Lake Placid

Tagline : You'll never know what bit you.

Runtime : 82 mins

Genre : Horror Comedy Action Science Fiction

Vote Rating : 5.9/10

Budget : 27 million $ USD

Revenue : 56.9 million $ USD

Reviews for this movie are available below.

Plot : When a man is eaten alive by an unknown creature, the local Game Warden teams up with a paleontologist from New York to find the beast. Add to the mix an eccentric philanthropist with a penchant for "Crocs", and here we go! This quiet, remote lake is suddenly the focus of an intense search for a crocodile with a taste for live animals...and people!

Cast Members

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Big Crocodile - Big Log - Big Fun. There's a gigantic crocodile loose in the waters of Maine. A number of local hicks and big city eccentrics converge to try and stop the beast... Wonderful! A modern day homage to the creature feature movies of lore. It's not a spoof, it's a fun packed tongue in cheek thriller, hell it may even have some literary worth as regards ecological concerns, while the cultural clashes that thrive are written with knowing skill. Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda and Brendan Gleeson are superbly underplaying things, but they all get usurped when at the 20 minute mark Oliver Platt flies in on his helicopter and promptly owns the film from that point on. The script crackles with choice wit and sarcasm (the Gleeson/Platt on going feud an absolute joy), while Stan Winston provides beastly graphics that are blended with genuine suspense courtesy of director Steve Miner. Oh and "Golden Girl" star Betty White turns in a support slot - with a potty mouth! Double view it with something like "Tremors", movies that know exactly what they want to homage. 8/10

Not bad for a giant-gator Creature Feature, but Goddamn listening the dialogue in the first act is aggravating as sin. _Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole._

Good watch, would watch again, and can recommend. I like a crocodile movie, they don't even have to be giant-sized, they make really good "monsters", and the reality of their danger sits in the back of your head. The cast was great in this, though Bridget Fonda screams a lot, and I can't say it's very endearing. They do sort of a "unlikely crew" trope with this, but most of the movie is dedicated to trying to find the thing in one capacity or the other. I just feel they did a good job on everything all round, and while it's not phenomenal, part of me REALLY wants a re-make of this one.

It's the humour garnished all over Lake Placid that makes it more than an entertaining watch about crocodile terror. You know it's a spoof but you know there's danger out there too that the characters are going to fall into. Add to that the on-the-point performances and dialogue delivery by Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt, and Brendan Gleeson and the overall atmosphere of the film, and you have a terrific film to enjoy with friends and family. This is some great popcorn entertainment. **Grade B**.

_**Crocogator horror with humor**_ A monstrous croc is discovered to live in a remote lake in Maine and so a conflicting group of people join together to capture or kill it: the local Sheriff (Brendan Gleeson), a Fish and Game officer (Bill Pullman), a paleontologist (Bridget Fonda) and an expert croc hunter (Oliver Platt). Betty White is on hand as a comical lady who lives on the lake. “Lake Placid” (1999) is the best of the series due to the simple fact that it was the only theatrically released installment and cost $35 million, which is about 17.5 times as much as any of the five follow-ups, which had TV-budgets (for instance, “Lake Placid 2” only cost $2 million). With such a hefty budget for what is essentially a Grade B creature feature, the croc looks great compared to the cartoonish CGI of the sequels. The cast is pretty top-rate as well and the dialogue is witty, plus delivered smoothly (although you have to pay attention because it’s so rapid-fire). Speaking of which, this can’t be taken as a serious creature-on-the-loose flick, like “Prophecy” (1979) or “Black Water” (2007) because it’s so funny in a droll way. Films like “Crocodile” (2000), “Humanoids from the Deep” (1980) and “Piranha” (1978/1995) are dead serious by comparison. If you can roll with it, however, it IS genuinely amusing and you start to buy into the reality of the characters and their situation. While their relationships are what psychologists would call conflict-habituated and the old lady cusses like a sailor, the movie has a warm heart, just stick around till the ending. Of course Bridget stands out in the female department. She was 34 during shooting and would only do seven more movies (two of them TV productions) before leaving acting to focus on raising a family (she also worked on two TV series at this time). While people complain about how annoying her character is in “Lake Placid,” it’s understandable if you consider what’s happening in her life in combination with being a fish-out-of-water camping out in the backwoods; besides, she becomes warmer as the story evolves. Also on the feminine front are Meredith Salenger as Deputy Gare and Natassia Malthe as Janine, the latter in a bit part. Both are winsome and easy on the eyes. I didn’t have very fond memories of this film due to the dry humor and conflicting personalities, but I ‘got’ it this time and really enjoyed it for what it is, an amusing creature feature supported by a huge theatrical budget. If you like this one, be sure to check out “Lake Placid 2” (2007) as it’s a worthy sequel, even though it only cost a fraction of the amount. The film is short-and-sweet at 1 hour, 22 minutes. It was shot at Buntzen Lake, British Columbia, which is just northeast of Vancouver, as well as other lakes in the region (Shawnigan Lake & Hayward Lake), plus establishing shots of Camden, Maine, and opening shots of Manhattan. GRADE: B

Lake Placid, a 1999 monster horror movie about killer crocs, no Batman. And yuhhhh Lone Starr is here from Spaceballs! First off is why they make Kelly out to be some "yankee girl" or whatever, seems so forced. And second did Hector just say the female office had a nice pair of boobs?? I feel like that's dangerous game he's playing she has handcuffs and a gun! Hell yeah! Crocodile vs. Bear! And Betty White is great in this, I love her RIP. The cinematography is a little below average I think. And overall the movie is average, I like that they picked crocodile as the monster, it's usually sharks or snakes or something not real. And the story isn't boring or overused or anything.

**Lake Placid swam so Sharknado could fly!** Billing Lake Placid as a horror movie could not be more misleading. This movie is a goofy creature feature with hardly a scary moment. Instead, all the tension and fear are played up for hilarity and entertainment. I remember watching this as a young kid and laughing the entire time. Lake Placid is a delightful action comedy with a solid cast for being such a low-budget film. Lake Placid is an excellent entry in a long line of stupid creature films that are pure enjoyment if you disconnect your brain, grab some popcorn, and get ready to have fun. If you enjoy a ridiculous shark movie, you will love Lake Placid.

Love this movie. This is the only movie I ever seen with some gigantic alligators. How fast they can kill someone in this movie is insane.

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