The Ed Sullivan Show - Season : 15

Season 15 Episode 1 - First show of the 15th Season

Scheduled guests: --Gordon and Sheila MacRae (musical comedy performers) --Bert Lahr and Nancy Walker (comedians) - reprise their sketch about a married couple who are not speaking to each other --Corbett Monica (comedian) --Teddy Randazzo (singer) --The Wanderers (singing quartet) --The Mayo Brothers (a tap-dancing duo) --Richiardi (illusionist) Air Date : 17th-Sep-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 2 - From Las Vegas: Danny Thomas; Della Reese; Crosby Brothers

Taped in Las Vegas (at the Desert Inn & at the Stardust) Guests: --Della Reese - ""In The Still Of The Night"" & ""Summertime"" --The Crosby Trio (Bing's sons Philip, Lindsay and Dennis Crosby) - ""Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"" and ""We Ought To Dance"" --Danny Thomas (stand-up comedy) - talks about his show, tells jokes and sings ""I Will Stay Younger Than Spring"" (this segment was taped in Hollywood) --The Kim Sisters (3 Korean sisters who sing and play musical instruments) - ""Shanty In Old Shanty Town"" and ""The Steel Guitar Rag"" (sisters playing drums, accordion & string instruments) --Rudy Cardenas (juggler) --Michele Sander Winters & Michael Larry Rubin (daredevil couple, performing stunts from a helicopter) --Powers and Park (ice skaters perform with non-skating dancers) Air Date : 24th-Sep-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 3 - Phil Silvers / Brigitte Bardot (filmed interview) / Peter Nero / McGuire Sisters

Scheduled guests: --Phil Silvers, Nancy Dussault and John Readon who appeared together in the Broadway musical ""Do Re Mi"" --Nancy Dussault and John Readon sing ""Make Someone Happy"" --Peter Nero (piano soloist) - ""Mountain Greenery"" --The McGuire Sisters (singers) - ""Run, Run, Run"" and ""Just Because"" --Audience bow: Tom Zachary (former Washington Senators pitcher who threw the pitch that Babe Ruth hit for home run no. 60 in 1927) On Film: Film clips of Sullivan's recent trip around the world: --Sullivan interviews Brigitte Bardot in Paris. --In London, Ed talks with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby about their new ""Road"" picture ""The Road to Hong Hong."" --Jackie Gleason and Gene Kelly are seen on the set of their new movie (probably ""Gigot"" which Kelly directed). --Also: a Little League game in Japan; a tour of Hong Kong's harbor, a festival in Rome, and a puppet show in Berlin. Air Date : 1st-Oct-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 4 - Taped in West Berlin: Louis Armstrong; Connie Francis; Van Cliburn

Taped at West Berlin's Sportspalast: --Louis Armstrong & his orchestra - ""Sleepy Time Down South,"" ""Royal Garden Blues,"" ""Hussar Gussar"" & ""When the Saints Go Marching In"" --Maureen O'Hara - ""Hello, Young Lovers"" --Van Cliburn - ""Polonaise"" by Chopin --Connie Francis - medley: ""Stupid Cupid,"" ""Among My Souvenirs,"" ""Lipstick on Your Collar,"" ""Who's Sorry Now"" and ""Everybody's Somebody's Fool"" --Connie Francis - ""Where the Boys Are"" (sings to soldiers in audience) and ""Schöner Fremder Mann"" (in German) --Rowan & Martin (comedy team, Martin as an American tourist in Germany interviewed by Rowan) --Bob Lewis (comic magician) --Enrique del Rey (juggler) --The Bluebell Girls (chorus line, ""Can Can Dance"" live from Paris, France) Audience bows: Generals Albert Watson & Fred Hartel Air Date : 8th-Oct-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 5 - 2nd Berlin show: Louis Armstrong; Sid Caesar; Shari Lewis

