Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Season : 1

Season 1 Episode 1 - The Heart of the Cards

Yugi and his friends are in awe over Grandpa’s collection of Duel Monsters cards, but when #1 ranked duelist and ruthless tycoon, Kaiba, kidnaps Grandpa to get the rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, Yugi must face Kaiba in the ultimate Duel Monsters showdown and avenge his Gramps! Air Date : 18th-Apr-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 2 - The Gauntlet is Thrown

When Yugi opens a package from Duel Monsters creator, Pegasus J. Crawford, Yugi is forced to face him in the mysterious Shadow Realm where all the monsters and magic are real. Air Date : 25th-Apr-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 3 - Journey to the Duelist Kingdom

When word spreads that Yugi was the one who defeated World Champion Kaiba, the cheat Haga tires to cripple Yugi’s deck by tossing his best cards overboard just as they reach the island! Air Date : 2nd-May-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 4 - Into the Hornet's Nest

Once Yugi and his friends reach Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus announces that there are many strange secrets on the island which will make his ultimate tournament unlike any they’ve ever had. But when Haga begins to use these mysterious new rules against Yugi in a duel, Yugi must not only figure the rules out, but master them if he’s to survive! Air Date : 9th-May-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 5 - The Ultimate Great Moth

Yugi continues to battle Weevil Underwood, whose cheating and lying seem to be giving him the advantage when he is able to summon a gigantic moth. Air Date : 16th-May-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 6 - First Duel

Joey undergoes his first duel on the island against Mai Valentine, a professional duelist with an uncanny ability to predict the cards she will draw. Air Date : 23rd-May-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 7 - Attack from the Deep

The hungry friends help themselves to some fish, only to discover that they have been lured into a trap by Mako Tsunami, the master of the Sea Deck/. Air Date : 30th-May-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 8 - Everything's Relative

If Yugi is eliminated from the tournament, Kaiba Corporation's crooked Board of Directors will transfer control of the company from Kaiba to Pegasus! Air Date : 6th-Jun-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 9 - Duel with a Ghoul

Yugi must duel a magical doppelganger of Kaiba, created from the greed and power lust Yugi wiped from Kaiba's soul. Air Date : 13th-Jun-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 10 - Give Up the Ghost

Yugi defeats the Blue Eyes White Dragon, but there are two more waiting in the wings! Will the real Kaiba reach Yugi in time to help beat this impersonator? Air Date : 20th-Jun-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 11 - The Dueling Monkey

Joey decides to battle Rex Raptor without his friends' help to prove that he is man enough to take care of Serenity on his own. Air Date : 27th-Jun-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 12 - Trial by Red Eyes

Joey duels valiantly, but Rex Raptor has unleashed his secret weapon - the Red Eyes Black Dragon! Joey must figure out the secret of the card Yugi's gift, the Time Wizard card, without Yugi's help or he's taking the next boat out of the Duelist Kingdom! Air Date : 4th-Jul-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 13 - Evil Spirit of the Ring

Yugi's classmate Bakura, possessed by his Millennium Ring's dark powers, traps Yugi and his friends in a Shadow Game where they become the cards themselves! Air Date : 11th-Jul-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 14 - The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Pegasus's hired duelist Panik cheats Mai of all her star chips, and Yugi vows to defeat him and win them back. But when Panik's Castle of Dark Illusions enshrouds his monsters in a black mist, how can Yugi defeat an enemy he cannot see? Air Date : 25th-Jul-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 15 - Winning Through Intimidation

Despite his astonishing disadvantage, Yugi boldly provokes Panik- 'I'll finish you in three turns.' Is Yugi bluffing, or does he have the advantage in this battle of wits? Air Date : 1st-Aug-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 16 - The Scars of Defeat

Kaiba descends to the kingdom to face Pegasus. Has Kaiba changed since his battle with Yugi, or is he still the same merciless duelist? A battle between Kaiba's Blue Eyes Whire Dragon and Joey's Red Eyes Black Dragon holds the answers! Air Date : 8th-Aug-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 17 - Arena of Lost Souls (1)

The #1 American duelist Bandit Keith's gang kidnaps Joey to a secret cave with a Graveyard playing field. As Yugi and friends search for him, Joey faces Bandit Keith's zombie monsters which become stronger as they return from the grave. Air Date : 15th-Aug-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 18 - Arena of Lost Souls (2)

