The Ed Sullivan Show - Season : 18

Season 18 Episode 1 - Beach Boys / Alan King / Robert Goulet

Guests: --The Beach Boys - ""I Get Around"" and ""Wendy"" --Robert Goulet - ""Let There be Love,"" ""Quiet Nights,"" ""This is All I Ask"" and ""My Love Forgive Me (Amore Scusami)"" --Leslie Uggams - ""I Feel Pretty"" & ""The Man I Love"" --Topo Gigio (mouse puppet) - routine might include ""Let's Call The Whole Thing Off"" --Vonda Kay Van Dyke & Curley - ""Wherever We Go, It's Together"" (""There She Is Miss America"" is played as they walk on stage.) --Alan King (stand-up comedian) - routine about ""Dr. Sam,"" Dr. Sam Roth, a doctor in his neighborhood (when he was a kid in the lower East Side of Manhattan) and other medical observances. Air Date : 27th-Sep-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 2 - Louis Armstrong / Sid Caesar / Abbe Lane / Pat Boone

Guests: --Louis Armstrong – ""Hello Dolly"" & ""So Long Dearie"" --Sid Caesar (comedian) - 2 skits: (1) Japanese baseball player sketch (2) 1964 election news report sketch --Yogi Berra --Pat Boone - ""My Baby Just Cares for Me,"" ""Beach Girl"" and ""Exodus"" --Abbe Lane - ""I Didn't Know What Time It Was"" & ""I'm In Love with A Wonderful Guy"" --Jim Bouton (of the Yankees) - does a Frank Fontain impression --Tony Lema - golf match with Ken Venturi --The Radugas (Raduga dancers) - Russian Cossack folk dance --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - puppet wearing a Beatle wig. Air Date : 4th-Oct-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 3 - Roy Orbison / Connie Francis / Harlem Globetrotters

Guests: --Roy Orbison - ""Oh, Pretty Woman"" --Connie Francis - (1) baseball medley: ""Take Me Out to the Ballgame"" (& other baseball songs), ""Meet Me In St. Louis"" (& a song about New York). (2) medley: ""Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone"" and ""After You've Gone Away"" --Connie Francis - ""My Man"" --Juliet Prowse --Harlem Globetrotters --George Kirby (comedian who does impressions, imitates Sammy Davis Jr.) --Allen & Rossi (comedy team) --Jean Paul Vignon (French pop singer) --Jean Carroll (stand-up comedian, tells jokes about her husband & daughter) --The Youngs (circus act, performers do jumps using a teeterboard) CBS repeated this show on July 4, 1965. Air Date : 11th-Oct-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 4 - The Animals / Van Johnson / Jackie Mason

Guests: --The Animals – ""I'm Crying"" & ""House of the Rising Sun"" --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) - routine includes imitation of news reporter Marvin Kalb commenting on LBJ's speech. --Van Johnson - ""I Want to be Happy"" & talks with Ed about his past films --John Byner (comedian) does impersonations of Ed Sullivan, Johnny Mathis & Tony Bennett --Joan Sutherland - ""Ardon gli incensi"" (as Lucia, from ""Lucia di Lammermoor"") --Rita Pavone - ""Sul Cucozzole"" --Totie Fields (stand-up, tells jokes about her weight, banks & safe deposit box) --The Cambridge Circus (British comedy troupe) Cameos: Bob Gibson & Tim McCarver (World Series heroes talk with Ed) Air Date : 18th-Oct-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 5 - Rolling Stones / Jack Jones / Stiller & Meara

The Rolling Stones - ""Around and Around"" and ""Time is on My Side"" Other guests: --Stiller & Meara (comedy team) --Jack Jones - ""Travel On"" & ""Bewitched"" --London Lee (comedian) --Lawrence Harvey --Kim Sisters - ""Joshua"" --Charlie Drake --The Berosini Family (acrobats) Air Date : 25th-Oct-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 6 - Dave Clark Five / Rex Harrison / Alan King

The Dave Clark Five - ""Anyway You Want It"" Other guests: --Rex Harrison (on film?) --Leon Bibb (folk singer) --Alan King (comedian) --Marilyn Michaels (singer-impressionist) --Dolores Gray (singer) --Richard Hearne (British comedian, a.k.a. ""Mr. Pastry"") --Rolando (a balancing artist) Air Date : 1st-Nov-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 7 - Jimmy Durante / Jean Paul Vignon / Nipsey Russell