Guests (second of two shows taped in West Berlin): --Louis Armstrong (jazz musician, performing at the McNair Barracks) --Sid Caesar (comedian, performing at the Berlin Command Headquarters Theater) --Roberta Peters (soprano, performing at the West Berlin Sportpalast) --Shari Lewis (puppeteer, entertaining children at the Thomas A. Roberts School of the Berlin Command) --Janet Blair (singer) --On film: a tour of the Oktoberfest beer festival --Peter Kraus (German singer, performing at the American Youth Center) --The Trio Ariston (comedy acrobats) Air Date : 15th-Oct-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 6 - Chubby Checker / Phil Silvers / Nancy Walker

Guests: --Chubby Checker - ""The Twist"" (with the ""Do-Re-Mi"" dancers) and ""The Fly"" --Matt Monro - ""My Kind of Gal"" --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team, doing skit about ""The Twilight Zone"") --Phil Silvers & Nancy Walker - nightclub scene from ""Do-Re-Mi"" --Phil Silvers & Nancy Walker - bedroom scene From Do-Re-Mi --Phil Silvers - Soda Fountain skit about a jukebox (from ""Do-Re-Mi"") --Audience bow: Evelyn Silvers (Mrs. Phil Silvers) Air Date : 22nd-Oct-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 7 - scheduled: Everly Brothers; Robert Goulet; George Gobel

Scheduled guests: --The Everly Brothers - ""Don't Blame Me"" --The Ritz Brothers (comedians) --Robert Goulet (musical-comedy star) sings ""Maria"" and a medley of songs made famous by Fred Astaire. --George Gobel (comedian) --Dorothy Loudon (singer-comedian) --Bertha and her trained elephants (circus act) Air Date : 29th-Oct-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 8 - scheduled: Jimmy Dean; Art Carney; Al Hirt; Julius LaRosa

Scheduled: --Jimmy Dean sings ""Big Bad John"" --Art Carney (comedian) --Al Hirt and his jazz quintet --Julius LaRosa --Sheila MacRae (musical-comedy star) --Blossom Seeley (vaudevillian) Air Date : 5th-Nov-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 9 - Pearl Bailey / Brenda Lee / Ames Brothers / Frank Gorshin / Myron Cohen

Guests: --Pearl Bailey (singer) - ""Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me"" & ""I'm Glad There Is You"" --Brenda Lee (singer) - ""Fool #1"" & ""Learning About Love"" --Ames Brothers (vocal group) - ""Yes Indeed"" --Frank Gorshin (comedian & impressionist) --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Jan Peerce sings ""Serenade"" (from ""The Student Prince"") --George Young Revue (jazz combo) - ""Come Back to Sorrento"" (and ""When You're Smiling"") --See Hee Family (3-man acrobat team) Air Date : 12th-Nov-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 10 - Steve Lawrence / Jerry Lewis / Dorothy Louden / Martha Perez

Guests: --Jerry Lewis (comedian) - ""What Kind of Fool Am I?"" --Steve Lawrence (singer) - ""Begin the Beguine"" & ""If I Ever Would Leave You"" (or ""If Ever I Would Leave You"") --Dorothy Loudon (singer-comedian) --Martha Perez (mezzo soprano, opera singer from Cuba) - ""Cecelia Valdez"" --The Arnaut Brothers (comedy team, Vaudevillians doing bird whistles) --The Tunisian Dancers (or Tanezian Folk Dancers) --Francis Brunn (juggler) Scheduled guests (probably did not appear): --Ray Charles (blues singer) --Eydie Gorme --Jackie Mason (comedian) Air Date : 19th-Nov-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 11 - scheduled: Richard Boone; Jackie Mason; Sophie Tucker

Scheduled guests: --Richard Boone (actor) --Jackie Mason (comedian) --Sophie Tucker (singer) --Gloria Lynn (singer) --Deedy and Bill (novelty singers) Air Date : 26th-Nov-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 12 - scheduled: Sid Caesar; Connie Francis; Joan Sutherland