Joey's last ditch effort, his lucky Time Wizard card, fails against Bandit Keith's zombie monsters. But as his lucky streak comes to an end, will his improving skills as a duelist and his love for his sister inspire him to victory? Air Date : 22nd-Aug-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 19 - Double Trouble Duel (1)

Trapped in the labyrinth cave, Yugi and friends find an alternate exit, but the door is guarded by Pegasus’s Labyrinth Brothers. Yugi and Jonouchi will no longer be battling solo; they band together in a team battle against the Labyrinth Brothers! The battle for all the Star Chips and entrance to Pegasus’s castle is on the line! Air Date : 29th-Aug-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 20 - Double Trouble Duel (2)

Yugi and Jonouchi pool their strengths and manage to fend off their opponents’ monsters, but things are about to change as the Labyrinth Brothers summon the almighty Gate Guardian, a monster that reflects all attacks! Is Jonouchi helping Yugi in this duel, or his lack of experience sealing their fate for defeat? Air Date : 5th-Sep-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 21 - Double Trouble Duel (3)

Yugi and Jonouchi each unleash their strongest monster, Summoned Skull and Red-Eyes B. Dragon, but their strength pales in comparison to the tremendous power of Gate Guardian. Individually, our heroes have no chance, but they will unleash the greatest power of all: teamwork! Air Date : 12th-Sep-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 22 - Face Off (1)

Using the magic of the Millennium Eye, Pegasus traps Mokuba’s soul inside a card right before Kaiba’s eyes! In order to earn the right to challenge Pegasus, Kaiba must first beat Yugi and take his Star Chips. The rematch between Yugi and Kaiba is about to begin! Air Date : 19th-Sep-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 23 - Face Off (2)

Kaiba summons Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, the strongest monster in the game fused from three Blue-Eyes White Dragons! Yugi has lost all his powerful Duel Monsters, but a true duelist never gives up! Air Date : 26th-Sep-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 24 - Face Off (3)

Yugi begins spinning a strategy to put Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to rest, but he must decide whether to claim victory or spare Kaiba his life. Yugi’s heart is split in two! Air Date : 3rd-Oct-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 25 - Shining Friendship

Having lost his Star Chips to Kaiba and his only opportunity to save Grandpa, Yugi is in a state of shock. Can Anzu bring Yugi back to consciousness by defeating Mai for her extra Star Chips and teach Yugi the heart of the duelist? Air Date : 10th-Oct-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 26 - Champion vs. Creator (1)

Yugi and friends enter the castle to discover Kaiba ready to duel Pegasus with Mokuba’s soul hanging in the balance! The power of the Millennium Eye gives Pegasus the ability to read other people’s minds. Can Kaiba defeat an opponent who knows his moves even before he does? Air Date : 17th-Oct-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 27 - Champion vs. Creator (2)

Kaiba is helpless against Pegasus’s Toon World deck and mind-reading abilities. As the duel ends, Pegasus imprisons Kaiba’s soul into a card, just like Grandpa and Mokuba! Yugi has had enough! Air Date : 24th-Oct-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 28 - The Night Before

T’was the night before the final battle, and many creatures are stirring! Yugi vows to overthrow Pegasus for the sake of his Grandpa. Honda leads an exploration party to uncover Pegasus’s secrets. While Jonouchi sleeps, Bandit Keith steals from him the card that permits his entry in the final battle! Air Date : 31st-Oct-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 29 - Duel Identity (1)

Under Pegasus’s weighty glare, Yugi is distracted from his duel with Mai. After making foolish tactical errors and allowing Mai to gain a huge advantage with her Harpie's Pet Dragon, will Yugi gather his focus or succumb to the intense pressure? Air Date : 7th-Nov-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 30 - Duel Identity (2)

Mai has rebounded from her previous loss to Jonouchi to become a better duelist. Has Yugi learned from his loss to Kaiba, or is the emotional defeat still weighing on his heart? The answer is in the cards! Air Date : 14th-Nov-2000  Read More

Season 1 Episode 31 - Keith's Machinations (1)

Jonouchi frantically searches for the card that permits him to enter the final battle, not realizing Bandit Keith has stolen it from him. As he struggles to accept the fact that Shizuka will be blind forever, he receives help from a new, and unexpected, friend! Air Date : 21st-Nov-2000  Read More

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