WWE Raw - Season : 12

Season 12 Episode 1 - RAW 554

Match #1: Strange Bedfellows Match: Shawn Michaels & Mr. Kennedy vs Charlie Haas & Trevor Murdoch Match #2: Trading Places Match: Hardcore Holly (dressed as Carlito) vs Carlito (dressed as Holly) Match #3: Lingerie Pillow Fight: Mickie James vs Maria vs Ashley Massaro vs Melina vs Jillian Hall Match #4: First Blood Match: Triple H vs William Regal Match #5: Handicap: Chris Jericho vs Snitsky & JBL Match #6 for Royal Rumble entry: Hornswoggle & BK Jordan vs the Highlanders Match #7: Cage: Jeff Hardy vs Umaga Air Date : 5th-Jan-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 2 - RAW 555

Match #1: Ashley, Mickie James & Maria vs Melina, Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall Match #2: Shawn Michaels vs Trevor Murdoch Match #3: Triple H vs Snitsky Match #4: Mini-Royal Rumble Match #5: Ric Flair vs William Regal Match #6: for the Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton Air Date : 12th-Jan-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 3 - RAW 556

1. Shawn Michaels vs. Mister Kennedy 2. Women's Match Beth Phoenix vs. Mickey James 3. Tag Team Match Finlay and Hornswoggle vs. The Highlanders 4. Royal Rumble Qualification Match Bryan Kendrick vs. Umaga 5. Royal Rumble Qualification Match Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito 6. Over the Top Rope Gauntlet Royal Rumble Qualification Match Triple H vs. Sntisky, Mark Henry, and William Regal Air Date : 19th-Jan-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 4 - RAW 557

1. Women's Tag Match Ashley and Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall and Beth Phoenix 2. Carlito vs. Cody Rhodes 3. Tag Team Match Degeneration X vs. Snitsky and Umaga 4. Mr. Kennedy vs. Brian Kendrick 5. Women's Match Melina vs. Maria 6. Tag Team Match Randy Orton and JBL vs. Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho Air Date : 26th-Jan-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 5 - RAW 558

Match #1: Kelly Kelly & Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix & Victoria Match #2: Super Crazy vs Mr. Kennedy Match #3: Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs Santino Marella & Carlito Match #4: Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch Match #5: Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels vs JBL, Umaga & Snitsky Arm Wrestling: John Cena vs Mark Henry Air Date : 2nd-Feb-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 6 - RAW 559

Match #1: Hornswoggle vs Vince McMahon Match #2: Chris Jericho vs JBL Match #3: Brian Kendrick vs Paul Burchill Match #4: John Cena vs Mark Henry Match #5: Maria vs Melina Match #6: Jeff Hardy vs Shawn Michaels Air Date : 9th-Feb-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 7 - RAW 560

Match #1: Money In The Bank qualifier: Jeff Hardy vs Snitsky Match #2: Super Crazy vs Paul Burchill Match #3: Money In The Bank qualifier: Val Venis vs Mr. Kennedy Match #4: Steel Cage: Hornswoggle vs Vince McMahon Match #5: Maria vs Beth Phoenix Match #6: Special Referee Triple H: John Cena vs Randy Orton Air Date : 16th-Feb-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 8 - RAW 561

1. Tag Team Match Santino and Carlito vs. Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes 2. Money in the Bank Qualifying Match Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho 3. Umaga vs. DH Smith 4. Lance Cade vs. Shawn Michaels 5. Tag Team Match Triple H and John Cena vs. Randy Orton and Mister Kennedy Air Date : 23rd-Feb-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 9 - RAW 562

Match #1: Brandon Hill vs The Big Show Match #2: Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch Match #3: Super Crazy vs Umaga Highlight Reel: Jeff Hardy Match #4: John Cena vs Mr. Kennedy Match #5: Money in the Bank qualifier: Cody Rhodes vs Carlito Match #6: Triple H vs Randy Orton Air Date : 1st-Mar-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 10 - RAW 563

1. Casket Match Undertaker vs. Mark Henry 2. Mister Kennedy vs. Finlay 3. Intercontinental Championship Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho 4. Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff vs. US Express (Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda) 5. Triple H v Kane 6. Women's Match Melina vs. Maria 7. Edge vs. CM Punk 8. Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena Air Date : 8th-Mar-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 11 - RAW 564