Scheduled guests: --Sid Caesar (comedian) --Connie Francis (singer) --Joan Sutherland (opera singer) sings a selection from ""Ilucia di Lammermoor"" --Mike Clifford (singer) --Earl Grant (singer-organist) --Braman and Leonard (comedy instrumentalists) --Ferdonio (acrobat) Air Date : 3rd-Dec-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 13 - scheduled: Sarah Vaughan; Al Hirt; Vic Damone; Gary Morton; Edgar Bergen

Scheduled guests: --Al Hirt (trumpet player) --Sarah Vaughan --Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist) --Vic Damone (singer) --Gary Morton (comedian) --Rip Taylor (comedian) --Nina and Frederik (singers) --Anden's Poodles (a trained animal act) Air Date : 10th-Dec-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 14 - Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington / Paul Anka

--Paul Anka - ""Jingle Bells"" (jazzy version) --Barbara Cook - ""Magic Moment"" (from the Broadway musical ""The Gay Life"") --Elizabeth Allen & Walter Chiari - ""Madga, The Gypsy"" (a scene from the show ""The Gay Life"") --Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong - ""Duke's Place"" (their 1st performance together in 30 years) Louis on trumpet, Duke on piano --Paul Anka - medley: ""Diana,"" ""Tonight My Love,"" ""Tonight,"" ""Dance On Little Girl,"" ""Put Your Head On My Shoulder,"" ""You Are My Destiny,"" ""Lonely Boy"" and ""My Home Town."" --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - do a routine about Hood & Friar Tuck --Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington - ""In A Mellow Mood"" --Louis Armstrong - ""Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen"" --Paul Anka - ""Down by the River Side"" (with the Hugh Lambert Dancers) --Corbett Monica (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about Christmas & travel Air Date : 17th-Dec-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 15 - Linda Scott / Shari Lewis / The Baird Puppets

Guests (Christmas Show): --Linda Scott - ""How I Wish (You'd Be With Me On Christmas Day)"" --Shari Lewis (ventriloquist) with Lamb Chop (dressed as Santa), Charlie Horse sings ""Jingle Bells."" --The Baird Puppets (Bill Baird puppets) - puppets doing a Davy Jones locker routine --Pompoff & Thedy (comedy team) --Burger's Animals (trained animal act with ponies, dogs, & chimp) --Korean Orphan Choir sings ""Jingle Bells"" (in Korean & English) and ""Silent Night"" --Bob Hammond's Birds (animal act with cockatoos) --The Meteors (acrobats dressed as Martians do stunts, 1950's spaceship & space suits) --Karrol Fox (comic magician) --The Bizarro Brothers (3 Men & a woman wearing bells play ""Rock Around The Clock"") --The Seven Staneks (acrobats doing flips onto each other's shoulders) Air Date : 24th-Dec-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 16 - scheduled: Slappy White; Matt Monro; Smith & Dale

Scheduled guests: --Slappy White (comedian) --Matt Monro (singer) --Sandy Stewart (singer) --The Barry Sisters (singing group) --Smith and Dale (comedy team) --Saverio Saridis (policeman-turned-singer) --The Hi-Lads (singing group) --The Estelle Alfonso Dancers --The Shirleys (balloon act) Air Date : 31st-Dec-1961  Read More

Season 15 Episode 17 - Jimmy Durante / Rosemary Clooney / Bob Newhart / Gary Morton

Broadcast live from the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Hollywood. Guests: --Rosemary Clooney - ""Everything's Coming Up Roses,"" ""Bye Bye Blackbird"" & ""Show Me"" --Bob Newhart (stand-up comedy) - routine: convincing people on ledges not to jump --Jimmy Durante - ""Inka-Dinka-Do,"" ""I Could Have Danced All Night,"" ""What A Day,"" ""My All Girl Band"" & ""The Twist"" --Jimmy Durante - ""Love You, Love You"" (with Sonny King) & ""Young At Heart"" --Jimmy Durante with sidekicks Eddie Jackson & Sonny King - ""Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey?"" --Gary Morton (comedian) - stand up routine --Bessie Griffin and the Gospel Pearls - ""Bye and Bye"" Air Date : 7th-Jan-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 18 - Mickey Rooney / Timi Yuro / Rip Taylor / Ken Murray

