny Air Date : 20th-May-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 21 - RAW 470

Vince threatens Triple H, Mick Foley give Edge the Hardcore Championship then Paul Heyman confronts both of them, Match #1 for Intercontinental Championship: Rob Van Dam vs Shelton Benjamin, backstage Vince McMahon talks to ZZ Top, Vince forces Triple H to apologize for last week, promo for “See No Evil,” Kane interview, Match #2: John Cena vs Chris Masters, after the match RVD uses Money In The Bank to challenge Cena at One Night Stand, Carlito, Maria, Snitsky & Goldust backstage, Shawn Michaels confronts Triple H, Match #3: Kane vs Trevor Murdoch, Match #4: Torrie Wilson vs Mickie James, Viscera hits on Lillian, Match #5: Viscera vs Umaga, and more hype for “See no Evil,” the Spirit Squad taunt Triple H, Match #6 5 on 1 Handicap: Shawn Michaels vs Spirit Quad. Air Date : 27th-May-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 22 - RAW 471

Pre-Show: WWE salutes the veterans; Vince McMahon taunts Shawn Michaels then turns to Triple H and finally names Jonathan Coachman Executive Assistant, Match #1 for the Intercontinental Championship: Kane vs Shelton Benjamin, Coach is looking for Triple H, Viscera threatens Armando Alejandro Estrada, Triple H in Vince’s office, Match #2: Viscera vs Umaga, yet another “See No Evil” promo, Match #3: Torrie Wilson & Beth Phoenix w/Trish Stratus vs Victoria & Candice w/Mickie James, Match #3: John Cena vs Johnny Nitro, Mick Foley & Paul Heyman face off, Match #4 for #1 Contender for Vengeance: Big Show vs Edge, Vince takes away Triple H’s sledgehammer, Match #5: Triple H vs Kenny, after the match Vince tells triple H that he will join Mr. McMahon’s Kiss My Ass Club. Air Date : 3rd-Jun-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 23 - RAW 472

Contract signing between RVD & John Cena, Match #1 Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin, Triple H in Vince’s office, Match #2: Triple H vs Big Show, Triple H back in Vince’s office, Match #3: Eugene with Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Matt Stryker, after the match Umaga destroyed Duggan, Kurt Angle comes out and is confronted by Mick Foley & Edge, Match #4 Kane vs Lance Cade, promo for the Highlanders, Match #4: Charlie Haas vs Johnny Nitro, Match #5: Beth Phoenix vs Victoria, Shane & Vince, Jerry Lawler answers Tazz’s challenge, Shane with Triple H, Vince’s Kiss My Ass Club Air Date : 10th-Jun-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 24 - RAW 473

Match #1: RVD vs X-Pac Match #2: Raven Vs Jeff Hardy Match #3: Chris Nowinski Vs Spike Dudley Match #4: Trish Stratus & D'Lo Brown Vs Molly Holly & Crash Match #5: Undertaker Vs Matt Hardy Match #6: Brock Lesnar Vs Booker T Air Date : 17th-Jun-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 25 - RAW 474

Paul Heyman talks about the WWE Championship, Match #1: Kane vs Randy Orton, Kane vs Kane, Charlie Haas apologizes to Lillian Garcia, Viscera beats up Haas, Eugene and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Vince McMahon speech, Match #2 Wet N Wild: Torrie Wilson vs Candice Michelle, Match #3 Gauntlet match: Triple H vs the Spirit Squad, Vince yells at the Squad, Match #4: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Umaga, Mick Foley comes out and is confronted by Ric Flair, Match #5: Carlito vs Johnny Nitro, Mickie James Interview, Highlanders promo, Randy Orton whines, Edge interview, Match #6: John Cena vs Edge Air Date : 24th-Jun-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 26 - RAW 475