1. CM Punk vs. Carlito 2. Handicap Match London and Kendrick vs. Umaga 3. JBL vs. Colin Delaney 4. Career Threatening Street Fight Vince McMahon vs. Ric Flair 5. Women's Tag Team Match Maria and Candice Michelle vs. Jillian Hall and Victoria 6. Intercontinental Championship The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho 7. John Cena and Randy Orton vs. The Entire Raw Roster Air Date : 15th-Mar-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 12 - RAW 565

Match #1: Chris Jericho & CM Punk vs Carlito & MVP Match #2: Hardcore Holly vs The Great Khali Match #3: Maria vs Melina Match #4: Jerry Lawler, Maria & Ashley vs Santino Marella, Melina & Beth Phoenix Match #5: Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Ric Flair & John Cena vs Randy Orton, Umaga, Big Show & JBL Air Date : 22nd-Mar-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 13 - RAW 566

1. Tag Team Match Lance Cadeand Trevor Murdoch vs. Cryme Tyme 2. Tag Team Match Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes 3. Chris Jericho vs CM Punk 4. Randy Orton vs. Matt Hardy 5. Intergender Match Santino Marella vs. Maria Air Date : 29th-Mar-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 14 - RAW 567

Match #1: Val Venis vs Umaga Match #2: Mickie James & Ashley vs Melina & Jillian Hall Match #3: Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch Match #4: Triple H vs Randy Orton & JBL Match #5: Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes vs Carlito & Santino Marella Match #6: Maria vs Beth Pheonix Match #7: John Cena vs Triple H & JBL Air Date : 5th-Apr-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 15 - RAW 568

Match Results: Kane defeated Grandmaster Sexay Tajiri defeated Al Snow Lita defeated Trish Stratus via disqualification The Hurricane defeated Sylvain Grenier Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin and Mick Foley defeated Evolution Air Date : 12th-Apr-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 16 - RAW 569

Match Results: Christian defeated Chris Jericho Victoria defeated Molly Holly via disqualification Garrison Cade defeated Tajiri Chris Benoit & Edge defeated Ric Flair & Batista to win the World Tag Team Championship Air Date : 19th-Apr-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 17 - RAW 570

Match Results: Lita & Victoria defeated Molly Holly & Gail Kim Rhyno defeated Rob Conway Christian defeated Grandmaster Sexay Triple H defeated Tajiri Kane vs. Matt Hardy ended in no contest Chris Benoit & Edge defeated Ric Flair & Batista Air Date : 26th-Apr-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 18 - RAW 571

Match Results: Shelton Banjamin, Tajiri & Edge defeated Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton Rob Conway defeated the Hurricane Kane defeated Steven Richards Gail Kim defeated Victoria in a Non Title Match Chris Benoit defeated Shawn Michaels Air Date : 3rd-May-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 19 - RAW 572

Match Results: Batista defeated Tajiri Randy Orton defeated Edge Gail Kim, Jazz & Molly Holly defeated Victoria, Stacy Keibler & Nidia Eugene defeated Rob Conway Chris Jericho defeated Christian Air Date : 10th-May-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 20 - RAW 573

Match Results: Trish Stratus defeated Lita Kane defeated Val Venis Chris Benoit & Edge defeated Randy Orton & Batista Kane won the Battle Royal to become the No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Air Date : 17th-May-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 21 - RAW 574

Match Results: Edge defeated Ric Flair Rob Conway and Sylvian Grenier defeated Hurricane Helms and Rosey Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho defeated Randy Orton and Batista Women's Champion, Victoria, defeated Molly Holly Eugene and Chris Benoit defeated Garrison Cade and Jonathan Coachman. Air Date : 24th-May-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 22 - RAW 575

Match Results: La Resistance defeated Chris Benoit & Edge to win the World Tag Team Titles Victoria def. Jazz in a non-title match Shelton Benjamin def. Randy Orton in a non-title match Matt Hardy def. Garrison Cade Eugene def. Kane by disqualification Air Date : 31st-May-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 23 - RAW 576