Broadcast live from the Stardust night club in Las Vegas Guests: --Mickey Rooney and Joey Forman - do a Candid Camera sketch. --Timi Yuro (singer) - ""Let Me Call You Sweetheart"" --Patti Page - ""Just in Time,"" ""The Boll Weevil Song"" (plays guitar) & ""Come On Home"" --Rip Taylor (comedian) - tells sob stories and sings ""Make Someone Happy"" --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) - Velvel in prospector gear. --Louis Bellson (drummer)  - plays ""Manteca"" --Leo Diamond (comedian) - plays the ""Soundmonica"" --Ken Murray (comedian) - tells the ""Turtle Story"" --Two unidentified comedians lip-synch to Louis Prima & Keely Smith recording ""I'm Confessin'"" --Pamela and Mary Jane Murray (Ken Murray's daughters) - lip synch to a Louis Prima & Keely Smith recording. --The Amin Brothers (acrobats from Egypt) - balancing act --Phillipine Dancers - native dance with bamboo poles and, later in show, dancers with coconut castanets & bamboo poles. Audience bows Air Date : 14th-Jan-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 19 - Jackie Wilson / Robert Goulet / Kate Smith / Wayne & Shuster

--Opening titles --The Marquis Chimps - chimp smokes cigarette and tumbles --Lon Purdy (pantomime act) --Jackie Wilson - ""That's Why"" --Jackie Wilson - ""The Greatest Hurt"" --Rob Murray (juggler from Britain) --Kate Smith - medley (""When the Moon Comes over the Mountain,"" ""Did You Ever See a Dream Walking,"" ""Just One of Those Things,"" ""Last Time I Saw Paris"" ""Now Is the Hour,"" ""Thinking of You,"" ""Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer"" and ""God Bless America"") --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - does a sketch about Professor Van Gartner, interior decorator --Robert Goulet (singer) - ""What Is This Thing Called Love,"" ""I Get a Kick Out of You"" and ""You Do Something to Me"" --Robert Goulet - ""One Life"" --Audience bow: Paul Anka Air Date : 21st-Jan-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 20 - Sid Caesar / Connie Francis / Frank Gorshin / Franco Corelli

Guests: --Sid Caesar (comedian) - does a silent movie sketch (Sid might have also been the guest host on this show.) --Connie Francis (singer) - ""Does Broadway Ever Sleep,"" ""Oh, Susanna,"" ""Careless Love,"" She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain"" & ""Don't Break the Heart"" --Frank Gorshin (comedian) - does impressions of movie stars --Franco Corelli (tenor) - sings an aria   --Buddy Greco (singer-pianist) - ""Come Rain or Come Shine"" --Dick Ruedebusch and his Underprivileged Five - ""Panama"" --Lilly Yokoi (cyclist, Bicycle acrobatics) --Joy Kay (pantomime artist) - man unpacks folded girl from suitcase. Air Date : 28th-Jan-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 21 - scheduled: Brook Benton; Pearl Bailey; George Gobel; Bobby Rydell

Scheduled guests: --Brook Benton - ""Shadrack"" --Pearl Bailey --George Gobel --Bobby Rydell - ""Mammy"" and ""Somebody Loves Me"" --Ford and Reynolds (comedians) --The two Frauensteins (jugglers) Air Date : 4th-Feb-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 22 - scheduled: Carl Sandburg; Paul Anka; Shelley Berman; McGuire Sisters

--Shelley Berman (comedian) - ""Right Girls"" (a song from his Broadway musical ""A Family Affair."") Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Carl Sandburg (poet) --Paul Anka (singer) --The McGuire Sisters --George Carl (comedian) --Hanna Ahroni (singer) --Cal Claude (juggler) Air Date : 11th-Feb-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 23 - The Everly Brothers / Timi Yuro / Al Hirt