Guests: --Jimmy Durante - ""Old Man Time,"" ""Fascination"" & ""Count Your Blessings"" --Sonny King and Jimmy Durante - ""Hey, Look Me Over"" & ""I Ain't Down Yet"" --Eddie Jackson and Jimmy Durante - ""Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?"" --Nipsey Russell (comedian) --Jean Paul Vignon (French pop singer) --Parker and Towers (ice skaters) --The Fabulous Kids from Hong Kong (a vocal-instrumental group) --Jay Nemeth (ventriloquist) --Ginny Tiu and family (a children's variety act) --The Del Rey Brothers (jugglers) Scheduled guests: --Richard Hearne --The Bachelors (music group from London) Air Date : 8th-Nov-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 8 - Peter and Gordon / Sammy Davis Jr. / Kaye Stevens

Peter and Gordon – ""I Don't Want to See You Again"" & ""500 Miles"" Other guests: --Sammy Davis Jr. - ""Don't Shut Me Out"" --Kaye Stevens - ""I'll Tell Them All"" --The Kessler Twins (singers) --Jackie Vernon (comedian) --Charlie Drake --Trio Hoganas (high wire balancing act) --Brizio (Italian comic act) Air Date : 15th-Nov-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 9 - scheduled: Tony Bennett; Leslie Uggams; Victor Borge

Scheduled guests: --Tony Bennett --Leslie Uggams --Victor Borge --The Womenfolk (folk singers) - ""Sail Away"" & ""Rock-Em Daddy-O"" --Pat O'Brien (actor) --The Pan Am North Stars (steelband musicians) Air Date : 22nd-Nov-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 10 - scheduled: Ella Fitzgerald; Gordon and Sheila MacRae

Scheduled guests: --Ella Fitzgerald --Gordon and Sheila MacRae --Myron Cohen --Corps De Ballet --Obernkirchen Children's Choir Air Date : 29th-Nov-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 11 - scheduled: Piccola Pupa; Mitchell Trio; Sid Caesar

Guests: --Sid Caesar --Gary Lewis and the Playboys   --Piccola Pupa --The Mitchell Trio (folk singers) --Sophie Tucker --Allen and Rossi (comedy team) --Betsy Palmer Scheduled guest: --Bob Lewis (comedian) Air Date : 6th-Dec-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 12 - Julie Harris / Stiller & Meara / Alan King / Robert Preston

Guests: --Robert Preston - sings ""Half the Battle is Learning How to Smile"" (in a scene from ""Ben Franklin In Paris"") --Julie Harris --Anita Bryant - ""Fly Me to the Moon"" --Stiller & Meara --Arthur Worsley (British ventriloquist) --Fabulous Hong Kong Hi-De-His --Danielle Barioni --Marquis Chimps --Con Conwally (balancing knife act) Air Date : 13th-Dec-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 13 - Jack Jones / Allen & Rossi / Charlie Manna

Guests: --Jack Jones - Christmas medley & ""My Favorite Things."" --Jack Jones (later in show) - ""Somebody Loves Me"" & ""You're Nobody"" medley --Allen & Rossi (comedy team) - James Bond spoof --Steve Rossi sings ""Have You Had Any Fun?"" --Sandu and the Green Mountain Boys (might be Sandu Scott and the Scotties) - sings, does imitations including Ed Sullivan; Carol Channing singing ""Hello Dolly"" --Charlie Manna (comedian) - opera sketch, sings ""Barber of Seville"" --Jesuit Priests led by Father Lawrence Madden - Religious medley --Victor Julian (circus dog act with dogs in costume, one as Santa Claus) --Topo Gigio (mouse puppet) - Topo's homesick during Christmas, gets phone call from Mama --Jim Brown - talks to Ed on stage --Audience bow: Jack Rice (high-school all-American) --George Carl (comic pantomime) --Audience bows: Buddy Hackett & London Lee --The Morlidors (cortortionist act) - man in black mask with 2 female assistants Air Date : 20th-Dec-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 14 - The Supremes / Serendipity Singers / Leslie Uggams

Guests: --The Supremes - ""Come See About Me"" --The Serendipity Singers - ""Every Time I Feel the Spirit"" --Leslie Uggams - ""Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo"" & ""Cockeyed Optimist"" --Rip Taylor (comedian) --Jean Carrol (comedian) --Frank Gorshin (impressionist) --Davis and Reese (stand-up comedians) Air Date : 27th-Dec-1964  Read More

Season 18 Episode 15 - scheduled: Liza Minnelli, Jean Paul Vignon, Totie Fields

Scheduled guests: --Liza Minnelli --Jean Paul Vignon --Totie Fields --Marc London (comedian) --Carmen Sevilla --Lew Bassi (juggler) --The Mattison Trio (tap-dancers) --Topo Gigio Air Date : 3rd-Jan-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 16 - scheduled: Sid Caesar; Wayne Newton; Betsy Palmer; Shari Lewis