Vince McMahon recaps the last two weeks and threatens DX, DX pranks Vince, Vince leaves Coach in charge, Torrie Wilson photo shoot, Match #1 Bra & Panties: Torrie Wilson & Maria vs Candice & Mickie James, Match #2 Viscera vs Charlie Haas, DX slimes the Spirit Squad, Coach talks to the Squad then runs into Paul Heyman, Kane interview, Match #3: John McChesney vs Umaga, Match #4: John Cena vs Balls Mahoney, Sabu attacks Cena, Match #5: Snitsky vs Randy Orton, Match #6 Handicap match: Carlito vs Johnny Nitro & Shelton Benjamin, DX in the office, Eugene interview, DX pants Coach, Highlanders promo, Match #7: Ric Flair vs Edge, RVD attacks Edge, Spirit Squad rallies the heels, DX in the ring, featuring the midget Spirit Squad and the stripper Spirit Squad, then the real Squad comes out, the midgets moon the Squad. Air Date : 1st-Jul-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 27 - RAW 476

Match#1 for Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus vs Mickie James, after the match Melina confronts Trish, Trish & Carlito talk in the back, Shane McMahon talks, Match #2: Kamala vs Umaga, Diva search, Torrie hypes WWE Magazine & is interrupted by Edge, John Cena interview, Match #3: Viscera & Val Venis vs Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade, Brooke Hogan video, DX mocks the McMahons, Ric Flair gripes about Mick Foley, Match #4: Kane vs Randy Orton, after the match Kane fights Imposter Kane, Diva search, Highlander’s Promo, Match #5 for WWE Championship: John Cena vs Rob Van Dam Air Date : 8th-Jul-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 28 - RAW 477

Pre show: Coach tells DX that they are banned, Edge comes out to brag, John Cena interrupts so does RVD, Vince McMahon arrives, Match #1: Torrie Wilson vs Lita, Vince complains, Match #2: Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Eugene, Viscera, Val Venis & Snitsky vs Spirit Squad, DX having a BBQ, Match #3: Highlanders vs Rob Conway & Matt Stryker, Triple H & Candice, DX in the TV truck, DX catches Vince in the bathroom, Vince in the ring & DX messes with the mike, Match#3 for the Intercontinental Title: Carlito vs Johnny Nitro, Diva search, Vince yells at Coach, Match #4: Scott Wright vs Umaga, Vince car explodes with fireworks, Randy Orton talks about Brooke Hogan, Edge interview, Match #5 Triple Threat for the WWE Championship: RVD vs John Cena vs Edge Air Date : 15th-Jul-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 29 - RAW 478

Match #1: John Cena vs Shelton Benjamin, the McMahons intimidate Eugene, Match #2: Trish Stratus vs Melina, Edge & Lita at the hotel, Match #2: Highlanders vs Rob Conway & Matt Stryker, Ric Flair in the ring, Mick Foley interrupts, Big Show challenges Flair for the ECW title, the McMahons beat up Eugene, Match #3: Viscera vs Charlie Haas, Edge & Lita at the bar, Diva search, the McMahons beat up Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Match #4: Val Venis vs Randy Orton, Cena attacks Edge in his hotel room, Match #5: Eugene vs Vince & Shane McMahon Air Date : 22nd-Jul-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 30 - RAW 479

DX starts the show, Match #1 for #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship: Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin, Trish & Carlito in the back, Match #2 Guest Referee Candice Michele: Trish Stratus & Torrie Wilson vs Mickie James & Victoria, Umaga interview, Mick Foley promo, Match #3: Highlanders vs Jared Steele & Russell Simpson, DX & the Highlanders, Match #4: John Cena vs Umaga, Highlanders in the McOffice, Match #5: Eugene vs Randy Orton, Mick Foley promo, Ric Flair challenges Foley, Diva Search, Match #6: Shawn Michaels vs Shane McMahon. Air Date : 29th-Jul-2002  Read More

Season 10 Episode 31 - RAW 480

Shawn Michaels in the Ring, Match #1 for the World Tag Team Championship: Highlanders vs the Spirit Squad (Mikey & Kenny) Mick Foley promo, Edge, Flair, Nitro & Cena, Trish & Carlito, Match #2 for the #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship: Carltio vs Shelton Benjamin, Hulk Hogan comes out, Match #3: Candice Michelle vs Mickie James, Match #4: Shawn Michaels vs Jonathan Coachman, John Cena interview, Diva Search, Match #5: John Cena & Ric Flair vs Johnny Nitro & Edge Air Date : 5th-Aug-2002  Read More

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