First of two shows broadcast from Miami Beach. --The Everly Brothers - ""Crying in the Rain"" & ""Jezebel"" (The Everly Brothers are wearing U.S. Marine uniforms) --Al Hirt (trumpeter) - ""Night and Day,"" ""I Can't Get Started,"" ""When the Saints Come Marching In"" --Timi Yuro - ""Come Rain Or Come Shine"" & ""Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"" --George Jessel (comedian, sings ""April Showers"") --George Kirby (comedian, impressionist) --a Dolphin act (from the Seaquarium) Air Date : 18th-Feb-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 24 - scheduled: Lloyd Bridges; Damita Jo; The Crosby Brothers; Jan Murray

Second of two shows broadcast from Miami Beach Scheduled guests: --Lloyd Bridges (appears in a water sequence) --Damita Jo sings ""You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You"" --The Crosby Brothers (Bing's sons) - sing and also appear in a dance number with Ed called ""We Oughta Dance"" --Jan Murray (comedian) --Patrice Munsel (opera singer) --Brascia and Tybee (dance team) --The Gimma Brothers (acrobats) Air Date : 25th-Feb-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 25 - Art Carney / Fats Domino / Phyllis Diller / Connie Stevens / Tommy Sands

Guests: --Fats Domino - ""Jambalaya"" & ""Let The Four Winds Blow"" --Connie Stevens & Tommy Sands - ""Maggie Blue"" --Connie Stevens - ""Wild Is The Wind"" --Tommy Sands - ""Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do"" & ""More Than You Know"" --Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Paula Prentiss - Voted most popular stars, most versatile performers, 1962. Film clip from ""Susan Slade"" & ""Bachelors In Paradise"". Trio dances the Twist --Broadway cast of ""Take Her, She's Mine"" (Art Carney, Phyllis Thacher, Elizabeth Ashley and June Harding) perform scenes from play: Airport scene where family says goodbye to college bound daughter & scene where daughter comes home for Christmas all grown up. --Phyllis Diller (stand-up comedian) - topics: living in New York, eating in Japanese restaurants, and her marriage --Henny Youngman (stand-up comedian) - jokes about wife, marriage --Johnny Puleo - six harmonica players perform ""Heart Of My Heart."" --On film: clip of John Glenn's ticker tape parade in NYC follo Air Date : 4th-Mar-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 26 - Henry Fonda & Olivia de Havilland / Maureen O'Hara

Guests (St. Patrick's Day show): --Henry Fonda & Olivia de Havilland (actors) - scene from ""Gift of Time"" set on cruise ship. A doting wife tries to care for her fatally ill husband. --Maureen O'Hara (actress) - sings ""Come Back to Erin"" & ""If I Loved You"" --Rosemary Clooney (singer) - ""Cabin in the Sky"" & ""Give Me the Simple Life"" --Pat Rooney, Maureen O'Hara, Rosemary Clooney and Ed Sullivan - ""Great Day for the Irish"" & ""Danny Boy"" --Pat Rooney (82-year-old song-and-dance man) - sings ""The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady"" and tap dances --Bobby Rydell - ""Mammy"" --Pat Buttram (stand-up comedy) --The Three Houcs (juggling act from Germany) - a father & his daughters juggle pins --Folias de Espana (Argentine dance & singing troupe) - (1) Flamenco dancers - ""Los Tres Caballos"" (2) Later in show, sings, dances and plays the guitar. --Audience bows: NY Senator Jack Javits & wife --Hugh Lambert Dancers (modern dancers) - ""Where Did You Get That Hat?"" Air Date : 11th-Mar-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 27 - Rowan & Martin / Robert Goulet / Dick Haymes & Fran Jefferies

Guests: --Rowan And Martin (comedy team) - doing a skit about people who live underground --Dick Haymes & Fran Jefferies - medley: ""Come On Get Happy,"" ""I'm Gonna Love You Like Nobody's Loved You"" & ""I'd Know You Anywhere"" --Robert Goulet - ""All Of You"" & ""Two Different Worlds"" --Maria Neglia (violinist) --Rickey Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) - Ed talks with dummy --Alan Gale (stand-up comedian) - topics: people who worry, Michigan & Notre Dame football jokes --Bob Lewis (stand-up comedian) - more jokes about worrying --Johnny Hart (magician) - performs magic act, card tricks, silk tricks, etc. --Juan Carlo Copez & Maria Neives (dancers from Argentina) --Gail Hart (child performer) - young baton twirler --Paul Sydell & Susie (trained dog act, dog performs handstands) Air Date : 18th-Mar-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 28 - Sid Caesar / Jackie Mason / Diahann Carroll / Richard Kiley