Scheduled guests: --Sid Caesar --Wayne Newton --Betsy Palmer --Shari Lewis (puppeteer) --London Lee (comedian) --The Kim Sisters (singers) --Topo Gigio --The Sophie Maslow Dance Company --Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang Air Date : 10th-Jan-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 18 - Lesley Gore / Burt Lancaster / Mickey Rooney / Miriam Makeba

Guests: --Lesley Gore - ""The Look of Love"" & ""Hello Young Lovers"" --Burt Lancaster (chats with Ed & film clips) --Mickey Rooney --Roger Williams --Miriam Makeba (South African folk singer, with back up singers) - ""Intoyam"" (African song) --The Agastonios (acrobat team) --Ravic & Babs (roller skaters) Air Date : 31st-Jan-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 19 - Jimmy Durante / scheduled: Leslie Uggams; Stiller & Meara; Jean Carroll

Guests (confirmed): --Jimmy Durante (entertainer, celebrating his 72nd birthday) --Sonny King Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Leslie Uggams --Stiller & Meara --Rebecca Raz --Jean Carroll --Vaughn Monroe Air Date : 7th-Feb-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 20 - Dave Clark Five / Rowan & Martin / Steve Lawrence

Guests: --The Dave Clark Five - ""Everybody Knows,"" ""Because"" & ""Anyway You Want It"" --Steve Lawrence - ""Hello, Dolly!"" ""People"" & ""Where Can I Go"" --Victor Borge - ""Viennese Waltz"" and a routine about an ""inflationary language"" (in which Tuesday would become Threesday). --Rowan & Martin (comedy team does a spy sketch and a quiz show routine) --The Israeli Ballet - performs some native folk dances --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) --The Mattison Trio (tap dancers) - ""Malaguena"" --John's balancing act Air Date : 14th-Feb-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 21 - scheduled: Sid Caesar; Roberta Peters; Betsy Palmer; Frank Gorshin

Scheduled guests: --Sid Caesar --Roberta Peters (Metropolitan Opera soprano) --Jerry Vale (singer) --Betsy Palmer --Frank Gorshin --London Lee (comedian) --Malcolm Powell (ventriloquist) --The Three Kims (acrobats) --Conrad Buckner Air Date : 21st-Feb-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 22 - scheduled: Wayne Newton; Juliet Prowse; Alan King; Bill Dana

Scheduled guests (from Florida's Miami Beach Auditorium): --Wayne Newton --Juliet Prowse --Alan King --Bill Dana --The Hurricanes (the University of Miami's Glee Club) --The Cypress Gardens water skiers --The Singing Hialeah Jockey Octet --The Sensational Leighs (aerial act) Air Date : 28th-Feb-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 23 - Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald / Rita Pavone / Stiller & Meara

Guests: --Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald (medley of Duke's hits) --Duke Ellington - ""It Don't Mean A Thing"" --Rita Pavone - ""My Eyes"" --Stiller & Meara (comedians) --On film: Film clip from ""The Sound of Music"" with Julie Andrews singing ""My Favorite Things"" --Roy Castle (comedian) --The Clark Brothers (tap dancers) --The Carmenas (balancing act) Air Date : 7th-Mar-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 24 - Petula Clark / Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem / Nancy Walker & Bert Lahr

Guests: --Petula Clark – ""Downtown"" and ""I Know a Place"" --Pat O'Brien --Nancy Walker & Bert Lahr --Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - ""Wild Colonial Boy"" --Allen & Rossi (comedy team) --Steve Rossi - ""I'll Set My Love to Music"" --Jimmy Roselli - ""Femina"" & ""Rock-A-Bye Your Baby"" --Dorothy Donegan (pianist) - ""The Man I Love"" --The Olympiades (body builders) Air Date : 14th-Mar-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 25 - Gary Lewis & the Playboys / Connie Francis / Tony Bennett / Melinda Marx

Guests: --Gary Lewis & the Playboys - ""This Diamond Ring"" & ""Count Me In"" --Tony Bennett (with the Woody Herman Orchestra) - ""Love Scene,"" ""If I Ruled The World,"" ""Lullabye of Broadway"" & ""Who Can I Turn To"" --Connie Francis - ""(Up Above My Head) There's Music in the Air"" (part of Gospel medley?) --Connie Francis - ""For Mama"" and ""Goldfinger"" --Melinda Marx - ""East Side of Town"" (Groucho Marx's daughter) --Woody Herman Orchestra - ""My Favorite Things"" --Pat Buttram (stand-up comedian) - tells stories about his grandparents --Jean Carroll (comedian) - jokes about domestic life & department stores --Ray Bloch & Band - Topo Gigo song --Texas Boys Choir Of Fort Worth - ""Mustang Grey"" --Claus Beckers (unicyclist act) - unicyclist with female assistant balances teapot & cups on tray. --Audience bow: Vic Ghezzi Air Date : 21st-Mar-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 26 - Little Anthony and the Imperials / Bobby Vinton