Match Results: Lita defeated Gail Kim Batista def. Shelton Benjamin Chris Jericho def. A-Train In a Handicap Match, La Resistance def. Chris Benoit by disqualification In a Handicap Match, Kane & La Resistance def. Benoit & Edge Eugene def. Johnny Nitro Shawn Michaels def. Randy Orton by disqualification Air Date : 7th-Jun-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 24 - RAW 577

Match Results: Lita and Matt Hardy defeat Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko La Resistance def. The Hurricane and Rosey (Flag Match) Gail Kim and Molly Holly def. Nidia and Stacy Keibler Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho/Edge def. Randy Orton/Ric Flair/Batista (Elimination Tag Match) Air Date : 14th-Jun-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 25 - RAW 578

Match Results: Women's Champion Trish Stratus (with Tyson Tomko) defeats Victoria The match between William Regal and Kane never officially gets underway Randy Orton and Batista def. Edge and Chris Jericho Triple H and Eugene wrestle to a no contest Air Date : 21st-Jun-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 26 - RAW 579

Match Results: Edge and Chris Jericho defeat Randy Orton and Batista Triple H def. William Regal (DQ) with Eugene as the guest referee La Resistance def. Sgt. Slaughter and Rhyno (Non-title match) Chris Benoit def. Kane (submission-only stipulation) Air Date : 28th-Jun-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 27 - RAW 580

Match Results: Chris Jericho wins a Musical Chairs contest against Tajiri, Jonathan Coachman, Jerry ""The King"" Lawler, Stacy Keibler, Ric Flair and Tyson Tomko World Tag Team Champions La Resistance defeats Rhyno and Val Venis The match between Kane and Batista ends in a no contest when Matt Hardy interferes I.C. Champion Randy Orton def. Chris Jericho Nidia def. Victoria and Molly Holly in a ""Contract on a Pole"" Match Women's Champion Trish Stratus (with Tyson Tomko) def. Nidia Eugene, Ric Flair and Triple H def. Chris Benoit and Edge (Handicap Match) Air Date : 5th-Jul-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 28 - RAW 581

Match Results: Intercontinental Champion Edge defeats Batista (non-title match) Rhyno (with Tajiri) def. Robert Conway (with Sylvain Grenier) Tyson Tomko (with Trish Stratus) def. Maven (with Nidia) Chris Jericho def. Kane (DQ) Ric Flair def. The Hurricane The match between World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit and Eugene ends in a no contest. Air Date : 12th-Jul-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 29 - RAW 582

Match Results: Sylvain Grenier (with Robert Conway) defeats Tajiri (with Rhyno) Tyson Tomko (with Trish Stratus) def. The Hurricane (with Stacy Keibler and Superhero Rosey) World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit def. Batista (DQ; non-title match) Kane def. Chris Jericho (Falls Count Anywhere) Intercontinental Champion Edge def. Randy Orton Air Date : 19th-Jul-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 30 - RAW 583

Match Results: Julia Costello is cut from the $250,000 RAW Diva Search competition Randy Orton wins the 20-man Battle Royal Order of elimination: William Regal; Tyson Tomko; Chuck Palumbo; Val Venis; Matt Hardy; The Hurricane; Steven Richards; Rodney Mack; Rosey; Sylvain Grenier; Robert Conway; Tajiri; Ric Flair; Rhyno; Kane; Maven; Batista; Edge; Chris Jericho World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit defeats Triple H, 4-3 in decisions (60-minute Iron Man Match) Order of falls: Benoit 1-0 (pin); Tied at 1 (pin); Triple H 2-1 (count-out); Triple H 3-1 (pin); Benoit 2-3 (submission at 15:34); Tied at 3 (submission at 12:00); Benoit 4-3 (pin at :06) Air Date : 26th-Jul-2004  Read More

Season 12 Episode 31 - RAW 584

Match Results: Rhyno & Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Sylvain Grenier in a Non-Title match. Tyson Tomko (w/Trish Sratus) defeated Rosey (w/Stacy Kiebler) William Regal defeated Triple H via DQ Evolution defeated Jericho, Benoit, and Edge in a 6-Man Tag Team match after Orton pinned Benoit. Air Date : 2nd-Aug-2004  Read More

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