Guests: --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) - does imitations, appears with Ed. Later in show, tells jokes about income tax and JFK. --Carol Lawrence & Hugh Lambert - dance from ""Subways Are Sleeping"" --Carol Lawrence - ""When The Sun Comes Out"" --Sid Caesar (comedian) - does a pantomime of people waking up in the morning --Sid Caesar & Carol Lawrence - do a comic performance of ""Shadow Waltz"" --Earl Grant & Bill Grant - ""Lonesome Road"" Cast of the Richard Rogers Broadway show ""No Strings"": --Diahann Carroll - ""The Sweetest Sound""/""Sweetest Sounds"" (from ""No Strings"") and ""Loads of Love"" --Richard Kiley, Bernice Massi & cast - ""Be My Host"" (production number from ""No Strings"") --Richard Kiley - ""No Strings"" --Noelle Adam - also in ""No Strings"" cast Air Date : 25th-Mar-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 29 - Jackie Wilson / Patti Page / Wayne & Shuster / Ann-Margret (on film)

Guests include: --Jackie Wilson - ""Heart"" -- Patti Page - ""Most People Get Married"" & ""All The Way"" --Anna Motto - ""Aria"" from ""Romeo & Juliet"" --Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - routine: ""Sam Casey, Dedicated Auto Mechanic"" (phony TV show) --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian, tells jokes about old ladies) --Dewey Pigmeat Markham (comedy act) judge passes out sentences --Parker & Betty Keane (comedy team doing a sketch about a husband & wife) --Kasten's Animal Fantasy (monkey act) --On film: Ann Margret singing ""Mack the Knife"" (screen test for ""State Fair"") --On film: Ann Margret & Pat Boone sing ""Willing And Eager"" (clip from ""State Fair"") --Audience bow: Colleen Dewhurst Air Date : 1st-Apr-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 30 - scheduled: Cyd Charisse; Lionel Hampton; Jack Carter

Scheduled guests: --Cyd Charisse (dancer) --Roland Petit (choreographer) --Lionel Hampton (bandleader) --Jack Carter (comedian) --Anita Bryant (singer) --Professor Backwards (comedian) --The Kim Sisters (vocal group) --Franco Corelli (opera singer) --Hal and Barbara Loman (dancers) --Rudy Cardenas (juggler) Air Date : 8th-Apr-1962  Read More

Season 15 Episode 31 - Sophia Loren / Mahalia Jackson / Teresa Brewer / Maximillian Schell

Guests: --Maximilian Schell (actor) - Academy Award winning performance from ""Judgement at Nuremberg"" --George Chakiris & Rita Moreno - perform a short scene from ""West Side Story"" --Mahalia Jackson (gospel singer) - ""Old Time Religion"" & ""Were You There?"" --Teresa Brewer - "" South Rampart Street Parade"" & ""Love Makes The World Go Round"" --Sophia Loren - short interview (on film?) Sophia talks about her film ""Two Women"" -- Liberace - Foggy Day"" & ""Tico Tico."" --Liberace (later in show) - does a tribute to Vaudeville, medley: ""This Old Piano,"" ""Piano Roll Blues"" & ""Old Soft Shoe."" Liberace then dances the soft shoe to ""Me & My Shadow"" --Larry Storch (comedian) - does impressions of John F. Kennedy and United Nations Delegates --Pat Henning (stand-up comedian) - makes his handkerchief dance, jokes about baldness, and does a Bette Davis impression --Helene & Howard (comedy dance team) --Hugh Lambert Dancers - do a dance in celebration of baseball --Excess Ba Air Date : 15th-Apr-1962  Read More

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