Guests: --Little Anthony and the Imperials - ""Hurts So Bad"" --Bobby Vinton - ""Long Lonely Nights"" + medley of hits & tribute to Broadway songwriters --Bob King (comedian) --Elizabeth Allen & Sergio Franchi - ""Do I Hear A Waltz"" & ""Take The Moment"" (or ""Take This Moment"") --Sergio Franchi - ""Stella By Starlight"" --Marilyn Michaels - ""All Or Nothing At All"" --Le Marcellis (acrobat tricks with chairs and tables) Air Date : 28th-Mar-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 27 - scheduled: Vince Edwards; Cilla Black; Alan King; Abbe Lane; George Kirby

Scheduled guests: --Vince Edwards (from ""Ben Casey"") --Cilla Black (singer) - ""You're My World"" --Alan King (comedian) --Abbe Lane (singer) --George Kirby (comedian) --Jean Paul Vignon (singer from France) --Djoliba (African instrumental and dance ensemble) Air Date : 4th-Apr-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 28 - Gerry & the Pacemakers / Maurice Chevalier / Soupy Sales

Guests: --Gerry and the Pacemakers – ""Ferry Across the Mersey,"" ""It's Gonna Be Alright"" & ""Why, Oh Why"" --Maurice Chevalier - ""C'est Magnifique,"" ""It's All Right with Me"" and ""Just One of Those Things"" --Soupy Sales (comedian) - ""The Mouse"" --London Lee (comedian) --Jose Torres (middleweight boxing champion) - ""Un Poco Mas"" --Felicia Sanders (singer) - ""Sunrise, Sunset"" --The San Francisco Ballet - ""Beautiful Galatea"" --Stephenson's Dogs --Jorgen and Conny (a balancing act) Air Date : 11th-Apr-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 29 - John Huston / Sam Snead / Soupy Sales

Easter Show: --John Huston - scene from ""The Bible"" (might be on film) --The McGuire Sisters - Medley (""Heart Beat For Me,"" ""Easter Parade,"" ""Try A Little Tenderness"" & ""On the Avenue."") --The children from ""The Sound of Music"" sing ""So Long"" --On film: Soupy Sales & Sam Sneed (on film, golf film, Ed challenges Sam Sneed to golf match) --Sam Sneed (pro-golfer on stage with Ed) --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --Martha Schlamme (singer) --Roy Castle - English comic (sings and tap dances) --Brian Andru (comedic tightrope act) --The White Sisters - Suzanna Nuns From Africa --Topo Gigio (Topo and the Bear) --Anden's Poodles (Trained animal act) Audience bows: Robert E. Moses & the parents of the McGuire Sisters Air Date : 18th-Apr-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 30 - Freddie & the Dreamers / Sean Connery (on film) / Eydie Gormé

--On film: Ed Sullivan talks with Sean Connery and Claudine Auger on the set of ""Thunderball"" Guests: --Freddie and the Dreamers perform ""I'm Telling You Now,"" ""You Were Made for Me"" & ""Do the Freddie"" --Eydie Gormé sings ""Matchmaker"" (from ""Fiddler on the Roof"") and ""As Long As He Needs Me"" (from ""Oliver"") --Charo appears with Xavier Cugat and his band --Leon Bibb (folk singer) - ""Who Can I Turn To?"" --Marty Allen and Steve Rossi (comedy team) - astronaut routine. Later in show, Rossi sings ""Al Di La"" --Shelly Berman (comedian) --Inga and Rolf (Adagio dancers) --Tux (European balancing act) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) Air Date : 25th-Apr-1965  Read More

Season 18 Episode 31 - Rolling Stones / Dusty Springfield / Tom Jones

--The Rolling Stones - ""The Last Time,"" Little Red Rooster"" and ""Someone to Love"" --Dusty Springfield - ""All Cried Out"" --Tom Jones - ""It's Not Unusual"" --Audience bow (cameo): Roy Orbison --Leslie Uggams - ""Melancholy Baby"" --Totie Fields (comedian) --Topo Gigio (puppet) --Morecambe & Wise (comedians) --The Half Brothers (juggling act) --Gitta Morrelly (balancing act) Air Date : 2nd-May-1965  Read More

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